Results of Saturn in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Saturn in different houses in Vedic
astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be
interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.

Saturn in 1st House

  • Loss of childern, evil natured, unscrupulous, incurring king’s
    displeasure, bad citizen, insignifificant life, flatulence, adultery among
    low women, fond of drinks. If the birth sign is Libra, Sg, Cp, Aq and Pi
    with Saturn in it, the person commands respect, wealth, becomes a Presidency
    or Town Magistrate, educated and of comely appearance though dark.

  • wise, old look, strong physique, tall, lazy, dark complexion,
    pessimistic, poverty

Saturn in 2nd House

  • Losing wealth, two wives, few lands, diseased face, breaks in
    education, adulterous, drunkard, stammering.

  • wealthy, loss through Govt., facial problem / mouth ulcer,
    rude, harsh speech, unsocial, gain by metals, mines, labour, unpopular

  • Saturn in 3rd House

  • Loss of brothers, polite, obliging, cruel-hearted, many
    servants, courageous, fond of ladies, good cultivation.

  • Longevity, lazy, knowledge, courage, renounce the world,
    aristha to brothers, dull & stupid, cruel, sorrow through brothers, head of

  • Kull-shresdha

Saturn in 4th House

  • Two mothers, cholic pains, miserable, not open hearted, fond of
    oily seeds and dark grains, political disfavour, good patrimony, success in
    foreign contries, incestuous intercourse.

  • Prosperity, wealth, comforts, servants, politics, sorrowful,
    disliked by relatives, trouble from houses & vehicles, will not inherit any

  • Weak » tensed, poor, separation
    from mother

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Saturn in 5th House

  • Issueless, adoption, evil minded, tale bearer. village life,
    criminal prosecutions. When this sign is common he is sure to have an
    adapted son.

  • Crooked brain, Putra Dosha, Depression, stomach ailments,
    stupid, poor, dull

Saturn in 6th House

  • Few cousins, deafness, stubborn, foeless, wealthy, few issues,
    quarrelsome, fond of women, suffering from complicated diseases.

  • Victory over enemies, wealthy, rectum, feet, ill-health to
    mother, diseases, quarrelsome, obstinate

  • Rahu » Hysteria

  • Mars » Operation

  • Saturn well aspected » gains
    through contract work, mining, masonry etc.

Saturn in 7th House

  • Sickly, many wives, fond of prostitutes, travelling, sponge
    (obtain or accept money or food from other people without doing or intending
    to do anything in return), cheat, cholic pains, deafness or pain in ears. In
    conjunction with Venus the wife also becomes unchaste.

  • Trouble from women, sick spouse, widowhood, connection with low
    caste women, ugly wife, under wife control

Saturn in 8th House

  • Long sexual organs, corpulent, poor, adultery with low caste
    women, drunkard, servile work, fewchildren, bad sight, leprosy, expansion of
    glands, seducing family women. With Venus – travelling, adulterous, with
    Mars – danger by drowning, with Rahu – danger by weapons or poison, with Sun
    and Rahu impious (showing a lack of respect for God or religion), not
    performing paternal ceremonies, ever thinking of adultery, hard breathing,
    passing blood, consumption, asthma, few brothers, scandles in wife’s family,
    disnonestly earned money, worthless sons, longlife.

  • Lungs, dishonest, cruel, disrespect, many responsibilities,
    longevity, eye, indigestion, poverty

Saturn in 9th House

  • Miserly, wearing torn or old graments, constructing tanks,
    temples, danger to paternal aunts, irreligious, unfilial (not having or
    showing the qualities associated with a son or daughter).

  • Stupid, cruel, irreligious, lustful, short life, no progeny, no
    marriage, lonely life

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Saturn in 10th House

  • Bathing in the Ganges and other holy rivers, bilious (affected
    by or associated with nausea or vomiting), fond of agriculture, village or
    town magistrate, miserly, forsaking his own country and finding livelihood
    in a foreign country.

  • Politician, many subordinates, Sarpanch, brave, rich, famous,
    Farmer, career, sudden elevations & depressions

Saturn in 11th House

  • Exceedingly wealthy, many lands, great political respect,
    breaks in education, no elder brothers or paternal uncles, good horses and

  • Employ many people, wealthy, fearless, healthy, industrialist,
    no happiness through wife, children or co-born, long-life

  • + LL » Politics

Saturn in 12th House

  • Learned, defective organs, skillful in arts, squint eyes (have
    eyes that look in different directions), giving money for evil purposes. If
    with an evil planet, danger to eyes.

  • Lower status, high expenses, eyes. commits sins in secret,
    deformed limb, enemies, loss in trade, pessimist, short life, skin disease,
    sudden fear, bad dreams, insomnia, dull-headed, lose all his money

  • PAC Mars » Sharp tongue

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