Results of 9th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

9th Lord in 1st House (Lagna)

  • Vedic Karma, scholar, spiritual, able progeny, longevity, foreign travel, construction of temples, self-made
  • afflicted » split personality, use dharma for material advancement
  • 7H / 7L » 2 wives from same family
  • deceitful, inheritance after legal troubles, success, knowledge, cult figure, foreign earnings
  • Aristha to father, not good relations with father, frequently travel, writing speeches
  • Rahu / Jupiter » Naastik
  • 10L » travel profession
  • +Ven » travel agency
  • Raaj yoga, palatial house, large lands, servants, sukham, good understanding & relation with parents, inheritance, stay away from home
  • Rahu » mother divorcee
  • Religious, last janam, mantra siddhi, putra-bhagya
  • diseased father, black money with father, adharmi, enemies, diseases, accidents
  • foreign settlement, marital disharmoney, arishta to longevity & sukham of progeny, more materialistic nature
  • black money, no thirth sthaan, sexual parts disease, thighs, early death of father, like shortcuts
  • Success, install dieties, last janam, foreign travel, charity
  • Sun » Arishta to father
  • Sat » healer, mantra
  • Best Raaj-yoga, happiness, status, spiritual & professional upliftment, early death of father
  • Sun, Mars, Sat » Politics
  • Wealthy, religious activities, longevity, speculation
  • 3L association » travel agency
PlanetSource of Speculation
Marsbuying / selling lands
Ven / Moonhorce-race / lottery
KetuSmuggling from foreign land
Sat + Rahublack marketing of drugs
  • Foreign settlement, insomnia, poor background, have to work very hard, father may die early leaving the native penniless

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