Results of Moon in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Moon in different houses in Vedic astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.


Moon in Lagna

  • Handsome but sickly, stout body, flatulence, disease in private
    organs and ears, educated, many brothers, fits, mental derangement,
    stubborn, danger from drowning. In Cancer, makes a man wealthy.

  • In Taurus, Moon gives excellent position and great wealth.

  • In Aries, gives many children.

  • Eye disease except Aries, Taurus, Cancer Lagna

  • Round face, softness, moody, dark & curly hair, soft spoken,
    kind, longevity, wealth

  • + Malefics » ear, speech

Moon in 2nd House

  • Handsome countenance (a person’s face or facial expression),
    charming eyes, highly intelligent, wealthy, breaks in education, great
    respect in government, good family, sweet speech

  • Noble family, wealth from milk, pearl, camphor, good speech,
    gains from females, reserved

Moon in 3rd House

  • Dispeptic (indigestion) complaints, piles, not suckled (feed
    from the breast) by mother, fine sisters, thin body, impious (showing a lack
    of respect for God or religion), many brothers, educated, courageous, cruel
    Artistic, creativity, health, strong, courageous, love to travel, business,
    respect co-borns, sexual

  • Mer + Sat » Impotent

  • Mer + Ven » effiminate

  • When the Moon is in the 3rd bhnva identical with a watery sign,
    the person born will engage in acts of beneficence such as repairing old
    worn out works of public utility. In this connection, if the lord of the
    10th bhava should have attained a Gopuramsa, the works repaired will be such
    as tanks and wells.

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Moon in 4th House

  • Fine taste, high education, polite manners, good houses, horses
    and furniture, many relations, much wealth, happy, licentious (unprincipled
    in sexual matters), protector of many persons, good mother.

  • No happiness from mother, vidya balam, stable mind, scientific
    reasoning, sukh, land, vehicles, saatwik, travel overseas, poor

  • KBN, DS+


Moon in 5th House

  • Many horses and cattle, handsome wife, shrewd, showy, imperfect
    education, many daughters

  • Vidya Dosham, break in study, tension in professional life

  • mental stability, high status, happiness, friends, astrologer,
    female progeny, speculation


Moon in 6th House


  • Lazy, submissive to females, tender (showing gentleness,
    kindness, and affection) body, weak sexual connection, fond of widows, poor,
    drunkard, pilfering (stealing things of little value) habits, suckled by
    strangers, imperious (arrogant), intelligent, weak stomach, many foes

  • Enemies, Stomach

  • Strong » generous, proud,
    comforts; Weak » Slavery, unhappy, alpayu

  • + Ketu » suicidal tendencies

  • + Mars » Rajyoga

  • + Sun, Mars » Medical

  • + Mars + Sat » incurable
    disease, revengeful enemies

  • Fixed sign » gall stone,
    submissive to women, weak sexual connection & stomach troubles

  • Common sign » lungs, success as
    a caterer

Moon in 7th House

  • Fond of women, blood-thirsty, handsome wife, good family, pains
    in the groins, when aspected by evil planets two wives, narrow minded,
    jealous, full of sexual energy

  • Spouse » beautiful,
    intelligent, devoted, good family

  • Intelligent, soft spoken, excellent speaking ability, putra
    bhagyam, foreign association, passionate, jealousy

  • Malefic » ill health of spouse

Moon in 8th House

  • Unsteady, unhealthy, few children, mother short lived, maternal
    disagreement, bilious, lean body, bad sight

  • Early death of mother, psychological complexes, eyes, early
    death, suicidal tendeny, extraordinary loss, loss due to natural calamity,
    inheritance, fond of fighting

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Moon in 9th House

  • Lover of stories, intelligent, builder of tanks, temples and
    charitable places, good children, godly, many lands, gold, popular, friends,
    relations, wealthy

  • Attached to parents, pilgrimages, Vedas, Pinda danam, Dance,
    wealth, charity, foreign

Moon in 10th House

  • Charitable, bold, shrewd, enjoying the fruits of his labour,
    fond of widows, adulterous, business tact, long life, successful, respect
    for elders and priests, wealthy

  • DS –

  • Name, fame, success, career in horticulture, herbs, sea
    products, water, wealth, sexual inclination, prakram, religious,
    intelligent, bold, ornaments, helpful nature

  • Jup » ancient subjects,

  • Sat » Printing, Selling Books

  • When the Moon with clear rays occupies the 10th bhava the
    person born will be purified by the ablutions in the Ganges water. The Moon
    when malefic in the same bhava leads the person concerned to gambling and
    acts of violence.

Moon in 11th House

Well informed, philonthropic ((of a person or organization) seeking
to promote the welfare of others; generous and benevolent), literary taste,
polite, wealthy, good cultivation, charitable, man of principles
actuve sexually, children, dhirghayu, generous, good wife, happy, fame, jovial
nature, dedicated worker, rise, longevity, foreign connection, govt. favour,
sickly mother, bahu-putra yoga, Jitendreya

Moon in 12th House

  • Mean habits, constant hearing of evil news, many relations,
    defective organs, narrow minded, cruel

  • Diseased wife, hard-hearted, eyes, narrow minded, crazy,
    expenses, connection with lowly people, foreign travel, good looks, self
    respect, good manner of speech, good residence, good in studies, milk

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