Role of Planet Venus in Vedic Astrology

Venus in Astrology

Venus indicates matters concerning spouse, (wife or husband) partners in all dealings, material pleasures, affection to family members, sexual pleasures, ornaments, vehicles, sensual satisfaction, bedroom facilities,
passions, tendency to enjoy pleas-ures, semen, vitality, and a lot of other matters. Venus is the Lord of the Signs -Vrishabha (Taurus) and Tula (Libra).

She has a black curly hair, huge body, wheaty complexion, feminine, benefic, mixture of all colour, wife, love affairs, sensual pleasure, family bliss, vitality, watery in composition with white body and charming appearance, spouse, dance halls, sexual happiness etc.

She has domain over vehicles, sugarcane industries, trade, chemicals, medicines, silk, cotton (fine quality), luxury articles, passion, pleasure, maid servants, perfumes, and musical instruments.


Parts of Body

The parts of body ruled by her are sexual organs, semen, muscles, thighs, urine and hair.



She causes diseases like venereal complaints, sexual disability, muscular rheumatism, loss of eyesight and power of smell, spermatorrhoea and leucorrhoea.

Caste : Brahmin
Direction :South East
Sex : Female

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