Results of Jupiter in Different Houses in Vedic Astrology

This article explains the result of planet Jupiter in different houses in Vedic astrology i.e. from 1st house (lagna) to 12th house. The results should be interpreted with other planetary positions of the horoscope.


Jupiter in 1st House

  • Learned, grammarian or philologist, many children, political
    success, long happy life, great respect, skillful in various arts, stout and
    majestic body, golden looks and eyes
    (Philology is more commonly defined as the study of literary texts as well
    as oral and written records, the establishment of their authenticity and
    their original form, and the determination of their meaning. A person who
    pursues this kind of study is known as a philologist.)

  • Tall, healthy, sober, calm, quiet, deep thinker, knowledeable,
    noble, religious, holy places, lucky

Jupiter in 2nd House

  • Handsome person, charming eyes, intelligent, wealthy, eloquent,
    good wife and family, witty and humorous in conversation, enjoyable life,
    great influence among relations

  • Speaking skills, good education, pious, wealthy, Gold, Poet,
    astrologer, scientist

Jupiter in 3rd House

  • Many brothers, miserly, polite professions, unscrupulous of the
    means employed in gaining his object, favourable to cultivation, protecting
    only very close relations.

  • Tension, relation with father not good, greedy, author,
    digestion not good, early death of father, death-like suffering, saintly,
    ill-health, does not love family & children, not many friends

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Jupiter in 4th House

  • Happy, wealthy, educated, good carriages and horses, helper of
    relations, fond of building houses, good mother, many cattle.

  • Sukh, married life good, professional life good, vehicles,
    food, agricultural gain, delay in progeny, company of good females even in
    jungle, womanizer, philosophically, learned, happy, terror to enemies,
    peaceful domestic environments

Jupiter in 5th House

  • Handsome and broad eyes, minister, dewan or commander, few
    children, very intelligent, skillful in mercantile work, eclipsed by the
    success of his son.

  • High status and inteligence, astrology, holy places, Putra
    Dosha, KBN

Jupiter in 6th House

  • Many cousins and grand children, foeless, witty and humorous,
    licentious, dispeptic or weak digestion.

  • Liver not good, serve others, wealthy, court matters, getting
    inheritance through court case, not great success in professional field,
    black magic, unlucky, suffers disrespect

  • winning over enemies, if (R) trouble from enemies

Jupiter in 7th House

  • Eclipsing his father in wealth and success, rich marriage, very
    sensitive, fond of good name, success in cultivation, if aspected by evil
    planets wife faithless.

  • Longevity, pious spouse, good looking, soft spoken, liked by
    king / boss, (R) – liked by king

  • (D) – wife not pious though native may like her

Jupiter in 8th House

  • Mean minded, drunkard, widower, pains in stomach, teacher of
    servants, pretending to be charitable and misappropriating such funds, long
    life, dirty habits

  • Long life, expenditure on religious, sukh, holy places,
    vaak-siddhi, astrology, mangalya sukh, relations with widows, pailess death

Jupiter in 9th House

  • Benevolent, god-fearing, many issues, performing many religious
    sacrifices, wealthy, long life to father, educated

  • Seer, holy places, lucky, vedas, happiness, wealth, status,
    good relations with relatives & spouse

  • Sun + Ven » characterless

  • Moon + Mars » army

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Jupiter in 10th House

  • learned, clever in acquisition of wealth, wealthy, great
    respect, many lands, good vehicles and horses, many children, governor of
    villages, many servants and maids, steady and paying cultivation.

  • wealthy, inheritance, too many obstacles in professional life,
    one will never become head of organization (boss)

  • do godly acts, high official in govt., wise, happy, guided by
    high principles

  • Rahu » mischief-maker, trouble
    for others at every step

  • Mars » heads research
    institutes, academic & educational institutes

  • +Mars , 2L » Judiciary

Jupiter in 11th House

  • Professor of music, horses and elephants, very wealthy,
    charitable and god-fearing, dependant elder brothers.

  • Gains through knowledge, literary or religious activities or
    through sons, sons will live long, be bold, wealthy, vehicles, servants,
    education, courage, vedas, holy places, dhirghayu

  • Afflicted » no progeny, less
    academic qualification

Jupiter in 12th House

  • Cruel, poor, few issues, connection with women and prostitutes,
    enlargement of spleen and glands, displaying great taste in selection of
    beds, cots, women and modes of enjoyment of life, charitable among deserving
    members, sanyasi, pious in after life.

  • Lazy, no happiness from children, evil minded

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