9 Planets in Different Signs in Astrology

The twelve signs of the Zodiac have their own characteristics and peculiarities. So do the nine planets have. ln this chapter the discussion will be regarding the combination of two i. e. “a planet and a rashi”. The readers must have seen by now that the planet may be owner of any sign, but also found bieng posited in dilferent sign. Sometimes with other planets too. lt also happens that the owner of one sign exchange their sign with some other planet. Say Mars (owner of Aries) posited in Capricorn. The lord of Capricorn Saturn is posited in Aries. Here Saturn and Mars have exchanged their places. Here the Mars has got exaltation and Saturn debilitation. Saturn gives 10th aspect to Mars, in turn Mars give 4th aspect to Saturn. The two planets are closely connected with each other.

There will be some reaction of such combinitations. The mixing of blue colour with yellow gives green colour. ln the same way if a planet is posited in a sign, the mixture of the characteristics of the two will produce some different results. The effect of such mixture is to be understood as this is very essential for predictive astrology. A discussion about the planets in different signs is as under:-

Sun in 12 Signs

Moon in 12 Signs

Mars in 12 Signs

Mercury in 12 Signs

Jupiter in 12 Signs

Venus in 12 Signs

Saturn in 12 Signs

Rahu in 12 Signs

Ketu in 12 Signs

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