Strength of Planets and Rasis

We have learnt that the Planets are moving in the Zodiac and transiting over the constellations (zodiac is markedby 27 constellations or Nakshatras). The planets on account of their incessant movements get into certain states of existence known as avasthas.

There are different ways of measuring the strengths of planets and rasis for different purposes. We will learn some of them in this section.

There here are six sources of strength – strength due to placement, strength due to time, strength due to directions, strength due to aspects, strength due to motion and strength due to inherent nature. Shadbala is a measure of the strength of a planet based on these six sources of strength.

When two or planets influence the same house or when they participate in a yoga, then the planet with the highest shadbala is the most likely give the results. The planet with the strongest shadbala is like a group leader who acts on the group’s behalf.

Strength Related to Age
Strength Related to Alertness
Strength Related to Attitude and Mood
Strength Related to Activity

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