Golden Rules of Vedic Astrology – Part 1

These are various principles of vedic astrology, collected from different authentic books of astrology. As a student of astrology, one should try to understand and learn these rules.

  1. A planet is said to be productive of full effect if he is posited in the six-degree portion after 12 degrees in a rashi, i.e. when he is posited between 13° and 18° both inclusive.
  2. A planet in retrograde or in his highest exaltation is said to possess superior strength.
  3. A planet that has got the full aspect on it of Jupiter will not cause any bad effect on the native.
  4. A Vargottam planet is considered to be very powerful planet and gives results just like sitting in its own house.
  5. If malefics occupy the 6th, 8th and 12th house reckoned from any bhava, that bhava suffers.
  6. When the lord of any bhava is in the 6th, 8th or 12th; or when that bhava is occupied by the lord of the 6th, 8th or 12th house reckoned from that bhava, the bhava in question is totally destroyed.
  7. If the Kendras, Konas and the 2nd house with respect to any bhava be occupied by benefic planets or by their respective lords, the growth of the bhava will be the result. If, however, they be occupied by malefics, the bahava in question will be destroyed. If they be occupied by both malefics and benefics, the result will be mixed.
  8. Evil planets in 3rd, 6th and 11th houses are very powerful and produce success, wealth and health.
  9. Rahu with 2L in 6H or the lord of the sign where Rahu is placed join with 2L, the man suffers from constant tooth-ache.
  10. If 2L is with 6L or lord of the house where the 2L is placed join with the lord of the navamsa where he is placed, then during their periods or sub-periods the man will have his teeth knocked off.
  11. If 2L is with Saturn or with any other evil planet, the person suffers from constant complicated disease.
  12. If Sun is in lagna and occupied debilitated navamsa, or is in conjunction with evil planets, the person’s eye will be pulled out by incurring the displeasure of the rulers or they will thrash him well.
  13. If Saturn, Mars and 2L occupy birth sign OR 2L and 6L are in lagna OR Mars and Gulika occupy 12th house, there will be constant pain in the ears or his ears will cut off.
  14. If Saturn is in 6th house and Mars is in lagna, the native will have his nose cut off.
  15. If Moon is aspected by Saturn and lagna is aspected by Sun and Venus and not aspected by benefic planets, the person will have his ears cut off.
  16. If Rahu, Saturn and Sun are in 7H, the man will be bitten by a cobra.
  17. If Mercury is in either Sagittarius or Pisces and Mars is in either Capricorn or Aquarius, the person will be killed in jungle by a tiger.
  18. If Moon and Saturn occupy one of the houses of Venus, the person will be killed by a sword.
  19. If Mars is in 9H and Saturn, Rahu, Sun are in combination, the person will be killed by arrows or similar weapons.
  20. If Jupiter is in lagna with 3L, there is constant fear from quadrupeds. If lagna is a watery sign, there is fear from aquatic animals.
  21. If debilitated planets occupies 3H and defeated planets occupy 6H, without being aspected by good ones, there is danger from poison.
  22. If 4H is occupied by debilitated and defeated planets and 6H becomes a watery sign, the man will be drowned in tanks, rivers or other watery places.
  23. If LL is powerless, and occupies 4H with debilitated Sun or other evil planets and 4L is weak and in conjunction with watery planets, the man will have a watery grave.If LL is with 4L and occupies 4H and is aspected by 10L, the man will have watery grave.
  24. If the lord of the house occupied by 4L is aspected by or is in conjunction with 4L, he dies by drowning.
  25. If Sun and Mars are in aspected by or in conjunction with 4L or 10L, the person will be stoned to death or will die by falling on a stone or a stone falling on him.
  26. If 4L is in conjunction with Saturn and Rahu aspected by Mars without the sight of benefics, the person will die from similar misfortunes.
  27. If Virgo is birth sign with Sun in it, and Saturn is in 7H, the person will become a widower. Here though he marries often, he will send all his wives to the grave before he proceeds there himself.
  28. If Virgo is birth sign with Sun in it, and Mars is in 5H, the man will see all his children dead.
  29. If Saturn, Mars and Sun are in 4 and 9 from Venus, the wife of the person will be burned to death before him.
  30. If Venus is between 2 powerful evil planets, the wife of the person will die before him by a fall from an elevated place.
  31. If Venus is not with good planets, or has not their aspect, the man’s wife will die from wounds inflicted by bandages or ropes.
  32. if 12th and 6th house occupied one by Sun and the other by Moon, the person as well as his wife will have each one eye only.
