Rahu in Vedic Astrology

Malefic, feminine, renunciation, corruption, epidemics, tall and phlegmatic, dark in complexion and dirty. He is materialistic, foreign travels and intrigues with low class people. He rules the paternal grandfather, maternal grand mother.

The parts of the body ruled by Rahu are skin and blood.

Diseases caused by him are cholera, smallpox, leprosy, epilepsy, blood poisoning, itches, malaria and plague.

Caste : Low caste
Direction : South West
Sex: Eunuch

Sudden happening, disinclination, faulty logic, harsh speech, irreligious, adultery with a wicked woman, falsehood, sin, wickedness, royal status, royal insignia, benefits from outcastes, foreign travel or residence, long travel, pilgrimage, a muhurta (48 minutes), air, space, breathing, old age, hesitation, poison, snakes, reptiles, south-west direction, wandering in difficult terrain, going to the mountains, maternal grandfather, gambling, blue cloth, dark flower, emerald, dense forest, sudden disaster, technical education.

Bones, chronic disease, incurable disease, insanity, hiccup, phobias, leprosy, weeping,wounds, poisoning, snake bites, malignant tumors.


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