Sun in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Sun in Signs (Rashis) is as follows:

(i) The native is courageous. intelligent, active, owner of lands. head of village or town, involved , in social and welfare activities, and has prominent personality. The native may be phlegmatic, may suffer from disease connected with blood etc. He will have strong body. He will be famous in Arts, fond of war, fierce, fond. of roaming, dutiful, do valorous deeds etc. He will be well conversant with shastras and will ‘ comment upon them.

Sun is exalted in this sign resulting in proneness to frequent wanderings. Sun is the lord of the 5h from this sign. The native will have excess of heat, so energetic, inclination to rule as the nature of Sun and Mars (Lord of Aries) is kingly and commanding respectively. The native inherits marked personality, royal and commanding appearance, irritable and impulsive nature. Sun in Aries may denote able doctors, poison curing physicians, will give strong bones to the native, etc. The native does not like subordination. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac represents “Head”. Sun again represents “Soul and Head”. The native has a tendency to rule or will be happy in commanding position. This position is good for political aspiration.

(i) He may suffer from disease of oral cavity, face and eyes. He w’ill have emaciated body handsome/beautiful, nice fortune, will hate barren women. Will be fond of scents, decorative things, soft bed (Bed full of roses) beautiful garments and friends company. He will be afraid of water. He will have cattle heads and also – gains and happiness from them. Fond of music may be instrumental, soft and delicious drinks, : happy or tasty meals, get together and of society. Such persons are interested in trade connected with perfumes etc. Will have self confidence. He will be intelligent.

The Sun and Venus are enemies. The position of Sun (lord of 4th from this sign) is not very comfortable position for him. Sun being soul becomes sensuous, as the effect of this sign will be inherited. As regards Tatwas are concerned the Sun is lord of fiery sign and “ placed in earthy sign again friend no problem. This will make the native practical tolerent and sympathetic. The effects discussed in (i) above will happen as it has been described so by the sages. But the analysis in the para,shows that the native may be inclined to have allthese things/may have them but there will not be full effect, as he may have no time/money to acquire them.The Sun is a fiery planet in the sign of Venus (Bhoga) will destroy the comforts (enemy’s house) or the soul may not be interested in wordly things

(i) He will be a scholar, mathematician, good conversationist, capable of giving tremendous speech, famous, learned, modest, astrologer, astronomer, knowledge of shastras, Grammarian, -famous for his policies, will have good conduct, will have two mothers

The Sun is friend of Mercury, but Mercury is neutral towards Sun. From Gemini, the Sun is lord of 3rd sign. The combination of Sun and Mercury gives a yoga known as “Budh-Aditya yoga” which is very common yoga, which means the native is highly intelligent, skillful in all works, good reputation, personal respect and has all comforts , of life. A fool may have kingdom, but will never be able to enjoy it for long. lt is only the wise and strong man who can rule. Sun a royal planet in the sign of wit. Airy sign again shows intelligence. The native will be expert in knowledge derived from worldly experiences

He will not be steady in mind. He will be famous for his royal qualities and will hate his own man. He will be unlucky in respect of wife. He may have cruel nature, disobedience to father, fully , conversant with effects of “Kali yuga”.Wealthy, unkind, indolent, unhappy, expert astrologer, geographer and scientist travelling and has independent nature. A sickly person, be ‘ troubled due to imbalance of phlegm and bile, : will be intoxicant

The Sun a planet of heat in watery sign, lord of the 2nd house from Karaka, 2nd lord in lagna . good for wealth, but bad for health. The closeness of Sun and Moon, weakens the Moon which represents health. This causes sickness. Sun looses its nobility and energy in this sign

(i) Stable mind, firmness in decision, hard working and courageous, enthusiastic, valorous, renowned for his capability and good qualities bright in appearance, respected by kings, helps and satisfies others. He is strong, cruel, independent, has organising capacity and talent for propaganda. He will destroy his enemies, will wander in forests, hills and fortresses. The native will be king, plentiful in wealth and famous.

(ii) Here the lord is in his own sign. This shows that the Sun is strong. Hence good effects and gives sound health. A royal planet in a royal sign. Sthir Rasi has a planet of strong and sthir (stable, firm etc.) nature. The native will have high soul.

The native gets wealth from the king or Government, soft spoken, fond of repeating songs sung by others, capable of defeating animals. He will be skillful in Vedas, songs, playing instruments, Mathematician, taste for literature, scholar, an expert writer, good memory, lucid comprehension, soft and kind speech, Artistic, Poet, Linguist.

Sun and Mercury form Budh – Aditya yoga, the same position as of Sun in Gemini’ But here it is better, because this is Mercury’s Exaltation and Mooltrikona sign too, Mercury is more powerful in Virgo. In Gemini the Sun was nearer to his exaltation point. Here Sun is near the debilitation point and also lord of 12th from this sign. Sun is weak. This is earthy sign. The characteristics of this sign will be more prominent such, as mathematician, writership, authorship, lucid, kind, clever and soft speech etc.

The Sun is ‘Neecha bhilashi’, which shows that the Sun (Atma) is becoming weak. So the native may become selfish. Because of the effects of Mercury the native becomes cunning also.

