Shadbala – State Related to Attitude and Mood in Vedic Astrology

Different classical books have given different number of states of planets that are related to attitude and mood. They’ve been grouped together here.

Sr. No.StateMeaningExplanation
1DeeptablazingWhen the planet is in his exaltation
2StimitaPeacefulwhen be occupies his own house
3Mudita happywhen he Is In a dear friend's house
4SantaCalmwhen he is in a friend's bouse
5Heena deficientwhen is in a neutral's house
6Dukhha dejectedwhen he is in an enemy's bouse
7Vikala failingwhen he conjoins a malefic
8Khalabasewhen be is defeated in war
9Kopa angrywhen be is eclipsed by the rays of the Sun
  1. A planet in its exaltation rasi is said to be in “Deepta” avastha (bright).
  2. A planet in its own rasi is said to be in “Swastha” avastha (doing well, contented, comfortable, natural).
  3. A planet in a friend’s rasi is said to be in “Mudita” avastha (delighted).
  4. A planet in a good vargas is said to be in “Saanta” avastha (peaceful).
  5. Saktha – retrograde planets
  6. Peedya – planets about to leave a sign or in the last quarter of the constellation which completes the house
  7. A planet in a unfriendly rasi is said to be in “Deena” avastha (sad, depressed).
  8. A planet in an enemy’s rasi is said to be in “Duhkhita” avastha (distressed, miserable).
  9. A planet in conjuction with Sun or combust is said to be in “Vikala” avastha (crippled, confused).
  10. A planet in debilitation is said to be in “Khala” avastha (mischievous, scheming).
  11. A planet joined closely by Sun is said to be in “Kopita” avastha (angry).
  12. Bheeta – accelerated motion

Planet in Deepta avastha bestows long-life, successful employment, good family, promising children, much wealth, unrivalled fame, respect among relations, kingdom, authority, courage, wealth, vehicles, marriage, progeny and honour from king etc.during the dasha period.

Planet in Swastha avastha results in permanent happiness, sound education, good reputation, wealth, lands, children, family, comforts, good social position, sound health, gain from king or governemnt, education, fame, affection and love, marriage, prosperity, land and religious feelings etc.during own dasha period.

Mudit avastha of a planet during its dasha period such planet gives happiness from children, wealth, clothes, use of scent, calmness, interest in religious matters, vehicles, good dress, music, taste in fine arts, flowers, women, good position and general happiness etc.

The Shanta avastha the planet showers happiness in regard to gain from land, acquisation of wealth, land, sons, wife, vehicles, education, honour from kings and interest in religious matters, timely strength and courage, helping relations, comfortable life, wealth and happiness.

Saktha – courageous, prosperous, successful in politics, reputation, happiness, good wealth and power.

Peedya – hated by friends and relations, dissension (disagreement that leads to discord) among family members, criminal prosecutions, thievish propensities, expulsion from country.

Dukhi Avastha of the planet destroys the good effects, cause sufferings, foreign visits, seperation from kith and kins, theft or fire, fearf from king etc.

Deena Avastha of a planet shows fall from position, opposition from brothers and friends, meaness, discardation from own people, sickness or sufferring from disease, mean life, mental worry, derangement in brain, social degradation or excommunication, bigoted ( who is obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (such as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.)

Vikal Avastha of a planet during own dasha period will give uneasiness, restlessness, worries (physical and mental), death of friends, wife, children, dearth of clothes, vehicles, trouble from thieves, mental disorder, loss of parents and guardians, many foes, explulsion from country, public disgrace.

The planet in Khala avastha causes quarrel, seperation from father, trouble from enemies, loss of wealth and land and the native criticises his own men, constant losses, vulgar birth, troubles from unexpected sources, quarrels with parents and elderly relations, imprisonment, disease, misery and utter disregard for all that is sacred and noble.

Kopa avastha of the planet results in many kinds of troubles, loss of education, wealth, wife, children, troubles from son, eye trouble etc.

Bheeta – losses from fire, foes, thievish persecutions in native country, tortures for various charges, vulgar inclination, disgraceful life and dangers in foreign countries.

  • The Planets in Deepta Avastha give the most benefic results and give a happy, gentle, kind and lovable nature, comfortable position with full respects, wealth etc. to the native during the dasha of that planet.
  • The strength of the planet decreases from Deepta to Sukhita, Swastha, Mudita, Shanta, Saktaand so the power of giving good effects also reduces and becomes nil when the planets is Prapeedita (Combust) where it becomes hundred percent malefic.

We have 6 additional states of planets that are related to attitude and mood :

  1. A planet in the 5th house joined by Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu is said to be in “Lajjita ” avastha (ashamed).
  2. A planet in its exaltation rasi or moolatrikona rasi is said to be in “Garvita ” avastha (proud).
  3. A planet is in an enemy’s rasi or conjoined by enemies or aspected by enemies or conjoined by Saturn, it is said to be in “Kshudhita ” avastha (hungry).
  4. A planet stationed in a watery rasi and aspected by enemies without the aspect of benefics is said to be in “Trishita ” avastha (thirsty).
  5. A planet in a friend’s sign, conjoined or aspected by friends and conjoined by Jupiter, is said to be in “Mudita ” avastha (delighted).
  6. A planet conjoined by Sun and aspected by malefics or enemies is said to be in “Kshobhita ” avastha (shaken, agitated).

Planets give results based on the state they are in. If a house contains planets in Kshudhita or Kshobhita avasthas, the significations of the house are affected. If a planet in the 5th house is in Lajjita avastha, there may be losses related to progeny. If a planet in the 7th house is in Kshobhita avastha, there may be loss of spouse.

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