Results of 12th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

12th house is generally not taken as a good house. Although it is termed as “neutral house”, yet 12th from any house means a loss to that particular house. In kaalpurusha kundali , 12th house is 12th from Lagna. That means a loss to native.

12th house is also 5th house from 8th house. That means “prosperity” for 8th house i.e. incurable diseases, death, problems, tensions, loss etc.

  • Diseased, not hygiene, unable to use mind, handsome, sweet-tounged
  • Malefic Moon » insomnia
  • spendthrift, be weak in constitution, will suffer from phlegmatic disorders and be devoid of wealth and learning.
  • Financial loss, gossip & quarreling, loss of ancestral property, bankrupt, eyes, liar, insomnia, family life disturbed
  • If 12th Lord is in 2nd House, the native will always spend on inauspicious deeds, be religious, will speak sweetly and will be endowed with virtues and happiness.
  • Impotent, timid, lazy, short life, diseased life, ear
  • If 12th Lord is in 3rd House, the native will be devoid of fraternal bliss, will hate others and will promote self-nourishment.
  • Sickly mother, not stable home, no happiness, one may live abroad
  • Ven » vehicle problem
  • If 12th Lord is in 4th House, the native will be devoid of maternal happiness and will day by day accrue losses with respect to lands, conveyances, and houses.
  • Get life to exhaust Paap-karma
  • Putra-Arista , loss of intelligence, successful in agriculture
  • If 12th Lord is in 5th House, the native will be bereft of sons and learning. He will spend, as well as visit shrines in order to beget a son.
  • Healthy, handsome physique, prosperous, lawyer, jailor, working in hospitals, imprisonment, win over one’s enemies
  • If 12th Lord is in 6th House, the native will incur enmity with his own men, be given to anger, be sinful, miserable and will go to other’s wives.
  • Wife » Extravagant, foreigner / different community
  • loss of wife, married life not happy, will settle in foreign, vairagya later in life
  • If the Lord of 12th house is in 7th House, the native will incur expenditure on account of his wife, will not enjoy conjugal bliss and will be bereft of learning and strength.
  • many servants, rich, luxurious life, famous, occult, spendthrift, unlawful acts, hidden treasure, unexpected inheritance
  • If 12th Lord is in 8th House, the native will always gain, will speak affably, will enjoy a medium span of life and be endowed with all good qualities.
  • lots of anguish & pain, poverty, unhappiness
  • Sat+Moon » Sanyas yoga
  • Ketu + Moon » Vairagya
  • If the Lord of 12th house is in 9th House, the native will dishonor his elders, be inimical even to his friends and be always intent on achieving his own ends.
  • may not derive comforts from sons, not stable profession, unlawful karma, profession linked with prison, Kabristaan , Doctor
  • 8H » secret service in foreign
  • Sun » Embassy
  • 9L » live in holy place
  • If 12th Lord is in 10th House, the native will incur expenditure through royal persons and will enjoy only moderate paternal bliss.
  • Longevity curtailed, more loss than gain, debts, enemies, extravagant, brother, trading in precious stones like pearl, rubby is good
  • If the Lord of 12th house is in 11th House, the native will incur losses, be brought up by others and will sometimes gain through others.
  • Religious minded, spending extravagant on religious pursuits, build temples, good eyesight & bed pleasures, help others
  • Afflicted » restless, unwell, moody
  • If 12th Lord is in 12th House, the native will only face heavy expenditure, will not have physical felicity, be irritable and spiteful.

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