Role of Planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology

Jupiter is the significator of offspring and wealth. Character, seriousness, meditation, prayer, success, hon-our, fortune, Punya acquired in previous birth, divine favour, fame, religious thought, wealth, good character, honesty, justice and health are the few matters attributed to Jupiter. The Jupiter if strongly and favourable positioned in the horoscope good results in the above sphere will be experienced by the native whereas the weakly positioned Jupiter will mar all the good aspects in the above spheres. Jupiter is the Lord of Dhanu and Meena Rasis.

He has brown eyes and brown hair, tall body. He is fat and phlegmatic with a tall and heavy carrier, corpulence, loud and heavy voice. Masculine, benefic, bright, yellow colour, devotion, progeny, truthfulness, religious fervour, philosophical and aptitude for every science.

It represents wealth, fame, sons and grandsons, children, learned men, grand father, intellect, education, minister, advisor, ether, scriptures, quick silver, cardamoms, banks and insurance companies.

He is the essence of knowledge and wisdom. Preceptor of God. He represents topaz, treasure house and places where learned men live. Gold is his metal wealth.


Parts of Body

He has domain over fat, stomach and intestine in the body.



The diseases caused by him are liver troubles, dropsy, flatulence, abscess, carbuncles, degeneration of fat, digestive troubles, kidneys.

Jupiter has been defined as Deva Guru, Gnan Karaka. Sage Varahamihir defined Jupiter Gour Gatra Mantreshwar says yellow lustre and according to Kalyan Varma Gold or wheat. Jupiter represents Ether or Celestial.

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Caste: Brahmin
Sex :Male
Direction : North East

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