(i) Drunkard, loose morals, may co-habit with other’s wives, wicked, frank, manufacturer of liquors, fear from king, quarrelsome, nature to oppose, creates disturbances, dirty, poor” ready to work for others, submissive, base, wicked. He will face frustration, destruction and heavy expenditure.

(ii) In this case also the position is same as that. of TAURUS i. e. Sun in Venus’s house. Sun and . Venus are enemies. ln Taurus Sun is near exaltation sign but this is sign of debilitation of Sun. Sun in this sign looses strength. Sun representing -‘Atman’ (Soul) is totally degraded, hence moral values gone or completely surrendered to characteristics of Libra sign. Sun in Libra of 10 degrees will singly be capable of nullifying all other good combinations in the horoscope. TAURUS was Earthy sign (practical tolerent, sympathetic etc.) but Libra is Airy sign (not hard working), the seriousness gone and the native will build castles in the air. May be intelligent but not interested in maintaining public image.

The native will be miser, quarrelsome, very angry. He will have fear from poison, fire, instruments, thieves. He will oppose parents, be away from Vedic (religious) path, liar, will not be able to make progress in life. He will be short tempered, reckless, cruel, stubborn, unprincipled, idiotic etc. He may have military ability, incompatible, lust for war, and surgical skill. He will have base wife or will suffer due loss of wife.

Here Sun is in friends house also. The position can be that of Aries. Aries is a fiery sign and this is watery sign, which is a enemy sign for a fiery planet. The good qualities of Mars and Sun inherited by the sign Aries, Sun being in exaltation and in Mooltrikona house of Mars, can not be available here as the Sun (just come out of the sign of debilitation) is nearer to the sign of debilitation (weak). But Sun is lord of the 10th from this sign, the native may acquire the qualities like a ruler, military ability and surgical skill. Otherwise all bad results only, such as quarrelsome, suffering on account of wife, fear from weapons, fire, poison, eye trouble etc. will be there, if afflicted

He will possess a broad and beautiful physique’ energetic etc. He shows anger to family ‘ members, very wise and intelligent, wealthy, , give respect to parents and elders, helpful to ‘ . relatives. He is always interested in learning; and in educational pursuits, prefer to be calm and having peaceful atmosphere around’ He is reliable, respected by all, happy, popular, religious, musician, dear to king, skillful in { rendering training in use of weapons, arrows etc., be honorable and Peaceful.

Fiery planet in a fiery sign, which is a dual sign and the sign of Jupiter Kshatriya is in the house of Brahmin. In such situation Sun(soul) will certainly get better effects as described (distance between two points to be considered) above. Fiery effects will give energy, stamina, power to rule and work hard. Dual sign is a Sattwik & Adhyatmick.

Jupiter’s effect will make him wise, intelligent, wealthy, respectful, sympathetic etc. Sun is though nearer to the sign of debilitation. The Sun cannot be said to be strong. But is now moving towards point of exaltation.

(i) Such a native will be mean minded, stubborn, ignorant, miserly, unhappy, boring, active and. obliging. The native is fond of humour. He will be interested in bad women, greedy, be timid, devoid of relatives, fickle minded, fond of wandering, will loose everything due to conflicts with his relatives. He has to travel because of his enemies. opponents and even for his own people, has still wealth, but unceremonies and not in a position to enjoy wealth. He may be voracious eater.

(ii) Here Sun is in enemy’s house. An earthy sign. For this sign Sun is lord of 8th sign. In sixth from own sign. The values of Sun cannot be reflected in full. The position will be similar to a person who is in the house of low caste enemy of dull and mean nature. This causes restlessness, disturbed mind, frustrated personality etc. This becomes the reason for the effects described in (1) above. Sun and Saturn combinations will give disturbed life in one respect or other particularly health and, family.

(i) He will have enormous strength, courage and be short tempered. The native is wicked, may be involved in social work, apparently very interested but with sincere and devoted inclination. The intention may not be clear. He will be fortunate through other house wives, be miserable, have little wealth. He has no sympathy and feels happy in causing trouble to others. May suffer from heart trouble. He is poor, unhappy, unlucky, unsuccessful, self esteem and stubborn.

(ii) Generally the situation is same as it was for Capricorn sign. Here also the Sun is in enemy’s sign whose lord is Saturn. Saturn is lord of the house of partnership (7th house from the Sun). The Sun is weak here (7th is Patal). Sun sets in west (7th house is west), here the Sun is in the 7th from the own sign. The qualities of Aquarius will prevail in kendra from own house, the Sun is weak. But Sun is a royal planet this being the mooltrikona sign of’Saturn, will have a revengeful, wicked and quarrelsome nature’ : he will never feel satisfied and remain unhappy’ ‘ He will not be happy as regards wealth and , marriage is concerned.

The native will be wise man and will earn money from pearl business. He does sale and purchase business. He. is very intelligent religious, peaceful friendly, fond of women and happy learned and always surrounded by wealth and fame, loved by woman. He will be endowed with wife, good sons and servants. He may so earn wealth on account of transactions via sea/river.

Here the Sun is described to be in best position. All comforts. wealth and fame etc. are said to be achieved by the native. When a native gets wealth, intelligent and fame all together, it means that he has the grace of both Laxmi and Narayana. Pisces (Lotus feet of lord Vishnu) means complete surrender to the lord because Atma (Sun) is in the feet of lord Vishnu. If so whatever described in (i) above is bound to happen.


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