  33. If 9th or 5th house is occupied by Sun and Venus, the person will have limbless wife, that is his wife will have some defect in one of her organs.
  34. If Moon is in 5H, and all the evil planets are in 7,12 and 1, the person will have neither wife nor children.
  35. If Moon is in 10H, Venus in 7H, and evil planets in 4H, the person will lose all his children during his life.
  36. If Venus and Mars are in 7H aspected by evil planets, the person will be blind during nights.
  37. If Moon occupies any one of the navamsa of Mars and is in conjunction with evil planets, the person will have incurable disease in the private organs.
  38. If Venus and Saturn are in 12 and 2, Moon is in birth sign and Sun in 7H, the person will be affected by white leprosy.
  39. If Moon is in 10H, Mars is in 7H and Saturn is in 2nd from Rahu, the man will have defective organs.
  40. If Moon is in between Mars and Saturn, and Sun is in Capricorn, the native will be subjected to any of the following diseases, hard breathing, dyspepsia, consumption, enlargement of glands in the left side of the stomach or enlarged spleen.
  41. If Sun is in Cancer or Moon is in Leo, or If Sun and Moon exchange their mutual navamsha, the native will have consumption.
  42. If Moon occupies 5th Navsmsa of Sg, or occupying any one cf the signs she joins the Navamsas of Pisces, Cn, Cp, or Aries, and is aspected by or is in conjunction with Saturn, or Mars, the person suffers from leprosy, if Moon is aspected by good planets the person suffers from skin eruptions.
  43. If Scorpio, Cn, Ta, and Capricorn, become 5th or 9th houses from the birth sign and are aspected by in conjunction with evil planets, the man will be affected by leprosy.
  44. If Sun, Moon, Mars, and Saturn in any order occupy 8, 6, 2, and 12 the person will lose his sight by that disease which is attributed to the most powerful among the said planets.
  45. If Sun, Moon, Mars. and Saturn occupy in any order 9, 11, 3 and 5 without the aspect of good planets the man will become blind by that disease which is attributed to the most powerful planet.
  46. If evil planets occupy 7 without the aspect of good ones the man suffers from tooth-ache.
  47. If Moon with Rahu occupies birth sign, and Saturn and Mars occupy trines, the person will he possessed with devils.
  48. If Sun with Rahu occupy lagna and Saturn and Mars are in trines, the man becomes perfectly blind.
  49. If Saturn is in 7 and Jupiter is in lagna, the person will constantly suffer from flatulence.
  50. If Mars is in 7 and Jupiter is in lagna the person will suffer from brain disease or mental derangement.
  51. If Saturn is in lagna and Mars occupies 5, 9, or 7 the man will suffer from a similar derangement.
  52. If Moon with Saturn occupies 12 the person will be subjected to a similar complaint.
  53. If Ta, Ar, or Sc is birth sign and is aspected by evil planets, the person will have very ugly teeth.
  54. If Sg, Ta, Ar, Aq, Le or Capricorn becomes the birth sign aspected by evil planets. the man becomes bald-headed and appears uncouth (lacking good manners, refinement, or grace).
  55. If Sun is in 5 or 9 aspected by evil planets, he will be sand-blind (Having a defect in the eyes, by which small particles appear to fly before them.) or will have bad sight.
  56. If Saturn occupies 5 or 9 aspected by evil planets, the person will suffer from a host of complicated diseases.
  57. If Mars occupies 5 or 9 aspected by evil planets, the person will suffer from the loss of limbs or will have defective organs.
  58. If birth sign is Ar, Ta, or Sg, and evil planets occupy in any order 5, 2, 9 and 12, the person will be imprisoned and fastened by stout ropes or chains.
  59. If birth sign is Ge, Vi, Li, or Aq and evil planets occupy 2, 5, 9, and 12 in any order the man will be heavily chained and imprisoned.
  60. If Cn, Cp, or Pi is birth sign and evil planets occupy 5, 2, 6 and 12 in any order the person will be imprisoned and chained in an inaccessible tower or place.
  61. If Sc is birth sign with evil planets in 2, 5, 9 and 12 the man will be confined in an unwholesome underground dungeon (a strong underground prison cell, especially in a castle).
  62. If Moon is with Saturn the man becomes a quarrelsome fellow, if Moon is with Saturn and aspected by Mars he becomes an idiot.
  63. If Mars is in 8 with Saturn, or aspected by him, the person will have his head cut off in battle.
  64. If Capricorn or Aq in birth sign with Rahu in it or is in Le, the person will lose his head in battle.
  65. Rahu, Saturn, Sun – all 3 or any 2 of them – if they aspect / conjunct any house / karaka, will destroy the karaktatwa of that house.
  66. Planets occupying cruel Shastiamsas produce evil, planets in good Shastiamsas, who are also occypying good divisions become powerful to do good.

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