Naisargika Karakas in Vedic Astrology

Naisargika karakas shows everything that exists in the creation. They include Rahu, Ketu and the seven planets. They are presided by Brahma. Naisargika karakas show not only human beings, but they show various impersonal things and matters. They show everything that exists in Brahma’s creation and affects a person. Naisargika karakas are very useful in phalita Jyotish, i.e. analysis of general results.

We have seen that chara karakas are used in analyzing the influences of various persons on a native, from the point of view of sustenance, achievements and spiritual evolution. We have seen that sthira karakas are used in analyzing the death of relatives. In addition, we have naisargika karakas, who are the natural significators of various matters. These significations are used in general Phalita Jyotish.

Below Table gives a list of naisargika karakas. For example, the 4th house from Moon shows mother. The 5th house from Jupiter shows sons. If we want to analyze the birth of children or analyze some simple events from their lives, we should take the 5th from Jupiter. If we want to analyze some children-related troubles that punish one’s soul or if we want to analyze some achievements and happiness related to children, theywill be more closely related to PK (putra karaka of chara karakas). If we want to time the death of a child, sthira karaka for children (Jupiter) should be used.


Sun is the Karaka for soul, self, self-realisation, influence, prestige, powei, valour, health, right eye, heart, general well-being, heat, splendour, father, king, royalty, royal favour, politics, medical science, fame,and honour, electricity etc.

Moon is the Karaka for the heart (some learned astrologers treats her so, but some do not), left eye, understanding inclination, emotions, sleep, happiness, good name and fame, facial lustre, mother, royal favour, affluence (wealth), travel,(distance journeys also), water reservoirs etc.

Mars is the Karaka for stamina, courage, valour desires, special qualities, anger, scandal, diseases, enemies, opposition, controversies, weapons, commnader of an army, war, accidents, injuries by burns or weapons, land, immovpble properties, younger brother, relatives such as cousins etc., leadership, police, doctors, scientists, mechanical engineering etc.

Mercury is the Karaka for all intelligence, discrimination, speech, expression, education, learning, mathematics, accountant, postman, logic, astrology, medical knowledge and profession, writing, publishing, acting as a middleman in trade or politics, dancing, drama, mixture of thihgs, leaf trees, testing of precious stone, charm, maternal uncle, friends etc.

Jupiter is the Karaka for wisdom, learning, corpulence or fatness of body, act of religious merit, devotion to gods, means superior persons, elders, elder brother,
husband, holy places, scriptures, proficiency in learning, philosophy, giving alms or donations, benevolence, wealth, respect, sons, religious preceptors, fruity trees etc.

Venus is the Karaka for wife, marriage, sexual matters, genital organ, pleasure of the senses, singing, poetry, scents, ornaments, jewellery, all articles of luxury, cooperation from and with others, flowers, flowering trees, beauty, buying and selling, cows, watery places, whiteness etc.

Saturn is the Karaka for longevity, life, death, adversity, calamities, disrespect, diseases, poverty, livelihood, unrighteous conduct, learning of foreign language and science, agricultural pursuits, profession, minerals, oils, things buried deep in to the earth and coming out there from, maid servants, services, theft, cruel deeds, lameness very old persons, dishonour, extreme greed for wealth or material gain, temptation etc.

Rahu is the Karaka for paternal grand father, fallacious (based on a mistaken belief) arguments, harsh speech, gambling, movements, travelling, outcastes, foreigners, snake, snake bite, theft, wickedness, widow, skin disease, itches, eczema, acute or sharp pain in the body, swelling in the body or any part therof, poison, pilgrimage etc.

Ketu is the Karaka for maternal grandfather, consumption, pain, fever, wound, witchcraft, causing trouble to enemies, horned animals, dog, cock, birds, with spots or of veriegated colour, Moksha.

Note: Rahu acts like Saturn and Ketu acts like Mars.

Each of the twelve houses has one or more significators or Karakas for it. A significator is an additional indicator of the functions of a house. A house may have more than one significator. The various significations for different houses are as follows:

2ndJupiter, Mercury
3rdMars, Saturn
4thMoon, Venus, Mercury
6thMars, Saturn, Mercury
9thJupiter, Sun
10thJupiter, Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Mars
12thSaturn, Venus

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