Saturn in Vedic Astrology

Saturn being a slow moving planet it confers a general slowness in all aspects of the native’s life, disappointment, incompatibility, sorrows, implements, endurance, frugality, responsibilities, industry, imprisonment, stubbornness, servitude, labour, long life, all sorts of difficulties, servants, subordinates and many others are indicated by Saturn. A favourable Saturn gives good results in the above matters while an unfavourably positioned Saturn will give the maximum trouble to the native in the above spheres. The Signs· Makara & Kethu are assigned to Saturn.

He has stiff hair, large limbs, dark body, malefic, stubbornness, impetuosity, demoralization, windy diseases, despondency, gambling. He rules the air, mountains and hills, forest region and dirty places. He has domain over iron, sapphire, cremation grounds and burial places, prisons and old people. The commodities presided over by him are black gram, hemp, barley and oils

Parts of body ruled by him are bladder, excretory system, teeth, muscles, wrist and feet.

Diseases caused by Saturn are muscular pains, toothache, asthma, tuberculosis, epilepsy, hysteria, pains in the joints and ulcers.

Caste : Shudra
Direction: West
Sex: Eunuch

Longevity, sufferings, misery, ill-health, obstruction, sorrow, distress, death, humiliation, servility, stupidity, covetousness, allegation, punishment, incarceration, outcaste, a maid servant, separation, slavery, falsehood, illiteracy, exhaustion, exertion, indignation, ugliness, dirty dress, shabby looks, eunuch, illegitimate, sins, cruelty, skill in law and judiciary, renunciation, detachment, philosophical attitude, directed downwards, Shudras, western direction, second half of winter (Shishira), means of livelihood, old age, infamy, firmness, indebtedness, penury, income, association with the wicked, benefit from inferiors, hunter, a wanderer, horses, elephants, goats, buffaloes, asses, dogs, oil, wood, black metal, iron, lead, black grains, precious stones, ashes, agriculture or farming, sexual indulgence, happiness from a woman, long-lasting, the servant class, multitudes, labourers.

Chronic disease, incurable disease, legs, feet, tendons, skin, ugly hair, lameness, mutilated limbs, amputation, depression, insanity, idiocy, exhaustion and fatigue.

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