Dasha in Vedic Astrology

Application of the dasha system is an extremely brilliant feature of Vedic astrology. Whereas the horoscopic chart, with its planetary positions, provides a static picture of a native, the dashas add the dynamic aspect to it. The promise indicated in a horoscope attains fruition when an appropriate dasha operates. The dashas, thus, help in timing the events.


General Results of Planets in their Dasha


When the Sun is auspiciously posited in a nativity, during his Dasa period, the man concerned will have sons, intelligence, wisdom, status and powers, knowledge, wealth, fame, valour, happiness and divine blessings. Should this Sun be in an inauspicious position the native will pass through great
hardships, making all his efforts useless, causing waste of money and loss of position. Both the disease and enemy will trouble him, he will incur royal displeasure, ill-health to father and many other similar misfortunes will take place during this period.

Should the Moon be auspicious, the mother’s prosperity and the building of tanks and the like may be expected. The native will get lands, gardens, houses, the blessings of good Brahmins, wealth, prosperity and joy-rides or palanquins. When this Moon is unfavorable, the man concerned will suffer from the want of food, will lead a miserable life, devoid of pleasure and wealth, suffer from diseases; will be lacking in wisdom and will be loathed; suffer the loss of his mother, will lose temper and develop fevers like typhoid.

The Dasa of Mars, if auspicious, will give the native lands, wished for things, knowledge, a clear mind, prowess, wealth, destruction of enemies and advent of brothers. Should this Mars be unfavourable there will be distress to brothers, misunderstandings, quarrels, troubles through lands, danger from fire, wounds, weakening of eyesight and the like, trouble from Government, misunderstandings with good people, sword cuts and ailments.

When in a nativity Mercury is auspicious, the native will get, during his Dasa, garments, limitless wealth, corn, position, prosperity, happiness, mansion relations, success and fulfilment of wished for things and objects. If he is malefic, the man concerned will go to a foreign country, be short-tempered, suffer the loss of relations, intellectual diminution, get trouble from the trading class, have disputes, suffer the loss of land and money and many more calamities

When Jupiter is auspicious he makes the man concerned the headman of the village, blesses him with children, wealth and prosperity. He will possess all the virtues on earth, will have many dependents, horses, joyrides and other comforts. Should this Jupiter be inauspicious, he will get royal displeasure, mental agony, sickness, loss of courage, want of corn and money; displeasure of Brahmins, that of his own father, trouble for want of proper meals and consumption.

A favourable Venus will usher in happiness, prosperity, high status, joyrides or palanquins, the eight kinds of wealth, anxious to be virtuous in a very high degree, have gold, garden, horses, music and festivities. Should this Venus be malefic, it will muse trouble to the wife. The native will be inclined to do all wicked deeds, suffer the loss of wealth and there will be a big theft in his house. He will commit blunders; remain sick from the incureable diseases for a long time due to his intrigues with women folk. 

When Saturn is posited in a nativity in a very auspicious position his Dasa will prove prosperous, will grant him intelligence; he will make many sacrifices (yagyas). He will possess lands and become the headman of the village or a small town. He will rise to be a big merchant or clever in multifarious activities and will be very enthusiastic. If this Saturn is malefic there will be poisoning, loss of wealth, trouble in body, etc. and state displeasure. He will indulge in forbidden acts, cripple himself and suffer from diseases etc. causing great hindrances.

When, in any nativity, Rahu’s Dasa proves auspicious he will bestow on the man concemed all round prosperity, a high position of authority, all sorts of virtues and wealth. The native will visit the holy shrines, will acquire sacred knowledge and power. Should this Rahu be untoward, the native will have to face danger from reptiles, poison, disease and ailments all over the body, danger from missiles and fire, opposition from the mean, a fall from the tree and suffering at the hands of the enemies.

During the Dasa of Ketu, when he is auspicious, success will be assured in all directions; there will be acquisition of wealth through bloody acts, favourable fortune through a foreign king, efforts for poetical compositions and the destruction of the enemy. When Ketu is adverse he will bring in miseries in the life of the native, he will make fruitless efforts; will do unprofitable things; suffer loss of position; rheumatism or sharp pain in the heart, tuberculosis, trembling all over the body, misunderstanding with the Brahmin folk and will commit worst of the follies.

There are numerous dasha systems advocated by sage Parashara. The two very widely used dashas are :

Interpretation of Vimshottari Dasha

Result of Mahadasha in Vimshottari Dasha

Result of Antardasha in Vimshottari Dasha

Result of Pratyantardasha in Vimshottari Dasha

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