Venus in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Venus in different signs (rashis) is as follows:

(i) The native is extravagant, active, mutable, artistic, dreamy, idealistic,proficient in fine arts, licentious, sorrowful, fickle minded, prudent, unhappy, irreligious, easy going, loss of wealth due to loose life. He will be owner of many houses, conveyances, head of cities, fond of walking, being respected, fond of company of poets, friendly to all and has no enemy.

The native may be night blind, many blemished, be inimical, will join other housewives, will visit whores, will move in forests and hills, will be imprisoned on account of woman,base, hard in disposition, be an army chief of or chief of men, be not reliable and be eminent.

(ii) Venus in movable, odd, fiery sign and sign of Mars. Venus is lord of 2nd and 7th from Aries and posited in 7th from Libra and 12th from Taurus. Mars and Venus combination makes him fond of woman, the loss of wealth due to loose life and imprisoned on account of woman, base. Venus own characteristics and Karkatwas – proficient in fine arts, owner of houses and conveyances, fond of company of poets etc. The characteristics inherited by Aries are – active, walking, respect, moving in forest and hills, chief of men / head of cities etc.

Venus position in sign of Mars will give one a disgrace to the family, take to unethical means to satisfy his lust for sexual pleasure, will loose money and be poor, (In view of Varahamihira and Gunakara).

The position of Venus in Aries not good for eyesight, the native may lose sight in prime youth and suffer from night blindness. He may not be able to govern his senses as regards sex life is concerned.

There will be difference in results according to auspicious / inauspicious aspects or any PAC connection with benefits / malefics planets.

The native will be well built, handsome. pleasing, fond of flowers, scents, agriculturist, wealthy, friendly and will have no enemy. He may have many sons and many wives, will be honoured and having respect. He may have taste for dancing, fond of pleasure, love of nature, elegancy, have gems, beautiful robes, garlands, number of cows, be charitable, will maintain his relatives, learned in many branches, will give away many things and help the living beings. He becomes chief person / head in the society.

(ii) Venus is in own sign which is fixed, earthy and even sign. Venus in Taurus gives native fondness for association with many females, scents and flowers. He will be valorous, earning out of his intelligence, be honoured by king, be famous and will be happy in the company of his relatives. Venus here confers all the required domestic articles, enjoy­ments / possession of a householder. There may be gain in pursuits like farming, bregcling quadrupeds, running dairies, veterinary clinics etc. The inch. t him respectable position in the society. May I A Linnor eye diseases, depending upon any affliction.

(i) The native will be rich, skilful in arts and will carry out royal orders according to Varahamihira and Gunakara.

The person has knowledge of all sastras and arts / crafts, simple and lovable behaviour, talks will be sweet, fond of decent food – according to Mansagari.

The native will be rich, gentle, kind, generous, proud, respected, gullible, love of fine arts, learned intelligent, good logician, just, dual marriage, tendencies towards materialism as described in the book—Hindu Predictive Astrology by Dr. B.V. Raman.

The native becomes famous in sciences and sastras, will be beautiful / handsome, skilful writer and poet, loved by people, will earn wealth through music and dances, will honour Gods and Brahmins, will have many friends and be firm in friendship according to Sage Kalyanvarma.

(ii) Venus in Mercury’s sign, a dual, airy and odd sign. Venus is in 2nd from Taurus and 9th from Libra (both good positions). For Gemini Venus is lord of 5th and 12th again good. Venus in Mercury sign will give fondness for poetry, females, friends and writing. If afflicted may give second marriage or may pose diffculties in the survival of marriage. The Native will have wealth, literary taste, kind heart, sweet speech. Venus in this sign makes one nervous, lung disorders, artheritis, may give fall from height.

(i) The native will be beautiful, emotional, timid, have more than one wife, haughty, sorrowful, light character, inconsistent, meloncholy, unhappy, many children, sensitive, learned, fond of doing auspicious deeds, meritorious, skilled in many arts, crafts and pleases people with his expertise manner of talking. He will be wise, virtuous, learned, strong, soft, chief among men, will have desired happiness and wealth, be good-looking, just, very rra tich troubled on account of woman and wine Q i th family troubles.

(ii) Cancer is a movable (flexible nature), watery (soft and cooling, brahmin) and even (female) sign. Venus (a female, fond of pleasures, scents, arts and crafts) in this sign makes the native interested in whatever described in (i) supra. Venus in Cancer makes a native timid. He will seek help or beg from others, will have two wives, be greatly arrogant and will suffer miseries according to Brihat Jataka and Hora Makaranda. Moon is weak, then Venus will give two marriages, if Moon is strong the adverse result will not be there. The native will be wealthy, learned, happy, famous. There may be troubles on account of women, ovine and in family matters.

(i) The native will have pretty wife, money through women, way ward, conceited, passionate, fair complexion, emotional, zealous, licentious, attracted by the fair sex, premature in conclusions, unvanquisliecl by enemies, will get money, fame and comforts through his wife, troubles from family, get satisfaction and help from enemies.

