Mercury in Vedic Astrology

Matters concerning Maternal uncle are de-noted by Mercury. So he is said to be Mathulakaraka. Intelligence, cleverness to understand quickly, ability for convincing arguments, knowledge about wonders, desire for foreign travel, knowledge of Vedanta, education, tendency to leave things unfinished, the tendency to do so many things at the same time, multilinguist, eloquence, accountancy, auditing, advocacy etc., are attributed to Mercury. Mithuna and Kanya Rasi belong to Budha.

Benefic, when associated with benefic planets. Malefic, when associated with malefic planets. Mercury is fond if fun. He has lots of information on various topics and is intelligent. He is the Prince among the heavenly bodies. He is earthy in composition, spare, thin and green in colour, mercantile activity, public speakers, cold and nervous. He rules over commerce, churches, schools, playgrounds, parks, gambling dens, delights in damage.

The products governed by him are green gram, emerald, lead, oilseeds, edible oils, currency alloys and brass.

Other things ruled by him are mechanics, clerks, water, poetry intellect, education, authorship, maternal uncles, maternal grand fathers and paternal relatives, palatial buildings, horses, doctors and tradesman.

Parts of the body ruled by him are brain, tongue, nervous system, thyroid gland, skin, neck and power of speech.

Dumbness, insanity, loss of memory, headache and skin diseases, fits, smallpox, plenty of bile, phlegm and wind in composition.

Caste :Vaishya
Direction : North
Sex : Eunuch

Education, knowledge, learning, scholarship, grammar, mathematics, astrology, astronomy, writing, script, philosophical knowledge, oratory, speech, good conversation, power of expression, witty language, intelligence, humility, fear, discrimination, editorship, printer, a minister, conversation studded with multiple meanings, a trader, commerce, treasury, pilgrimage, temples, bad dreams, sculptor, religious rites, devotion, mental quietude, fickleness, friends, black magic, self-control, birds, horses, knowledge of scriptures and Vedanta, renunciation, skill in mantras, yantras as well as tantric pursuits, dancing, substances of mixed hues, eunuch, Shudras (the last in order in four-caste system), seasons, autumn (Sharad), skin moisture, northern direction, green colour, a prince, a youth, a child, maternal uncle, maternal grandfather, younger coboms, physician, towers of temples, dust, balanced outlook, skill in precious stones, crosswise looks.

Skin, diseases of the skin, navel, sexual organs, neck, throat, nose, lungs, mental aberrations, nervous breakdown, speech disorders, vertigo, impotence.

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