Results of Mars in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Mars in different houses in Vedic
astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be
interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.


Mars in Lagna (1st House)

  • Burn or scar in body, overheated constitution, thievish habits,
    corpulance, good complexion, respected, danger to father

  • Strong physique, courageous, selfish, head injuries, tooth,
    stomach, eye disease, injured by iron, Manglik

Mars in 2nd House

  • Short temper, extravagent and immoral, breaks in education,
    large patrimony in lands and jewels.

  • Manglik

  • Compulsive liar, eye, ear, head injuries, rude speech; but no
    for own or exaltation sign, loss by theft, befriend evil-minded, inclination
    to spiritualism

Mars in 3rd House

  • Few brothers, intelligent, very bold, adulterous, as also the
    wife, fond of dancing girls, adventurous, unpopular, many cousins

  • Courage, energy, strong body, sportsman, armed forces,
    intelligent, wealthy, cruel, leprosy, accidents, ear

  • KBN – no younger male siblings

Mars in 4th House

  • Danger to parents, sickly mother, family quarrels, good
    conveyances, dependent on others, brutal, murderer of women.

  • KBN

  • Land profession, Bhoomi Dosha ,

  • Heart, Poor diseased, no happiness from mother

  • Success in Politics

  • Manglik

  • +Moon / +Sun » Lungs

  • +Sat ? Loss

  • R/K + Mars » Suicide

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Mars in 5th House

  • Childless, incurring government displeasure, unpopular

  • Poorva Punya Balam, unhappiness from children, enemies,
    stomach, tensions, back-bitter, miserable for his wife, friends & children,
    too much attached to sex pleasures & loss of health

  • Mars coming into the first portion of the 5th house, will kill
    the first son; coming into the middle portion, he will kill the middle son
    and if he comes into the last portion, he will kill the later issues.
    Further, Mars will always killl children between the ages of 1 and 3 years.
    According to this principle, the Moon rules for the first year and Mars
    rules for the next 2 years. Therefore clnldren will be killed within 3 years
    by Mars.


Mars in 6th House

  • Wealthy, good lands, conquest over enemies, good political
    life, intelligent, secret enemies

  • Lawyer, land, politics

  • Control over enemies, financial management, strong body,
    disease, free life, mentally strong,

  • + Ketu » Jail, rectum

  • Afflicted » accidents, losses,
    troubles through enemies

  • Saturn » death due to operation
    or injury by animals

  • Rahu » Suicide

  • Ketu » Poisoning


Mars in 7th House

  • Sickly wife passing blood or suffering from piles, disease in
    hands, many brothers and maternal uncle, intelligent

  • Manglik

  • Putra-Dosha, hen-pecked by his wife, 2 wifes, speculation,


Mars in 8th House

  • Few issues, bad sight, short life, danger to father, grand
    father and maternal uncles, fond of dancing women, widower in after life

  • Manglik

  • wealthy, worriers, eyes, blood, piles

  • Separation, divorce, multiple marriages, extra marital affairs

  • + Ketu » Cancer

  • +Saturn » Paralysis

  • Untimely death, fall from height, spinal cord, short lived,
    hate his relatives, rule over many people

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Mars in 9th House

  • Loss from cultivation, sickly father, cruel disposition,
    dependent life, merchandize in boats and ships and gains thereby

  • Foreign, cruel, spiritual, like red color clothes, like to
    injure animals

  • Ven » 2 wives, foreign

  • Sat » addicted to women, lender

  • +Mer + Rahu » Chemistry

Mars in 10th House

  • Clever in getting wealth, sound wealth, famous, founder of
    towns or colonies, self acquired property, food cultivation and profit.

  • Authority, command, good brain, friends, progeny, wealth,
    happy, vehicles, cruel ruler, fond of praise, rash, take bold steps in

  • +Sun, malefic moon » Surgeon

  • + Rahu, Sat, Ven » Police,

  • +Mer, Moon, Ketu, Jup » Admin

  • Mer » skilled scientist /

  • Jup » head of low class people

  • Sat » daring but no progeny

Mars in 11th House

  • Well informed, many lands, very shrewd in business, many elder
    brothers, self acquired property

  • wealth, angry, status, dhan yoga, poperty, disease free life,
    instrumental music, enemies, extra-marital affair, good deeds, income
    through factories, land, self-efforts, forceful speaker, powerful

Mars in 12th House

  • Poor, rotten body, cheat, unpopular, loss of wife, if with Ketu
    incendiary habits

  • Head, sleeplessness, Property, appendix, gall bladder, debt,
    criminal case – jail, married life not good, selfish, hateful, disease due
    to excess of heat in body

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