Moon in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Moon in 12 signs (Rashis) is as follows:

(i) The native will have a golden coloured body, weak legs, ugly nails, little hair and round eyes. He has lasting wealth, devoid of coborns, children (son), very famous because of stable wealth. He will not have company of good people. He will be fond of travelling and women. He may have irritable nature. Quick to decide and act upon will be his habit, valorous, self respected, prosperous, haughty, inflexible, have sores in head, fond of self respect, enterprising, ambitious, hold good position. lf the Moon is afflicted liable to hydrophobia. He will be restless and versatile. He will be afraid of getting into watery places. He will be won over by women.

The Moon is the lord of 4th from this sign (Kendra Sthana). Mars is friend for the Moon and Moon is neutral to Mars. Moon is very near to the exaltation point. This is a char sign, the Moon by nature is also flexible, fickle, shaking and restless etc. Because Aries is fiery sign and lord is Mars. The hot and marshall nature is acquired by native. Moon is.“manas”. That is the reason the result of this combination is as described here. Native is haughty, quick to take decisions and act upon, wants to keep self respect, to acquire a commanding and higher position, remains restless etc. Moon in Mars sign may cause wounds, sores etc. If aspected or with Mars be accident prone (fear from water).

Round reddish handsome eyes, fond of vegetables and hot things, poor eater, irritable but soon pacified, fond of constant travelling, licentious, week knees, unsteady wealth, fond of war, caressed by females, clever in serving others, bad nails, head with a scar or sore mark, conceited, eldest of the brothers, good marks in the palm, capricious (manamaujee ), timid in approaching watery surfaces.

He has large thighs and hips, beautiful gait, eyes resembling that of a bull, phlegmatic, and suffer afflictions. The native is serious, reserved, sober,intelligent, handsome/beautiful, expert in work, large hearted, highly charitable, famous, brilliant, have more daughters, sex indulgent, sensuous, pleasure seeking, gets status and comforts with own efforts, does religious activities. He is influential, can differentiate between good and bad (if with other planets the result will also differ), happy in middle life and old age, rich patience, respected, love . intrigues, wavering mind. Such native are voracious eater and reader, influenced by women, and are passionate. The native will have some identity (Mole etc. on the side and back of the body).

This is the sign where Moon is exalted. For the Moon Venus is neutral. The sign is a benefic sign, earthy sign, Moon is a watery planet (earthy and watery signs are friends). lf Moon is not waning or of Amavasya (combust) all the good effects discussed at (i) are to happen. The Moon (manas) acquires all qualities of Venus. ]f the Moon afflicted and combust the native will be doing low deeds, unreligious and unsocial activities. He may be proud and self centered. Being impetience to get the desired results, he can harm others. He will not agree to other’s correct proposals, after some time he may realise his mistake. Though he may acquire position because of his intelligentia, wisdom etc. If weak (by affliction or combustion or wanning) he may be involved in activities like intrigues etc. Strong Moon will give all auspicious results. Moon in Taurus not good for parents as we have seen in the case of lord Krishna. The Moon in the sign of Venus will make the native. ambitious of having positions, proud, also soft at heart, but revengeful, devoted to God but for achievements of worldly comforts and positions.

Handsome, majestic gait, big thighs, full face, marks in the face, back or side, liberal, enduring sorrow, brooking (tolerate or allow) no opposition in command, a little hump-backed, begetting daughters, phlegmatic, forsaken (abandoned) by previous friends and relations, rich, patient, forgiving, happy in middle and old ages.

The native will have prominent nose and dark : eyes. He has curly hair, elevated nose, and has . long life. The native is loved by people for his good deeds, interested in religious matters, loved by ladies, capable of fully enjoying sex, famous for his gentle nature and gets respect from public. He is well read, learned in scriptures, persuasive, skillful in art, poetry etc.’ powerful speaker, fond of music, subtle and clever. He will have lines of fish in the palm.

Moon has friendly nature for Mercury but Mercury treats him enemy. (There is a story in Puranas that Moon adopted the figure, face and shape of Sage Brihaspati and eloped with Tara (wife of Brihaspati) and this way Tara gave birth to Mercury. This is a Airy sign and Moon is a watery planet (again enemies)’ Moon and Mercury if they are well posited and strong indicate wit, wisdom, cleverness etc., because of these qualities the native acquires power to speak, has deep knowledge, can pursuade others, and get position in life. He also commands
respect too. Moon (Manas ) chanchal (unsteadly) and Mercury (intelligence) has similar nature. So the native becomes clever.

fond of women, skillful in the art of sexual intercourse, reddish eyes, learned, expert in carrying embassies, sharp, witty, clever in judging others thoughts, good gambler, handsome features, sweet speech, voracious eater, possessing musical faculty, fond of dancing, imperial nose, given to unnatural offences.

