Mercury in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Mercury in different signs is as follows:

The native will be evil minded, middle stature, obstinate, unscrupulous, wavering mind, social,’ great endurance, clever, fond of speculation, antagonistic, dangerous connections, deceitful, forocious eater, quarrelsome, unkind and will ‘ do unreligious actions.

He will be fond of battles, uncompromising, learned, interested in music and dance, fond of sexual pleasures, will lose hard earned money, will incur debts and imprisonment frequently. Sometimes fickle minded and yet sometimes firm in decisions.

Mercury treats Mars neutral, but for Mars, Mercury is enemy. Mercury is 6th lord from this sign. Mercury is trade, business and Mars is courage. Aries is fiery sign whose lord is Mars. The nature acquires the tendency to do speculation, antagonistic and to incur debts (6th is loans, debts also). Mercury by nature is not firm, hence fickle minded etc.

(i) The native will acquire high position and well built body. He will be clever, logical, liberal, perserving, wealthy, practicable, well read and showy.

He will have many children, friends among women of eminance, inclination to sexsual pleasures. He may have specialisation in various arts, sexy nature, wealth, happiness from brothers and sons. He will be interested in giving charities.

The native will be famous, well versed in Vedas and sastras, fond of exercises, robes, ornaments and garlands. He is sincere in earning wealth, firm in disposition, soft and sweat speaker. He may possess sincere and a chaste wife, but he will be after sexual satisfaction.

(ii) Mercury in Taurus which is a friendly sign is in a happy position as from this sign Mercury is the lord of 2nd and 5th sign. From Virgo (Mooltrikona sign of Mercury) Mercury is in 9th sign. The native will be learned in vedas and sastras, skilful, a very good speaker. He will be interested in sexual enjoyment and have a chaste wife.

(i) The native will be boastful, auspicious appearance, sweet and affluent speech, active, cultured, tactful, have two mothers, musician, indolent, inventive, inclination to physical labour and taste for lietrature, arts and science, vedas, sastras etc, be a poet, proficiency in his subject, fond of wearing good and fancy clothes, comforts of house and food. He may be prone to throat and bronchial troubles, be honourable, will give up his happiness, will cohabit less, fond of arguments, independant, will have two wives, many sons and friends.

(ii) Here Mercury is in own house will give native a beautiful appearance, also shows more than one marriage, his association with predictive sciences can lead to prosperity. Mercury is a planet for business and trade, the native will be earning in many ways. Mercury represents for education and speech, the native will speak sweatly, be an able speaker, learned in Vedas, sastras etc.

(i) The native will be witty, fond of music, inimical to and disliked by relatives, speculative, diplomat, flexible, restless, sensual though reli­gious, liable to consumption, dislike for chastity, parental love will be more, taste for songs and religious stories, love and respect for king, indulgent in sex lives in foreign country, learned, fickleminded, loose wealth on account of enimity with women, may born in a famous and respected family.

Mercury and Moon combination will give such a nature to the native that inspite of being a learned person, borne in a respected family. he will dislike chastity and will be disliked by relatives. Mercury hates Moon and treats him as enemy. Moon treats him friend because Mercury is his son. The native will have parental love. he will inherit the characterisitics of both, will be fickle minded, diplomat and learned.

(i) The native will be a wanderer, idiotic, proud, indolent, boastful, orator and have good memory. He may have few children, early marriage, two mothers, not very fond of woman, independnat thinking, impulsive, remunerative profession, untruthful, enimity with brothers, keeps his wife happy, may not progress much in life, can be controlled by enemies, wealthy, not strong.

He will not possess a bit of wisdom. According to some learned astrologers he will lack wisdom and devoid of association with arts. He will be famous and untruthful in his speech, have weak memory, wealthy, will indulge in fratricide (the killing of one’s brother or sister), unfortunate in respect of wife, mean and cruel deeds. He will oppose his own men, but will be soather and favourable to others.

(i) Mercury is happy in friend sign. Sun and Mercury combination good for wisdom. This is a fixed and cruel sign. The weakness of Mercury is that he inherits the qualities of the planets with which he is associated with. The lord of wisdom in fixed and cruel sign makes the native proud, boastful, orator, good money, independant thinker and untruthful.

(i) The native is learned, virtuous, eloqueant, liberal, fearless, ingenious, handsome, irritable, refined, sociable, imaginative, self control-less, faces difficulties, author, priest, sweet in disposition, astronomer, mathemati­cian, knowledge of writing and peotry, be learned in fine / mechanical arts, be the elder son of family, be honoured by virtuous, be liked by women, interested in serving others, modest, famous, argumentative, charitable and strong, beautiful and lovely eyes and cohabits with women having beautiful eyes.

(ii) In this sign Mercury is strongest. All qualities and characteristics of Mercury are easily exhibit in this combination. The second house is of Venus and the twelth is of Sun, 2nd and 12th represents eyes, the eyes will be beautiful. The effect of Venus makes the eyes lustful also.

(i) The native will have fair complexion, sanguine disposition, inclination to excesses, perceptive faculties, masterial tendencies, courteous, philosphical, faithful, sociable, discreat, ceremonial-minded, possess knowledge of arts, intent upon arguments, sweet and able speaker, will spend money lavishly, will earn money from many type of business establishments, will respect learned people, guests, Gods and preceptors. He will be amiable, fickle minded, short tempered and sometimes peaceful. He may pretend to be interested in service of mankind. Cohabits with chaste women. He loses wealth in the company of wicked women.

