Gulika in Different Houses

Gulika is considered the son of Saturn. It is a highly maleflc subplanet. Its results in different houses are being briefly described. Like all malefics, it causes beneficial results in houses 3, 6 and 11.

Sickly, sinning, stupid, ill-tempered, excessive~sexual urge.

Disabled, miserable, wretched nature, shameless, poor, and indulgent in immoral acts.

Good-looking, leader of a village, virtuous, respected by the ruler, wealthy, long-lived, and without brothers.

Bereft of all comforts, ailing, sinful, and tormented by excess of Vaata and Pitta.

Destitute, immoral, short-lived, jealous, impotent, irresolute, controlled by his wife, speaks ill of others, an atheist; adverse for progeny.

Healthy, destroyer of his foes, good in looks, liked by females, courageous, and kind to others.

Subdued by his wife, a sinner, weak of limb, adulterous, stupid, ungrateful, bereft of friends, lives off his wife’s earnings.

Miserable, tormented by hunger, cruel, very - ill-tempered, devoid of wealth and virtue.

Indulgent in wicked deeds, cruel, lacking common sense, a back biter, may hurt his parents and preceptors.

Blessed with sons, varied comforts, inclined towards religious pursuits. According to another reading, the native gives up his prescribed duties and performs shameful acts.

Happy, wealthy, good-looking, a leader, of a diminutive body, and widely respected. Adverse for elder brother.

Indulgent in low deeds, wicked, ill-looking, defective of a limb, lazy, associates with fallen women.

Sun : Hates his father; short life to father.
Moon : Adverse for mother.
Mars : Devoid of younger brother; separation from brother.
Mercury : Insane.
Jupiter : Indulges in blasphemous heresy.
Venus : Associates with women of easy morals; sexually transmitted disease.
Saturn. : Chronic illness, short life.
Rahu : Suffers, and causes, illness through poisons.
Ketu : Suffers, and causes, injury through fire.

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