Saturn in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Saturn in 12 signs (rashis) is as follows:

(i) The native who has Saturn in Aries (in the birth .Chart) will be idiotic, wanderer, insincere, fradulent, moral less, boastful, quarrelsome, gloomy, mischievious, perverse, misunderstanding nature, resentful, peevish. He will be weak due to poverty, will not be able to progress because of his animity with people and opposition from them and he has no good feelings for others. He does not have sympathy of gentle people – these are described in Mansagri.

Saturn in Aries- as the time of one’s birth will give miseries due to his vices and hard labour. He will be deceitful, hate his relatives, blame worthy, bad in appearance, ill tempered, inimical to his people, will do base acts, be jealous and sinful – according to Sage Kalyanvarma.

According to Varahmihira the native will be foolish, wandering, deceitful and friendless. Gunakara also described accordingly and also says the native will be happy in respect of his mother. Jatakalankara says that the native will be cunning, easily irritable, will not be well-disposed to his relatives and will cause utter surprise with his powerful speech.

(ii) Here Saturn (the lord of 10th “Karma” and 11th “elders”) is in fall. This is a movable, odd and fiery sign whose lord is Mars. The debilitated 10th sign lord shows fall of Karma i.e. there will be miseries when the karmas are not properly done. The natives inherits nature of Mars and Saturn and more under the influence of Aries. This position will attribute all bad effects. The native will suffer from penury and enimity, will have bad habits, fruitless efforts, sinful acts, jealouy etc. The debilitated Saturn (10th and 11th lord) will deprive the native of good means of living, general monetary gains and fulfilment of desire. He may suffer from windy diseases (rheumatism etc) asthama, piles, eye disorders, premature fall or greying of hair, frequent cold etc.

(i) The native will be of dark complexion, deceitful, successful, powerful, unorthodox, clever, voracious eater, persuasive, cool, contagious diseases, many wives, self-restraint and worried nature.

The native will not get happiness from wife, he will have company of back­biters, will be weak minded and no happiness from sons or may not have sons.

He will be bereft of wealth, be a servant, will speak bad words, false, may win the hearts of old women, bad company of friends, addicted to women, foolish etc. He may be having numerous assignments, will have short sight and will not be out spoken. He may have connections with a discarded women, will strongly yearn for pleasures from females etc.

(ii) Venus planet of sexual enjoyments joined by Saturn give addiction to women and the native will destroy his own welfare and that of his family for his fondness. Saturn is lord of 9th and 10th for Taurus and from Capricorn in the 5th and from Aquarius in 4th, all auspicious positions, will give good luck and auspicious results too. The position of Venus in Saturn’s signs was described bad. Similar will be the results for Saturn here If the Native, due to the position of other planetary combinations in the chart, has control over his senses, the results will be better.

(1) The position of Saturn in Gemini will give nature of wandering, mechanical and speculative. He will be miserable, untidy, original, thin, subtle, ingenious, strategic, will have few children, taste for chemical and mechanical sciences, narrow-minded, logical, desperado.

He may be devoid of strength, power, clean nature, will be interested in enjoying outside, will not get happiness from his elders and will not have enjoyments etc.

The native will have debts and imprisonments, will have vanity in disposition, will consecrate by hymns and prayers, be bereft of virtues, be always in hide-out, be libidinous, cunning, wicked and fond of wandering and of sports.

He oe shameless, devoid of wealth, happiness and progeny, will befriend those devoid of reasoning and wisdom.

(ii) Saturn is in Airy, dual and odd sign whose lord is Mercury. From Gemini Saturn is lord of 8th, 9th, Gemini is 5th and 6th from Aquarius and Capricorn, There will be mixed results. The position of Saturn in Mercury’s sign is cordial. Saturn in addition to his own characterisitics will inherit the nature of Mercury such as sports, vanity, cunning, wicked, wandering dispositions and fruitless toils. The 5th and 9th will give auspicious results, but the 6th and 8th may cause inprisonements, debts, wandering, and be in hide-outs (either in jungles or foreign country or simple confinement or in exile).