The native will respect women, will enjoy wealth and happiness, less virility, be dear to relatives, be miserable inspite of his happiness, will help others, respect Brahmins, elders and preceptors. Venus in Leo gives wealth through females, a beautiful wife and few sons according to Varahamihira and Gunakara.

ii) Venus is in enemy’s sign, fixed, fiery and odd sign, a cruel rashi. Venus in 4th from Taurus and 11th from Libra, for Leo Venus is lord of 3rd and 10th. Leo is described as Alpaputra rashi, Venus (Semen) in this fiery sign causes burning the virile power. Venus in this sign bad for eyesight, and may give burning sensation to the private organ. The nature of the sign and its lord is kingly, can win over the enemies and get benefits from them. There may be disturbances in family, will be fond of opposite sex (7th from this sign is a enemy sign of Sun, causing disturbance), will get wealth and also help others, will be famous and will take premature decisions due to haughty temperament.

(1) The native will be petty-minded, licentious, uncrupulous, unhappy, illicit love, rich, learned, very wealthy, fond of visiting holy places, speaks less and has grace of goddess Lakshmi. He will be quite discriminative, soft in disposition, skilful, helpful to others, sweet speech, will get money from many sources, be mean, devoid of happiness, cohabit with bad women, have more daughters and less sons, be a scholar and get respect in any assembly.

The person having Venus in Virgo will do base acts, will not have a righteous profession, derive no happiness in livelihood, remote chances of marriage or disturbance in marriage, duration of marriage etc., causes hurdles in getting conveyance, residence etc.

(ii) Venus is in sign of debilitation, earthy, dual and even sign. Venus is in 12th from Libra and 5th from Taurus. Venus in fall in 5th (base and mean nature), 12th is sex life and Venus in fall shows the native may have sex with bad women. From Virgo Venus is lord of 2nd and 9th sign (good-position) the native may have soft speech, grace of goddess Lakshmi, skilful, helpful to others, may earn money from many sources etc. Because of Venus in fall and in Mercury’s sign he may have illicit love, devoid of happiness etc.

(i) Venus in Libra makes the native a statesman, poet, intelligent, generous, philosophical, handsome, matrimonial felicity, successful marriage, passionate, proud, respected, intuitive, sensual, wide travels. The person is fond of flowers, scents, colourful garments, will be rich, visits foreign countries for a long period, a very famous poet, will have hard earned money, be valorous, will protect his own people, dutiful, will honour Gods and Brahmins, be a scholar and fortunate one. He may be successful in places other than his birth place.

(ii) Venus is in own house which is also a Mooltrikona sign. This is a movable, odd and airy sign. Venus is very comfortable and strong here, incline to give fortune as well as beauty, all characteristics of this sign will flourish in him. He will be wealthy, famous, honourable and have respect for Gods, Brahmins and learned persons.

(i) The native will have broad features, medium statured, independant, artistic, unjust, proud, disappointed in love, haughty, not rich, quarrel­some, of attacking nature, defamed, veneral disease, addicted, poor, jealous, be very malifious, anti religion, be argumentative, be crafty, be not attached to brothers, be not fortunate, will be troubled by enemies, be distressed, will be inimical to unchaste women, be skilful in killing, will incur heavy debts, will suffer penury, be proud and will incur heavy debts, will suffer penury, be proud and will contract veneral diseases, will be winning over enemies.

(ii) Venus is in fixed, even and watery sign. The lord of this sign is Mars. There will be similarity in effects with the Venus in Aries. That was a movable, fiery and odd sign. Aries is Mooltrikona sign of Mars. Here the position is reverse. The results will be more inauspicious. For Scorpio Venus is the lord of 7th and 12th. Venus from Taurus is in 7th and from Libra in 2nd. The houses involved are 2nd, 7th and 12th, all are inauspicious houses. Sages Kalyanvarma, Varahmihira and Gunakara have attributed only evil effects for Venus in Vrishchika. The inauspicious results will be mainly – financial constraints, (2nd house), attachment to women (7th and 12th house, Mars and Venus combination) misfortunes, debts etc (2nd and 12th house), extra-marital relationship, veneral diseases, distress etc. Note : If there are benefic effects and other planetary combinations show the contrary results.

(i) The native will be medium height stout, powerful, repected, wealthy, imperiment, generous, frank, happy domestic life, high position, philosphical, happy in respect of wife, sons, wealth, celebracy (Ted u9TTPT91-4), minister, lovely nature, interest in poetry, enjoyment of worldly comforts, virtous, dutiful, wealthy, be dear to all people, slendorous and will shine like Sun (cp,e116Q-N-0:) among the family members. He will be a scholar, fond of decoration, have cows and will enjoy wealth.

Venus in Jupiter’s rashi will bring honours to the native for his virtues.

