Need of VedicAstrologyKit

Today, it’s my first post on this website. The first question comes to anyone’s mind is – what is the need of this website? After all, there are thousands of websites based on astrology.

The answer is simple. I want to create complete and huge knowledge base of Vedic Astrology (some called it as Indian astrology or Hindu astrology). There are many books available in the market, which are written by so-called famous authors and they have “added” their own rules with the original rules. They’ve presented themselves like great sages (rishes) and are charging thousands of rupees per hour. The poor man, who is already in trouble, gets into more trouble.

Then, we’ve students of astrology, who wants to learn this divine science. Again, these people unknowingly reading books, which are of no use. It’s just the wastage of time, money and faith.

I will make this website the complete database of real Vedic Astrology. The real rules from old books with practical examples. No data will be added from my side. If you want to learn astrology, you can get everything from here – from basics to advanced lessons.

The next level on this website will be contents on spirituality, meditation, Vaastu, Feng-shui etc.

Your feedback is important for me. That will help me to improve this website.