(ii) Mercury in friends house, lord of 9th and 12th from Libra. In all respects Mercury is to give good results. The effect of Tula will on Mercury means the inclination to possess knowledge of arts, music and perceptive faculties. The native will earn money, will be social, amiable, ceremonial minded and will respect Brahmins, Gods and literary persons.

The native will be short, curly hair liable to ‘disease of generative organ, general debility. He will be miser, interested in sex, suffers losses due to excess of laziness, also does not get the full reward of his various efforts. The native will experience trouble, grief and evils, will hate virtuous, will be untruthful, devoid of religion and shame, may be a miser and not virtuous. He will cohabit with wicked woman, fond of giving cruel punishments. He will do blame worthy jobs, incur debts, have company of base man and commit theft. He may be bold and reckless.

(ii) Mercury in this sign, though Mercury is neutral to Mars. Mercury is the lord of 8th and 11th sign, again not very auspicious. Mercury in 6th from Gemini and 3rd from Virgo again not well posited. The dareness and rashness is derived from the sign of Mars.

(i) The native will be tall, well built, learned, respected by polished society, have taste for sciences, will be rash, superstitious, vigorous, diplomatic, cunning, capable of doing things, executive, famous, liberal, knowledge of Vedas and sastras, will practice abstract mediation, be a minister, chief among his race men, or a family priest, will be very rich, interested in yagnas and teaching religious scriptures, skilful speaker (cdcbLis), Charitable and expert in writing and fine arts, will have enormous self earned wealth and will spend it for helping others.

(ii) Mercury represents wisdom, intelligence etc. when posited in Dhanus (whose lord is Jupiter, Deva Guru who is Karka of education) a dual sign of fiery nature. Mercury is the lord of the 7th and 10th sign from Dhanus. The nature of the native will be under the effect of these two benefic planets. The native will be famous for his knowledge of vedas & sastras. He will be respected as a religious preacher, his (karmas) actions will reflect the effect of Jupiter and Mercury both.

(i) The native will be selfless, businessman, economical, low stature, cunning, inventive, active, restless, suspicious, drudging, debtor, incon­sistent. He has a fear of enemies. He has mean or bad nature, in active, always works for others, though addicted but soft behaviour. He will be dull, impotent, devoid of enemies, be timid and dirty.

(ii) Mercury is in friends sign. Capricorn is the 5th from Virgo and eigth from Gemini. Mercury is the lord of 6th and 9th for this house. The effects would be of 5th and 9th (very good – will give good effects) but being the connection of 6th and 8th there will be disease, addiction sufferings on account of various miseries. Saturn and Mercury connection shows affliction to Mercury resulting in impotency, loss of virtues, untruthfull, dull and bad nature etc.


(i) The native will be of middle stature, weak constitution, cowardly, licentious, proud, qurralsome, frank, sociable, famous, scholar, creates disturbance in family, wretched, lack of wealth, strength, energy and religious faith, always tortured due to enemies and bad intentions, will never have good conduct and respectable deeds will give up doing worthy things, be insulted by others, inimical to his wife, unfortunate, timid, impotent, dirty and modest.

(ii) Saturn’s house, similiar position as that of Capricorn. Capricorn was a moveable sign, earthy sign and even sign. Aquarius is fixed, airy (shudras) and odd sign (malefic or Krura). Mercury is the lord of 5th and 8th, a bit better. For Capricorn Mercury was lord of 6th and 9th which was a Mooltrikona sign. Here the Mooltrikona sign is in 8th. Mercury is in 9th from Gemini and 6th from Virgo. Here the houses involved are again 5th and 9th (auspicious) but the 6th and 8th will give miseries, disturbances, quarrelsome nature, mean and bad intentions, keep the native away from respectable deeds. Saturn’s affliction (because of the Saturn’s sign) to Mercury again causes timidness, impotency, dirty and modest, licentious nature. The effect of 5th and 9th makes the native scholar, sociable, famous etc. It is seen that Mercury’s position in Saturn’s house is not found auspicious.

(i) The native will be dependant, serves others, peevish indolant,petty minded, respect for gods and Brahmins. He may be employed as a guard to other’s wealth and money, always happy to see beautiful ladies, he will be fond of purity and good conduct, live in foreign counteries, be issueless, poor, will have a chaste wife, be virtuous, fortunate, be devoid of religion, be skilful in stitching etc., acquaintance with sastras and fine arts.

(ii) Mercury is totally weak being in debilitated sign, only in exceptional case it may give good results. Mercury is lord of 4th and 7th from Pisces and also in 10th from Gemini and 7th from Virgo. The native will be doing good deeds, fond of purity, respect of Gods and Brahmins, virtuous and fortunate, will be looking after the treasures of others. Mercury is in fall so the native is in service of others, peevish, dependent etc. The Pisces is watery sign (Brahmin), dual sign and even sign. The Jupiterian characteristics will be their so the native will have faith in religion, respect for Gods and Brahmins, fond of purity and good conduct. But the planet Mercury represents Buddhi (intelligentia) is debilitated, the low mind will be interested in doing low deeds, will give sufferings from all sides.

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