The native will have hairy body and prominent neck. The native is wise, fortunate, valorous, powerful, charming, kind, sensitive and impetuous, unprofitable voyages, learns after hearing from others and gets expertise in that art and knowledge of astrology. He is strong, pure character, sensuous, grateful, be truthful, be passionate. Fond of games of water, scents and flowers. Gets success because of wise nature. He has sufficient immovable properties. He becomes scientist. He is middle stature, prudent, frugal, piercing and conventional. He will have friends, will live abroad, and also interested in construction of houses, wells etc.

Moon is in own house. If Moon is unafflicted and not combust, the results will be very good. A healthy body has healthy mind. Moon is the lord of night comforts, coolness, calmness and : gives rest and peace to all. lf Moon is not afflicted the native acquires a clear and pure nature. This is a sign where Jupiter exalts in a very comfortable and favourable position. Moon may be weak still gives fair longevity.

Fast but unsteady walker, high buttocks, easily conquered by the fair sex, good friends, astrologer, master of many houses, unsteady fortune, stout neck, short, easily deceived by kind words, obliging, fond of swimming and gardens.


The native has a broad face and chest, large cheeks, small brown eyes, sturdy bones, sparse hair, stomach disorder, tooth decay, majestic looks,dutiful, bold nature, deformed body. He likes meat, fond of visiting and seeking sexual unions in forest and hills, he is liberal, generous, aristocrat, proud, ambitious. Mental anxiety, notorious, family disturbances, suffer from hunger and thirst, will hate women, have few sons, and respect mother.

The Moon is in friendly sign, the Moon is combust when near the Sun, is a waning Moon if approaching Sun, so Moon becomes weak’ Moon loses chhanchalta. The Moon gets light from the Sun. All qualities of Sun are acquired by Moon. ‘Atman’ and ‘Manas’ are together’ There is oneness. This is a fixed sign. The native has fixed nature and power to take decision of his own. He becomes stubborn, obstinate and difficult to be persuaded.

Irritable, swollen cheeks, bloated face, yellowish eyes, few issues, hated by women, fond of flesh, forests and mountains, cholic pains, bad teeth or pains there, suffering from hunger and thirst, mental worry, liberal, courageous, steady, proud, respectful mother.

He has lovely complexion long hands, beautiful teeth and ears, almond eyes, modest, sunken shoulders and arms, soft body and attractive’ He has eloquent and sweet speech, and honest truthful, virtuous, principled nature, a religious preceptor. He is fond of women. He has acute insight, power to conversate, has many daughters. He is an astrologer, likes music and dancing, has clairvoyance.

Moon in Virgo, the position is the same as in case of Moon in Gemini. The difference here is that the Moon is weak (nearer to his debilitation) and Mercury is strong in this sign so the Moon inherits the qualities of this sign of Mercury.

Modest, dull but charming eyes, majestic walk, long broad shoulders and arms, happy, tender skinned, truthful, clever in fine arts, charitable, learned, intellect, fond of sexual connection, getting others property, good speech, journeys in foreign countries, many daughters but few sons.

The native is tall, raised nose, broad eyes, deformed limbs, sickly constitution, intelligent, principled, wealthy, lover of arts. He looses through women, but loves women, has many wives, not ambitious, aspiring, far seeing, idealistic, obliging, respect for learned and holy people, saints and God. Trader of oxen and horses, landed property, famous, earns and collects money with his own efforts.

The difference from the case when the Moon was in Taurus is : (a) that was Earthy sign and this is Airy sign (b) Taurus is even and Libra is odd © Here the Moon is nearer debilitation and was exalted in Taurus (d) Venus is stronger in Libra (Mooltrikona house) than in Taurus (e) This is the sign where Saturn exalts (f) Here Moon is lord of 10th sign from this sign.

The qualities of Libra dominates over Moon, but Moon in the sign of a learned Brahmin, so the native becomes learned, kind obliging, respects for Godly persons, rich, has capacity to command and can control the situation if need arises. Manas (Moon) balanced in this sign and can take correct decisions, provided the Moon is not afflicted by a malefic. Moon in Venus sign makes the native interested in the company of other sex, sexual affairs or lover of beauty art and music.

Pious, regard for elderly or religious men, intelligent, man of strict moral principles, submissive to women, tall, high nose, lean and shaky body, fond of walking, wealthy, defective organs, skilled in mercantile bargains, sickly, helper of relations but rejected by them.

The native has course physique and nose, wide chest, broad eyes, spoiled chin and nails, round shanks and thighs and brown complexion. He remains away from parents, straight forward, frank, open minded, cruel, simulator, malicious, agitated, unhappy, miser, obstinate, impetuous, fond of other house wives. He looses wealth in gambling or faces confiscation by king (Govt.) and troubled by the God of death (Yamraj).

Here Moon is in sign of debilitation, hence weakest position and also in a malefic sign. Acquires quarrelsome nature, frankness, straight, forwardness, all martial tendencies. The difference from the situation when the Moon is in Aries is (a) there the Moon is in Mars Mooltrikona house (b) In Aries the the Moon is near exaltation © In Scorpio the Moon is lord of 9th sign, which is debilitated (d) No Planet gets exaltation in this sign Hence complete domination of the characteristics of this sign.

