Results of 5th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

Following is the result of 5th lord in 12 houses in vedic astrology.

  • Pious, success, high status, mantra shakti, judge, minister
  • + Ketu » yantra, tantra, spirits
  • Intelligent, powerful, wealthy, commanding speech, orator, pravachan , hypnosis, family business
  • Stomach, eyes, foul smell, teeth, putra dosha
  • Sat » Science, Space
  • Jup » art, economics, law, commerce
  • Enjoy the growth & happiness of children, good relation with co-borns, self-efforts
  • Happiness, success, luxuries, servants, vehicles, Vedas , delay in progeny, female child
  • Intelligent, Vedas , cult figure, mantras, Maths, head of religious institution
  • If afflicted » Putra Dosha
  • Aristha for progeny, multiple disease, lower abdomen, bladder, kidney, appendicitis, hair loss, blood, eyes
  • Liar, aethist, kalatra dosha, miscarriage
  • Ven / Ketu » debt
  • Sun » Govt. trouble
  • Ven, Mars » lose property
  • Paapa Graha » secretly marry a women of other caste
  • Pre-marital affairs, marital discord, loss of children, education in foreign, partnership failure, stomach, sleep walk / disturbed sleep
  • No progeny, lungs, extinction of family
  • Pious, spiritual, last janam, vedas, foreign, building temples, tirtha sthana, will have adopted son
  • Surgeon / surgical instruments, putra aristha
  • Sun » intelligence department
  • Mer & Jup » Seer
  • Ven » devote life in preserving scriptures
  • Sat » loss of limb, akaala mrityu
  • Afflicted Sat » Paralysis
  • Raaj-yoga, vedas, mantra-tantra business, long-life, growth of children

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