Results of Sun in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Sun in different houses in Vedic astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.

Strong body, bald (or less hair), golden hair, short temper, cruel, Putra Dosha , Eye trouble

bilious, short sighted, lazy in the transaction of work, intelligent, fond of daring deeds, over heated constitution, generally healthy in after life, unkind to fellow creatures, successful in political life, careless of reputation, danger from fever in the 3rd year after birth, capricious (given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour).

  • If Sun is in Aries and that is lagna, the person becomes very wealthy and will have little defective sight.
  • If Sun is in Leo and that is lagna, the person will have night-blindness disease.
  • If Sun is in Cancer and that is lagna, the person will have some mole or mark in the eyes.
  • If Sun is in Libra and that is lagna, the person will be born blind and poor.

Authoritative speech, command in family, wealthy, gain through Gold, brass, not happy family life, loss of eyesight, money, liar, rude, mouth ulcer, break in studies

Ugly or disfigured face, losses from prosecutions or fines, misappropriation of government property, angry, stubborn, danger in the 25th year from losses. If aspected by good planets, there will be much wealth and good education, and eyesight, otherwise the sight will be defective.

Courage, strong bones and body, keerti , loyal friends, success through own efforts, wealth, deception through collegues or partners, Father longevity less, sexual weakness, overshadow co-borns, Dosha to mother, King

Courageous, famous, intelligent, many cousins, few brothers, wealthy and successful life, danger in the 5th year from quadrupeds.

No Directional Strength, Government favour, land, Property, Timid, mental tension, loss of ancestral property, heart problem, fear psychosis, unhappy, roaming, occult & philosophical studies, Politics – difficult

Defective organs, much anxiety, hater of relations, success in foreign country, short life for mother, heated constitution, very successful in the 22nd year, quarrelsome, unhappy, good reputation

  • Putra Dosha
  • Aquarius – No Progeny
  • Cancer / Scorpio – Alpa Putra, Bahu Kanya
  • Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Educated, mantra, stomaches, mountaineer
  • Poor, childless or few children, heart disease, stout (fatty), danger to the father in the 7th year, indifferent to caste prejudices (preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience), corpulance

Disease free, benefit from maternal grand parents, politics, strength to tackle enemies, sickly wife, visit to foreign places, wealth, status, Sat – heart trouble / chest pain

Intelligent, careless of caste distinctios, warlike, bold, licentious, family composed of children and grandchildren, easy victory over foes, wealthy, eye disease during the 20th year, in after life great gains from former enemies.

  • Not a good position
  • Sickly wife, more than 1 wife, bad name, trouble from Govt., worried married life, unhappy, dislike his wife, not profitable business, travel abroad, few friends, loose morals,
  • +Rahu » loss of wealth through women
  • One may exhaust one’s sexual distress early in life
  • Man of loose morals, hated by the fair sex, late marriage, submissive to wife, fond of travelling. Acquisition of wealth through female agency, fond of eating in others houses, wife’s character rather questionable, if good planets aspect, she will be virtous, fair and will have erect breast, bilious in temparament, 2 wives, eating things prohibited.
  • Madhayu , bad health, poor eyesight, trouble from women, charming, eloquent speaker, head problem – migrain, tumor, fits, seperation from relatives
  • +8L / 11L » sudden gain through speculation
  • +Rahu » Drugs
  • +Venus » too much sex
  • Few children, long life, complaint in eyes, pain in the head in the 10th year, weak constitution, uncharitable
  • Karko Bhava Nashaya
  • No Bhagya, no full success, cruel, stress, animosity with father, male progeny, friends, wealth, good speech, pious
  • Moon » Eyes
  • Ven » Disease
  • Fond of sublime of very great excellence or beauty) subjects, charitable, godly, little wealth, few children, little patromony (property inherited from one’s father or male ancestor), self acquired property, many lands, glandular disease
  • Very good position
  • Gets Directional Strength
  • Name, fame, success, government support, bold speech, administrative job, medical line, leader, illustrious father, progeny, happiness
  • Mars » Drinking
  • Mer » Science, Women, ornaments
  • Ven » Rich Wife
  • Sat » Sorrow and dejection
  • Famous, clever in the art of acquiring wealth, superior knack (an acquired or natural skill at doing something), healthy, educated, highly courageous, fond of music, fine taste, good children, founder of villages or colonies, commanding much personal influence, successful military or political career.
  • Long life, wealth, status, leader, friends, Govt. favour, inheritance, seer, respected, honoured
  • Pitra Arishta, Putra Dosha, Stomach ailment
  • Much wealth, many vehicles, steady and persevering (continuing in a course of action despite difficulty or delay in achieving success) in any undertaking, good reputation, many political enemies, man of principles, healthy
  • Eyes, migrain, insomnia, constipation, no bed pleasures, downfall in profession, narrow minded, no good relation with father, obstacle from Govt., irritable, loss of limb, pious, feel neglected by all, sons, energetic
  • poor, thief, adulterous among widows, tall person, unscrupulous (having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair) conduct, careless of reputation

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