Results of Venus in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Venus in different houses in Vedic astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.

Venus in 1st House

  • Mathematician, long life, fond of wife, jewels, clothes, scents, flowers and women, skilled in art of sexual enjoyment.

  • Good looking, attractive eyes, perfumes, enjoy life, no
    physical labour, artistic nature, good orator

Venus in 2nd House

  • Handsome, large and fair eyes, big family, luxurious food,
    charming wife, happy, hater of women, fond of fine arts, obliging, agreeable
    manners, educated, author and poet.

  • Soft spoken, intelligent, poet, good teeth, good eyesight,
    large family

Venus in 3rd House

  • Many prospering brothers, obliging but not spending money,

  • Singing, music, dancing, not much happiness from children,
    painter, more sex, short travel, foreign living, malefic acts like

  • Deb. Venus » impotent

Venus in 4th House

  • Good eater, learned, intelligent, kind mother, many cattle and
    horses, fond of milk, relatives, lands and cultivation, successful, popular,

  • KBN

  • accidents, wealthy, brave, house, vehicles, clothes, good
    friends, relatives, education, associated with banking, music, attached to
    mother, religious

Venus in 5th House

  • Intelligent, statesmanly ability, danger to mother, commander,
    educated, many children, chiefly daughters.

  • Speculation, wealthy, orating skills, business skills, status,
    industrialist, gain through Govt.

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Venus in 6th House

  • Foeless, many cousins, very licentious, constant venereal
    complaints, grand children, well-informed, fond of women of all kinds.

  • Knowledge, victory over enemies, diseases, corrupted by young
    women, gets favors from women, service in automobiles, left eye, tooth,

  • Afflicted » health affected by
    too much sexual indulgance, fond of other women & licentious

Venus in 7th House

  • Skilled in the art of adultery, fond of women and condescending
    to kiss their sexual organs, adopting questionable means to gain his ends,
    thoroughly, licentious, wealthy, enjoying sensual pleasures, if with Saturn,
    the wife will also be faithless.

  • Sickly wife or widower, neautiful & cultured spouse, vehicle
    accident, expert in sexual act, will frequent visit prostitutes

  • Ar / Sc » Wife will die

Venus in 8th House

  • Happy, danger to mother, celebrated, short life wealthy to the
    end of life, godly in after life, unscrupulous in the commencement, pious
    before death,

  • Equal to king, travel a lot, religious, serve Govt.

Venus in 9th House

  • Religious, respect for elders, commander of infantry, sharp in
    business, fond of teachers and priests.

  • Fortunate, wealthy, religious, earn through Govt.

  • Sun + Mars » Loss of money via

  • +Malefics » illicit relations
    with Guru’s wife

  • Sat » Diplomat

  • Sun + Sat » Criminal

Venus in 10th House

  • Breaks in education, god-fearing, few elder brothers, good
    horses and vehicles.

  • Healing powers, earns through houses & buildings, many women
    working for him, social, friendly

  • Profession » clothes, model,
    fashion designer, perfumes, jewel, fine arts, music, drama

  • +Sat » cosmetics & articles
    used by women

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Venus in 11th House

  • Learned, wealthy, many lands and much cultivation, good

  • Wealthy, happiness, servants, gains from drama, dance, music,
    arts, many friends, popular, sexy, intelligent, dhirgahayu.

Venus in 12th House

  • Fond of women, adultery among low women, miserly, wealthy,
    sweet promises and sad performances.

  • wealthy, eyes, not spendthrift, win over enemies, henpecked,
    enjoy sexual life even unmarried / sickly wife / divorce, desertion
    (betrayal) by relatives, lying, associates with low women

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