Results of Rahu in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Rahu in different houses in Vedic astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.

Rahu in 1st House

  • Childless, abortions, courageous, if he is in Aries, Ta, Ge, Cn, Le, Vi and Cp results are not so unfavourable.

  • good for females, cruel, ill, evil minded, sexual urges,

Rahu in 2nd House

  • Healthy growth, little wealth, bad sight, loss, of children,
    two wives, short temper.

  • liar, quarrel, unethical work, unhappy family life, disruption
    in studies, eye-problem, irritating

Rahu in 3rd House

  • Milliouaire, few issues, bold, many brothers, adventurous and
    warlike, many cousins, ear affections.

  • longevity, malefic to co-born, lion like strength, success due
    to own efforts, more sex, wealthy, knolwedgeable, coward from within,
    criticism on account of his views & ideas

Rahu in 4th House

  • Breaks in education, fond of foreign languages, many jewels and
    clothes, two wives, a willing subordinate, two mothers, with Venus
    incestuous intercourse.

  • Dissatisfaction at home, aristha to parents, souse,
    unhappiness, death, foolish in bhaviour, few friends, subjected to fraud or
    guilty of fraudlent action

Rahu in 5th House

  • Loss of children, vomiting disease, cruel-hearted, getting into
    hot water with superiors, displeasure of government, residence in
    insignificant villages.

  • colic, mistaken by others & unfriendly, will lose a number of
    children, Putra Dosha, one male child, mantra siddhi, good education, nasal
    problem, mental tension, hard-hearted, heart

  • Rahu occupying the 5th bhava and the lord thereof in a 6/8/12
    will cause death of children.

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Rahu in 6th House

  • Loss in women, murders enemies, wealthy, foeless, many cousins,
    fond of low caste women,venereal disease, happy.

  • long-lived, feet, lips, many cousins, wealthy, co-born may not
    be co-operative, capacity to fight & win over enemies, toothache, troubled
    by enemies & ghosts, disease in private parts, Suffer from sickness, private
    life will be scandalous

  • Moon + Sat + Rahu » mental

Rahu in 7th House

  • Two wives, lst wife sufiering from passing large quantities of
    blood, 2nd wife from dyspepsia or enlarged spleen, adultery among widows,
    diabetes, fond of drinks.

  • Suffers from diabetes, ghosts, supernatural, not happy married
    life, lose money through women, early death of spouse, mental illness, court
    cases, independent, clever, wife is not chaste

  • PAC Sun, Mars » stay in foreign

Rahu in 8th House

  • Mean-minded, quarrelsome, danger in the 32nd year if in
    conjunction with evil planets, death in the 56th year if with good planets,

  • Tantrik, quarrelsome, earn money and spend it, snake bite,
    sorrow, diseases, short life, enemies

Rahu in 9th House

  • Impious (showing a lack of respect for God or religion),
    uncharitable, careless of the future, submissive to women. few children,
    good subordinate, drunken habits.

  • General happiness, aristha to children, bad in nakshtra of Sun
    / Moon, loose morals, hate his father, wealthy

Rahu in 10th House

  • Connection with widows, wealthy, man of fine taste, fond of
    poetry, painting and dramas, traveller, disease from flatulence.

  • Professional life not good, computers, benefited froom outside
    people, wealth by low caste, lust after widows, skilled artist, poetry,
    literature, bold, business, many sins

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Rahu in 11th House

  • Many friends, older sisters and brothers, adulterous, favor
    among Mahommedan and Turkish rulers, good cultivation, many children,
    storing of grain.

  • wealth, long life, fame, lot of travel, brave, win over
    enemies, business, hearing defect in old age, army / navy, wealth from
    foreign land, famous

Rahu in 12th House

  • Miserly, few children, defective vision, money losses.

  • heart, illegal money, high expenses, courage, lack of bed
    pleasures, prosperous, helpful nature, eyes

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