Planetary Occupations in Vedic Astrology

The rules for finding planetary occupation is given below:

  1. Count always from Aries to the lagna – (1)
  2. Count again from lagna to the planet whose occupation is wanted – (2)
  3. Add figure (1) and (2)
  4. Multiply the answer by 2
  5. Now, Multiply the answer by the number of years of the planetary dasha (period) as per Vimishottari dasha. Sun – 6, Moon – 10, Mars – 7, Rahu – 18, Jupiter – 16, Saturn – 19, Mercury – 17, Ketu – 7, Venus – 20.
  6. Then, divide the result by 27.
  7. The remainder expresses the state in which a planet is for the time being.

The planetary occupations with their influence are:

Occupation No.NameResult
1Bathingprosperity, good family and children, respectable life, successful career
2DressingPolitical influence, gems, wealth, clothes, fine taste, luxurious life
3Sweet scentsPopularity, success in foreign countries, industrious and respectable
4Preparation for WorshipGain from lands, good conveyances and horses, enjoyment
5Prayingfond of land property, political troubles, loss of money, serious charges
6Worshipintimacy (friendship) with tyrants (dictator) and thereby large gains, popularity, wealth
7Sacrificial preparationdistress (extreme anxiety, sorrow, or pain), biliousness (bad digestion), high education
8Meditationrich relations, wealth, loss to foes, gains from lands
9Kneelingsweet speech, good conveyances and horses
10Going around the alterlive complaint, dysentry, criminal prosecutions
11ContemplationMagesterial powers, aggreable family and children, successful life
12Reception of GuestsConceited (proud), love for magical art, finding hidden treasures
13Dinnersickly, cheating habits, excommunication from caste (boycott), religious persecutions (harassment)
14Drinking watermiserable food, contemptible (lowly) haibts, hating all that is good
15Angerhating manking, egoistic
16Cheweing betel leavesservice in high places, sound education, great wealth and fame
17Entering the courtregular, pious, innocent, respectable
18Assumption of the crownglorious military life, wealth and great learning
19Private consultationlaziness, sweet words, double hearted
20Delaylearned, dull, inactive and careless
21Sleepinga hanger on, brutal treatment towards wife and children, passionate, sickly
22Drinkingreckless (careless), doing evil to friends, despising (neglecting) worthy people, courting (inviting) ruin
23Sweet Drinkshealthy life, good children, luxurious food, handsome wife, respect among classmen
24Acquisition of wealthcourteous and obliging, gains from different sources, success in business
25Taking off the crownloss of appointment, unhappy, deserted by friends and relations, unsuccessful in money transactions
26Profound sleepSuffering from chronic disease, persecution from ruling authorities, constantly tipsy (intoxicating)
27Sexual intercourseconstant intercourse with women of disrepute, harbouring evil thoughts, melancholy designing, suspicious and revengeful

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