Results of Mercury in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Sun in different houses
in Vedic astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should
be interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.


Mercury in Lagna

  • Learned, well informed, fond of magic and astronomy, able to
    exorcise spirits, fond of mathematics and poetry, respected long life.

  • Slim, quick actions, maths, good dress up, learned, intelligent

Mercury in 2nd House

  • Many issues, religionist, sweet speech, wealthy, self acquired
    property, fond of storing grain, steady in gaining his object.

  • Education, research, philosophical, lecturing, intelligent,
    business & commercial affair, spend on charities

Mercury in 3rd House

  • Happy, fortunate in women, many brothers, often cruel

  • courage, sports, live in foreign land, sharp mind, tactful,
    diplomatic, fond of reading & study

  • If afflicted » nervous

Mercury in 4th House

  • Learned, intelligent mother, polite, obliging, careless in
    carriages (the conveying of goods or passengers from one place to another)
    and animals and showing no taste in their selection

  • Boldly, critize the Govt., music, education, intelligent,
    astrology, vehicles, good speech, maternal relatives, happiness

Mercury in 5th House

  • Danger in maternal uncles, sickly parenrs, political respect,
    quarrelsome, showy, fond of clothes of all kinds

  • astrology, speculation, education, son, intelligent, comedian,
    high post, too much of sex, mantra-shakti

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Mercury in 6th House

  • Breaks in education, foeless, respectable, short tempered,
    cunning, danger to mother, losses in money, disease in toes and fingers

  • No enemies, tarkvadi, industrialist, good wealth, quarrelsome,
    showy, nervous system, interrupted education

  • + Ven, Sun, Sat » Judiciary

  • Mars / Rahu / Sat » insanity,
    troubles with servants, lazy harsh in speech, terror to his enemies

Mercury in 7th House

  • Skilled in religious lore, happy mother, many carriages and
    horses, good health, adulterous, charitable good physique, skilled in
    business, maths, astronomy, astrology, partial impotence, married life not

  • +Sun » extra marital affair of
    spouse, have the tendency to kill spouse

Mercury in 8th House

  • Respectable long life, obliging, few issues, many lands

  • long-life, learned, famous for his scholarship in many
    subjects, wealthy, lungs, sudden fall, inheritance

Mercury in 9th House

  • Obliging, fond of musical instruments, highly licentious
    (unprincipled in sexual matters), pretending to be holy, many issues

  • Pious, intution, vedas, maths, travel, gyana, businessman,
    writer, learned, sculpture

Mercury in 10th House

  • Fortunate, enjoyment in life, founder of charities, good name,
    intelligent, performing sacrifices, bad sight, renouncing worldly pleasures
    in after life

  • Professional problem, immoral, happy, straight forward, scholar
    in many subjects & acquiring more knowledge & fame, eyes, astronomy, maths

  • Ven » charming wife & wealth

  • Jup » Unhappy & chidless

  • Sat, Mer » Proofreader, penury

Mercury in 11th House

  • Many lands, wealth, happiness, mathematical faculty

  • Rich, famous, honest, gains through teaching / writing, learned
    person, clear in thoughts, male issues, Sadachaari, gains through uncles,

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Mercury in 12th House

  • Intelligent, adulterous, capricious (given to sudden and
    unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour), obliging, danger to mother, few
    children, living in others houses

  • Brain, sleeplessness, lazy, hard-hearted, education will
    suffer, extra marital

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