Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha

Planets produce their results only when their dasha periods operate. Within the MD of a planet, the AD’s of all the planets operate one after the other. Similarly, the PD’s of different planets operated in each AD. The MD gives a broad timing, which is narrowed by the use of the AD. The PD narrows it down further to within a few months. The Sookshma and the Prana dashas, if calculated accurately, help time an event extremely closely.

Planets produce their results :

1. According to their inherent nature, which includes their natural disposition toward other planets; and

2. According to their disposition in the horoscope, in the Rashi chart as well as the vargas.

The principles that govern the results of dashas of planets are as follows :

1. Favorable results are produced by a dasha lord which is strong, exalted, in its own house, in its Moolatrikona, in a friend’s house, under benefic association or aspect, and located in good houses like the kendras or the trines or the 11th or the 2nd house or associated with the 9th or the 10th lord.

2. Adverse results are produced by a dasha lord which is weak or debilitated, in the house of an enemy, combust, placed in houses 6, 8 or 12, and under malefic association or aspect.

3. Timing fructificalion of results : A planet located in the first Drekkana of a sign produces its results during the beginning of its dasha. Located in the middle Drekkana of a sign, the planet produces its results during the middle part of its dasha. When located in the third Drekkana, its results manifest during the concluding portion of its dasha.

For a retrograde planet, the above order gets reversed.

4. Ownership of a house : The ownership of a house by the dasha lord is extremely important. During the dasha of its lord, a house suddenly becomes active, and events pertaining to it manifest in varying ways depending upon the strength, the weakness and the extent of affliction of its lord.

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