What is Astrology?

The first question comes to mind whenever you see any zodiac sign or see any chart or something related to it – what is astrology? Is it a science or a way to fool people to make money?

Let’s try to understand the answer in simple way.

Astrology word is made from 2 words – astro + logy; which means science to study stars. The whole astrology consists of studying planets, their behaviour with other planets, their movements and analyzing their results on human beings and nature.

In Hindi language, it’s called “Jyotish”, which again has been formed by 2 words – Jyoti (which means light) and Ish (which means God). That means the light of God.

Since ancient times, man is eager to know the future. From happy married life to healthy body, from children to money, from vehicles to name and fame – he wants “solution” of all the problems – either by trying to know the future and trying to change it or by following some remedies.

Our ancient sages (rishis), with their divine knowledge, had written number of scripts which are authentic and are valid even today. Great sages like Parashara, Gemini, Mantreshwara etc. and today’s great astrologers who have helped mankind by proper translating these old scripts, which were originally written in Sanskrit language, to Hindi / English language with proper proof and charts. Some of today’s astrologers in my list are – Sh. B.V. Raman, Sh. Sanjay Rath, Sh. S. ganesh and Sh. P.V.R. Narsimha Rao. The contribution by these great souls is far from writing in words. I’ve learned astrology from them either from their books and emails discussions or directly from them.

I’ll refer only to above mentioned author’s work (certain books by them) because I’ve found them really working and scientific. I do not trust “modern” days so-called famous authors and their books, which are based on their little experience and way to make money.

Also, certain words used in astrology are in Sanskrit and Hindi language. I’ll try to translate them in English but certain words does not have proper English translation. So, if you’re not able to understand anything from this website, please feel free to ask it.

One question might be coming to your mind – why I’m refering astrology as a “science”? I’ll give that answer now.

Let’s say if I combine 2 molecules of Hydrogen and 2 molecules of Oxygen and put them under certain environment, what will happen? Well, if you’re a student of science, your answer is 1 molecule of Water.

H2 + O2 → H2 O

This is small example of science. Whoever does this experiment in the same way, will get the same result. If he is not getting the result, the problem is in mixing molecules in desired environment and not with scientific rule. The failure, who fails to understand the rule properly, will go against science.

Similarly, in astrology, there are many rules, which is applies properly, will work for every human being. The 3 important components in astrology are date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. If these 3 components are accurate, and anyone applies the scientific rules of astrology, will come to know the past, present and future. That’s why it’s called a science because it can be tested by any human being, if applied properly. If you’re not getting results, it will be either because of wrong birth particulars or wrong principle.

Unfortunately, now-a-days, many “astrologers” start giving predictions based on Sun sign and some basic rules of astrology. Their results are common for millions of people under the sky. It can be used for fun but it is not a scientific way and has nothing to do with astrology.The regular column in your newspaper, giving predictions, is as useless as trying to see beautiful nature with closed eyes. You’ll learn more about it later.

You’ve no right to say anything against astrology without learning them and trying them in scientific way. Even if you believe in astrology, do NOT trust any rule until you apply them in different charts and see the results yourself.

Now, just remember the God and seek His guidance and help to learn this divine science. It will take years and years and even number of births to understand astrology. But you’ve start from somewhere. So, let’s start.


This relates to the preparation of a horoscope for an individual at the time of his birth for purposes of interpretation of his character and personality and the prediction of important events in his life.

This confines itself to the prediction of events for a particular year.

This pertains to the prediction of events in the immediate future by drawing up a chart of the moment. The position and direction of the planets are noted down at the moment the query is asked and predictions made.

This refers to the calculation of auspicious times for important events to take place.

This deals with the prediction of weather conditions, eclipses, appearance of comets, the occurrence of calamities etc. It studies the horoscope of a country as a whole and attempts to predict events like war or epidemics, famine, drought, floods and so on.

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