(i) The native will be poor, pleasure seeking, slow, dull, cunning, rich, selfish, deceitful, malicious, stubborn, devoid of motherly care, have weak teeth, few sons. Saturn in Karka is bad for the health of the native and also for his mother. The native will own wealth, all wordly comforts and will have beloved wife, devoid of wealth in the boyhood, will suffer many diseases, be learned, motherless, soft spoken, distinguished in acts, will always contract diseases, will trouble others, be inimical to realtives, crooked, be kingly in his mid-life and will enjoy growing pleasures.

(ii) Saturn in movable, even and watery sign whose lord is Moon. Moon is Karaka for `Manas’ (Manah), she will get the effect of Saturnine characterisitics. Saturn is lord of 9th and 8th sign (not a good position). Saturn is from Capricorn in 7th and from Aquarius in 6th (again not good position). The bad and inauspicious effects are likely to happen such as he may not have progeny, mother and learning. The native is borne of a mean scion, will be devoid of maternal inheritance, will have yellowish teeth and be foolish. Cancer is the 4th house of natural Zodiac representing mother. The position of Saturn causes affliction to this house.

(i) The native will be of middle stature, will be obstinate, severe, have few sons, will be stubborn, unfortunate, conflicting, hardworker, good writer, evil minded. He will be of qarreling nature, indecent habits, away from social norms, faces problems from wife and sons and will be skilled in art of writing.

The native will be interested in reading and writing, devoid of virtues, will live by servitude, be devoid of his own men and happiness, ill-tempered, interested in doing base deeds, ambitious and mad with undue desires, will carry loads, will toil hard and have a wrinkled body.

(ii) The position of Saturn in Leo is not cordial. The sign is fixed, odd and fiery. Saturn is lord of 6th and 7th. From Capricorn the Saturn is in 8th and from Aquarius again 7th. The position is not very satisfactory. The inimical relation of Saturn with this sign lord will make the native devoid of virtues, devoid of his own men, unfortunate, the hard work will not bear fruits, the ill-tempered nature will make his own men foe. He may catch disease.

(i) The native will have dark complexion, will be malicious, poor, quarrel­some, erratic, narrow minded, rude, conservative, taste for public life, weak health etc. He will not get success in his pursuits, will be cruel, flexible nature, and will be sometimes weak or sometimes strong.

One who has Saturn in Virgo will be eunuch, be very crafty, will depend on others for food, be addicted to prostitutes, will have few friends, unskilled in arts, be delirious of indulging in ugly acts, will possess sons and wealth, be indolent heplful to others, will be intent upon spoiling virgins and be cautious in his actions.

(ii) There will be some difference from the position of Saturn in Mithuna. Here the position of Saturn may give potence to the native in the matter of progeny. The native will join many virgins for his sexual satisfaction (if badly placed and afflicted in the chart it may result into rape also). Saturn is lord of 5th (mind, progeny, inclination of the native) and 6th (dareness, cruel actions, diseases) ill make native narrow-minded, quarrelsome, taste for public life and addicted to women of low character. He will like company of virgins because of the sign Virgo also.

(i) This makes the native famous, founder of institutions and the like, rich, tall fair, self conceited, handsome, tactful, powerful, respected, sound judgement, antagonistic, independant, proud, prominent, charitable, sub­servient to females. He lives like a king in his clan, very sexy and ambitious, gives huge charities and is respecteC and honourably benefitted from king. The native will be rich, soft spoken, will earn money and honours from foreign counteries, be a king or scholar, will have his wealth protected by his relatives, be senior in his circle, will attain high position / status owing to his efficacious speech in an assembly, will join corrupt females, dancers and prostitutes.

(ii) One with Saturn in Libra will be famous, be a leader and wealthy (limitless wealth), be virtuous and be leader of villages, famous and good longevity. Saturn is exalted in Venus sign. Here the position is better than Saturn in Taurus because in Libra Saturn is exalted. Libra is mooltrikona sign of Venus. Saturn is yogakarka (lord of 4th and 5th) from Capricorn. Saturn is in 10th and from Aquarius in 9th. The houses involved are 4th, 5th, 9th and 10th, very auspicious results are attributed.

Saturn in Scorpio makes she native rash, indifferent, hard hearted, adventurous, petty, self conceited, reserved, unscrupulous, violent, unhappy, danger from poisons, fire and weapons, wasteful, unhealthy etc., Loss of wealth, will be sorrounded by miseries due to diseases and enemies, failures in ventures, unhappiness from sons and due to other troubles.

