Graha Drishti in Vedic Astrology

All planets aspect the 7th house from them. For example, Sun in Ta aspects Sc. Mars in Ge aspects Sg. Moon in Le aspects Aq. Jupiter in Pi aspects Vi. Saturn in Cp aspects Cn. Find the 7th house from the planet and the planet aspects that house.

In addition, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have special aspects:

The special aspect of planetsMars, Saturn and Jupiter are much stronger than their 7th house aspect. Their special aspect plays a important role in deciding the results of aspected house.

The aspect of a planet is as powerful as its occupation or combination in producing results good or bad.

We can decide the signs and houses aspected by a planet as above. If any planet occupies the aspected houses, then the planet is also aspected. For example, Jupiter in Ta will aspect Saturn in Cp, because Cp is the 9th house from Ta and Jupiter aspects the 9th from him.