Broad chest and eyes, fleshy buttocks, thighs and knees, neglected by parents and masters, sickly in early life, political respect, yellowish eyes, cruel-hearted, good marks in palms secret sins.

The native has broad face, large teeth, disfigured nails and arms. He has round eyes, big heart, broad waist, long hands, prominent shoulders and neck, strong bones,. He is skilled in fine arts, deep and inventive intellect, fond of listening praises, good and pleasing speech, helpful attitude towards wife and women, has many children, interested in arts and literature, author, expertise in art and culture, clear hearted, straight forward, wealthy and miser, courageous, grateful and distinguished.

The Moon is happy as she has come out of the sign of debilitation and now posited in a benefic sign. One is friend and other is Neutral. This is Jupiter’s mooltrikona sign. lnheritance of the characteristics of Sagittarius Rashi by Moon is natural. Moon, represents body, in Dhanus gets Jupiterian characteristics, so the native have large body and inclination towards arts, culture and education etc.

Long face, neck and teeth, good patrimony, liberal, poet, strong, clever in speaking, big ears and nose, hardworking, fond of drawing, bad nails, short but broad shoulders, accomplished, well read in religion, hater of relations, not won by force but open to persuasion (the action or process of persuading someone or of being persuaded to do or believe something).

(i) The native has good looking eyes, slender waist, stout body, emaciated body, long neck and ears, somewhat selfish nature. He is quick in perception, clever, active, virtuous, poet liberal, merciless, inconsistent low morals, will have sex with teacher’s wife, mean, likely to suffer from cold, knows music, rarely angry, sexy, interested in maintaining family tradition of hoarding assets and interested in songs.

(ii) The Moon is neutral, but Saturn treats her as enemy. Moon is in the 7th place from her own sign i. e. west (patal- hell). Mars gets exaltation in this sign. Moon is also Ucchhabhilashi . (moving towards sign of exaltation). Inheritance of the effects of this sign are more i. e. all low, unsocial and selfish activities will be main. lf the Moon has benefic effect and the Saturn lord of this house is also in PAC with benefics, the position will be improving and the bad qualities turn into good qualities and appreciable actions will be done by the native. The Moon in Saturn’s sign gets detachment. The native became interested in Sadhana. This, being a even and movable sign makes the native sympathetic and soft.

Fond of family, good eyes, collecting money under false pretenses of charity, waist weak or not developed, lean buttocks, sharp in understanding things, enjoyable life, lazy, incapable of enduring cold, strong, traveler, miserly, author, fond of low women or bugs, destitute of feelings of shame, unkind.

(i) The native will have well performed body, good height, large teeth, elevated nose, stout hands ‘ and legs, stout head, low belly, fair look, young than age in appearance. He will feel sudden elevations and depressions. He has artistic tendencies, intuition, energetic, emotional, mystical, grateful, healing power, peevish and ‘ lonely feelings. He may not be himself virtuous and bear illegal sons. He is lazy, loves other’s son, very clever, wise and intelligent. He suffers badly on account of enemies, mental worries, miseries and Poverty.

(ii) The Moon is in a Airy sign which is 8th from her own sign, both way unfortunate position. Though nearing exaltation sign, but not very strong and completely over powered by the tendencies of this sign. Saturn get mooltrikona position here, and is very powerful. The qualities discussed in (i) above are of mixed nature. It is said native will have intuition, healing power and emotional one, on one hand and on the other hand, lonely, suddenly depressed, lazy and love other’s son. He may be loving other son and not hating his own son. He may take a serious view of the progress of other’s son in comparison with his own son. A native who is wise, clever, intelligent, artist can never create unhappiness by not loving his son.

Long neck like that of a camel, stiff body with bristle like hairs, swollen veins, long feet, thighs, back and buttocks, broad mouth, stout waist, deaf, fond of others wives, unsteady fortune, doing evil deeds, devoted to friends, fond of flowers scents, sandal and fine things, capable of enduring fatigue.

Moon in Pisces

He has a perfect and bright build, long nose, takes interest in wife and children, annihilating enemies, sub-servient to opposite sex, cohabit with many women, learned, simple, good reputation, adventurous expert in fine arts, capable of winning even unfavorable people, learned in shastras proficient in music, many children, develops religious inclination in later part of life. He has control over his senses (Jitendriya ). Likes to move in fresh air, neat and clear nature, afraid of Arms so always keeps moving and will serve the king. Here again the Moon is in her best position, as it was in the case of the Sun in Pisces.

Enjoying others wealth, gains from pearls and gems, fond of wife and good clothes, handsome well formed and attractive body, imperial nose, large head, despise of enemies, easy conquest over them, submissive to women, charming eyes, finder of hidden treasures, learned, good reputation, happy life.

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