He will be hostile, be crooked, affected by poison and weapons, very ill tempered, miserly, egoistic, capable of stealing others’ money, averse to instruments played on festive occassions, malicious, very miserable and will face destruction and diseases.

(ii) Saturn in fixed, even and watery sign whose lord is Mars. Saturn is the lord of 3rd and 4th from vrishchilka. Saturn is posited in Capricorn in 11th and from Aquarius 10th. 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th not very comfortable.

The combirwtion of characteristics of Saturn and Mars’ sign will make the native hard heorted, violent, unhappy, poor, malicious, averse to happy atmosphere.

The native will have mark on body caused in fighting etc, may commit murder, may be in dire legal troubles, may be exiled due to some crime. There may be losses and gains of money. The native may suffer from Tuberculosis, self destruction or affliction to longevity. The over all position of Saturn is not favourable.

The native will be pushful, artful, cunning, famous, peaceful, pretentious, apparently generous, troubles with wife, courteous, dutiful children, generally happy. He will be happy in respect of his sons, very famous, has happy living, feels satisfied because of all round success in life. He will be skilful in behaviour, teaching, understanding vedic meaning, learning and denotation, be famous due to virtuous children, family profession, and his own virtues, will enjoy excellent affluence in his old age, will speak less, will known by many names and be soft in disposition.

The native will be acquainted with kings, will possess excellent and faultless speaking power, be happy, will obtain a very favourable spuse and will favour widows or whores. Sagittarius is 9th house of Zodiac, the placement of 10th (Karma) and 11th lord (proficiency, gains) Saturn in this sign makes the native famous and to be honoured by titles etc. It is observed all planets posited in Sagittarius give benefit results, so Saturn in this sign diverts the native to do happy and auspicious actions for which he will be honoured and decorated with titles.

( i) The native will be intelligent, selfish, covetous, peevish, suspicious, reflective, revengeful, prudent, melancholy, will have harmony, felicity in doemstic life, and inheritance from wife’s side. He will have love for kings and will be honoured by the king, fond of scents, flowers etc.

He will be endowed with vedic knowledge, virtues and knowledge of many branches of fine arts, will took over lands of other’s females, will be chief of his race and will be honoured by his castemen, be honourable, be famous, will respect others, and will be skilful in performmance. The native will be interested in bathing and decoration, be courageous and be polite in behaviour.

(ii) Saturn is -in own house – a movable (active), earthy (practical) and even (female, soft) sign. The native of such chart will be a leader of city, village etc, be weak-sighted, dirty, will have lasting wealth and will enjoy the wealth of other women. He will have small eyes, will suffer eye afflictions, etc. This being the 10th house of Zodiac, lord of the house in 10th, the native will make success in his career.

(i) The native whose chart has Saturn in Aquarius will be practical, able, diplomatic, ingenious, :1 conceited, prudent, happy, reflective, intellectual, philosophical, vanquished by enemies. He will be defeated by enemies, addicted, not dutiful, in company of friends, doesnot get help when he has to face the enemies. The native will be great liar, be eminent, be addicted to women and wine, be wicked, crafty, will fall prey to evil friendship, be very ill tempered, be averse to knowledge, conversation and traditional law, be addicted to other women, be harsh in speech and will attempt at many undertakings (4g­

(ii) Saturn in own house and Mooltrikona sthana. Saturn is lord of 10th and 11th of Zodiac in 11th. There will not be much difference from Saturn’s placement in Capricorn except this being fixed, odd, Airy sign which is the Mooltrikona sthana, will have inauspicious reults more.

(i) Makes the native clever, pushful, gifted, polite, happy, good, wife trustworthy, scheming, wealthy, helpful. The native is soft nature and polite in behaviour, famous for his qualities and wisdom, skilful in helping others and very wealthy. He will be fond of sacrifices and arts, be chief among his relatives and friends, be calm, will have increasing wealth, be skilful in policy-making, be capable of diamond testing, be virtuous, modest and will rise to a authoritative position, during later part of life.

(ii) Saturn in Pisces will give similiar results that of Saturn in Sagittarius. Here Saturn lord of 11th and 12th sign in dual, watery and even sign is moving towards fall. The Jupitarian effects / characterisitics of Pisces Will be inherited by the native. Saturn with Jupiter will make the native skilful in policy making, capable of diamond testing, will become technically skilful.

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