(ii) Venus is in dual, fiery, odd sign and sign of Jupiter. Jupiter Venus relations give very favourable results, as we have seen in case of Jupiter in Taurus and Libra. Similarly good and auspicious results are attributed to Venus in Sagittarius. Venus as posited from Taurus in 8th and from Libra in 3rd, not very good position. For Sagittarius also Venus is the lord of 6th and 11th signs, again does not show a favourable position. The relation between the two planets is als& not very friendly. Perhaps the combination of the characteristics of Sagittarius and Venus is capable of bestowing the native wealth, happy married life, good sons, high position, ministership and has been described that the native will shine like a Sun before his family members.

(i) The native will have weak body, will be imprudent, ambitious, learned, subtle, fond of low class women, unprincipled, boastful, due to fear of expenditure may prefer to cohabit with old women, weak due to great worries, fond of living in the company of poets and also in jungles. His condition will be miserable due to heavy expenditure, will suffer from heart diseases, be a liar, skilful in cheating, be a eunuch, devoid of good acts, very distressed, interested in other’s work will endure misery.

According to Varahmihira and Gunakara the native will be fortunate, be defeated by women, be attached to bad women etc.

(ii) Venus is in friendly sign, movable, even and earthy sign. Venus is lord of 5th and 10th sign from this sign. Venus is posited from Taurus in 9th and from Libra in 4th. All are auspicious positions. But the results attributed by sages are not very good.

The position of Venus in Saturn’s sign mark the progenic ability. He and his wife will be weak in constitution. Venus will inherit the characteristics of Saturn, visiting to prostitutes, cheating others, unhappy marriage, misfortunes, may face many obstacles in his livelihood.

The auspicious effects of 5th, 10th, 9th and 4th (Kendra and Trikona sthanas) will also be there. The native will prosper in life. In the modern context the Saturn Venus combination may give knowledge of technical subjects, work connected with women or upliftment of lower castes, politics and also gains there from, as Varahamihira has also said that Venus in Capricorn will make the native fortunate and also interested in low caste women. He may be having bad results due to combination of Saturn- Venus, but will also have fortunes because of good relations between Saturn and Venus.

(i) Venus in Aquarius makes the native middle stature, handsome, affable, persuasive, witty, timid, chaste, calm, helpful, humanitarian and by liked by all. He will be lacking ornaments and beautiful clothes, but will do nice deeds and will be lazy. He will lose his all earned wealth.

He will suffer from diseases and excitement, failure in all ventures, (Incirdil) will visit other women, will not be virtous, be inimical to elders and to his own children. He will be devoid of bathing, good food, good clothes, ornaments etc. and will be physically dirty. The placement of Venus in Saturn’s sign gives Tamsik disposition, laziness, will be unwilling to attend his dutites and regular ablutions like bathing etc.

(ii) Venus again in friendly sign, fixed, odd and airy sign. Venus is lord of 4th and 9th sign from Aquarius. Venus is posited from Taurus in 10th and from Libra in 5th. The houses involved are 4th, 9th, 10th and 5th all are auspicious houses and are supposed to give favourable results like the native will be handsome, loved by all, humanitarian and may be lucky. But like Capricorn here also the position of Venus is not said to be auspicious and the results attributed are mostly bad.

The position is similiar as to that of Capricorn, perhaps due to Venus approaching the sign of exaltation. A exalted Venus (a great desire to enjoy worldly comforts) getting effects of Saturn which represents servants, low caste, low and mean deeds etc., the effect of both makes the native attracted towards women, enjoyment, laziness etc. which brings illluck and diseases both.

(1) Venus in Pisces attributes to the native – tactfulness, popularity, ingenious, modesty and good education. He will be powerful, exalted, respected, pleasure-seeking, liked by all and will be middle stature.

He will be as rich as king, he will be victorious and get wealth when he attacks enemy, fond of giving charities etc.

He will be courteous, liberal, virtuous, very wealthy, will destroy enemies, be famous in the world, excellent, distinguished, dear to king, be endowed with good speech and wisdom, be liberal, will derive wealth and respect from the virtuous, will keep up his promise, will maintain his family members and be endowed with knowledge.

(ii) Venus in the sign of exaltation, a dual (religious), watery (Brahmin, learned) and even sign (female). Venus is the lord of 3rd and 8th sign from Pisces (not auspicious). From Taurus Venus is in 11th and from Libra in 6th, the position is not good, shows Venus is not well posited. So the effect of Venus will be less then the effect of Jupiter. Jupitarian effect will make the native learned, respected, rich, victorious, courteous, virtuous, excellent, dear to king etc. The exalted Venus also contributes to all these good qualities. The bad effects, if any, may be because of Jupiter and Venus relations, also on account of involvement of 3rd, 8th, 6th and 11th houses position of Venus. There is mixed effects of Venus and Jupiter on the character and working of the native i.e., enjoying of wealth with respect and fame due to wisdom.

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