Result of PratyaAntardasha (PD) in Vimshottari Dasha

An appropriate use of PD helps in making accurate predictions with a close timing. The good and the bad results of a PD depend on similar factors on which the results of AD depend. Thus the PD of an exalted or strong or beneficially disposed planet produces good results. A weak or afflicted planet on the other hand produces adverse results. The promise of an AD manifests in an appropriate PD. The results of various Pratyantardashas under the several Antardashas are being briefly presented below, chiefly based on Parashara’s dicta. These results must be modified according to the disposition of the PD lord as well as its house-lordship.

SunLoss of wealth, headache, trouble to wife
MoonMental anguish, loss of wealth, quarrels
MarsFear from foes and fire, imprisonment
RahuFear from foes, phobias, loss of wealth
JupiterAnnihilation of foes, great glory, acquisition of vehicles.
SaturnMental anguish, serious illness, loss of cattle.
MercuryAcquisition of learning, gain of wealth, religious inclination.
KetuDanger to life, substantial loss, torment through enemy.
VenusOrdinary gains, nothing extra-ordinary.
MoonProsperity, royal favours, pleasures from women.
MarsGain of wealth and wisdom, fear from foes.
RahuGain of wealth, untimely death.
JupiterGreat renown, higher learning, gain of wealth.
SaturnPhysical illness, loss of wealth, humiliation.
MercuryBirth of a son, learning, great fame.
KetuDiscord with Brahmins, untimely death.
VenusProsperity, birth of a daughter, good food.
SunLoss of enemies, dominance all round.
MarsFear, from foes, frightening opposition, danger of death.
RahuLoss of wealth, bad food, imprisonment.
JupiterLoss of discrimination, mental torment, failures.
SaturnQuarrels, distress, loss of wealth.
MercuryLoss of wisdom, loss of wealth, loss of friends.
KetuHeadache, bodily illness, untimely death.
VenusTrouble from ‘Chandala’ (the out-caste), risk of injury, gastroenteritis.
SunGain of lands and friends, mental peace.
MoonGains from southern direction, acquisition of white clothes and ornaments.
RahuImprisonment, illness
JupiterName and fame, acquisition of wealth and vehicles
SaturnIncarceration, loss of physical comforts.
MercuryGain through wife, success in foreign lands.
KetuLoss of discrimination, unnecessary obstac1es.
VenusUnfounded fears (fears of the ‘Yoginis’), tragic events.
SunBodily illness, carelessness, untimely death.
MoonMental distress, phobias, illness to father.
MarsPeri-anal inflammation, mental anguish, blood disorders.
JupiterMuch wealth, auspicious events.
SaturnGain of wealth and kine, means of comfort.
MercuryLearning, wealth, visits by dear friends.
KetuFear of drowning or imprisonment, untimely death.
VenusLearning, several means of pleasure.
SunGains from father, mother, friend and the king.
MoonEnd of all miseries, success in undertakings.
MarsInjuries by weapons, indigestion.
RahuTrouble from ‘Chandala’, loss of wealth, illness.
SaturnBodily illness, quaaels, miseries.
MercuryLoss of discrimination, loss of wealth, fear from fees.
KetuConfinement by the enemy, morbid fear, mental anguish.
VenusAcquisition of the object of desire.
SunRise in status, quarrel at home, illness.
MoonGreat undertakings, excessive expenditure, sexual relations with several women.
MarsInjury to the son, fear from fire and foe.
RahuLoss of wealth and lands, foreign travel, death.
JupiterTroubles at home, mental distress.
MercuryLearning, wealth and comforts.
KetuUnclean food, abdominal and eye disease.
VenusGains in the northern direction, rise in professional status, losses from cattle.
SunLoss of health, loss of mental poise.
MoonGain of woman and wealth, birth of a daughter.
MarsGain of wealth and wisdom, fear from thieves, fire and weapons.
RahuDiscord with women, sudden fears, injury from weapon.
JupiterRoyal status, excessive learning.
SaturnBodily injury, loss of wealth.
KetuSudden calamity, foreign travel, loss of wealth.
VenusFear from mlechchhas, eye disease, Headache
SunOpposition to friends, defeat, untimely death.
MoonLoss of discrimination, humiliation, illness.
MarsInjury from falls, fire or weapon.
RahuTrouble from women, dominance by enemies.
JupiterLoss of wealth, sudden calamity, varied losses.
SaturnDeath of friends, bodily disease.
MercuryLoss of discrimination, mental distress, morbid fears.
VenusGain of pearls, white clothes and pretty women.
SunFebrile illness, troubles from foes and the ruler.
MoonBirth of a daughter, gain in wealth and status.
MarsInjury in a brawl, blood disorders.
RahuDiscord with women, sudden fear.
JupiterGain of high status, vehicles and precious stones.
SaturnGain of beasts of burden (donkeys, camels, etc), and of dark coloured objects (iron, black pulses, etc.).
MercuryGain of wealth and learning, rise in status.
KetuDisplacement from one country to the other, fearful untimely death.

The results of PratyaAntardasha in the various Antardasha’s must be applied only judiciously. Where good results are described, they are modified favourably or adversely by benefic or malefic association or aspect. Similarly, bad results too get substantially modified. Planets also produce results according to the houses they own. This latter factor must obtain primary concern when the above mentioned results are being applied to individual charts.

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