What are Dagdha Rasis in Vedic Astrology?

The Hindu Almanac is known as the ‘Panchanga’ which means ‘having five limbs’ They are Thithi, Vaar (week day), Nakshatra, Yoga and Karana. Generally, Thithi and Vaar are taken into account for fixing Muhurtha i.e. the auspicious time. for important events like marriages, upanayanams, Grihapravesham etc. Nakshatra is an important aspect of the horoscope and is used for predictions.

Thithi, vara, yoga and karana are rarely considered for purpose of prediction or interpretation of a horoscope. But thithi and yoga can become valuable tools if they are properly evaluated. For instance, for every thithi (in which a person is born) some rasis become useless. They are called ‘Dagdha’ or burnt rasis. They are:

Dagdha Rasis
1. PadyamiThula, Makara
2. DwithiyaDhanus, Meena
3. ThrithiyaSimha, Makara
4. ChaturthiVrishabha, Kumbha
5. PanchamiMithuna, Kanya
6. ShashtiMesha, Makara
7. SapthamiKataka, Dhanus
8. AshtamiMithuna, Kanya
9. NavamiSimha, Vrischika
10. DasamiSimha, Vrischika
l l. EkadasiDhanus, Meena
12. DwadasiThula, Makara
13. ThrayodasiVrishabha-Simha
l4. ChaturdasiMeena-Mithuna-Kanya- Dhanu
15. Full MoonNone
16. New MoonNone

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