Mars in Vedic Astrology

Mars is described as the Sahodarakaraka; This means that matters pertaining to one’s brother (and sister) are to be judged from the position of Mars in the horoscope. So also the desires, primitive tendencies, self-dependency, power to withstand strain, rash boldness, adventures, physical strength, independent nature, desire for position etc., are all related to Mars. If Mars is strongly positioned in the horoscope the native will be bold, adventurous, strong, courageous, militant, warrior like etc. A weak Mars will make the native coward, timid, sickly, treacherous, upstart etc. Mars is the Lord of two Signs. Mesha and Vrischika (Aries and Scorpio).

He has a slender waist, curly and shining hair, fierce red eye, cruel nature, is fickle minded. Independence, persistence, youthful age. Mars is a Malefic planet. He represents younger brother, masculine, blood-red colour, refine taste base, rotten things, ambassadors, military activities, commerce, aerial journeys, public speakers. Mars is the battlefield and commander-in-chief of celestial army. Reddish in colour, hot and fiery, limbs, urinary system, logic, fire places. Kitchen, engine room, boiler, night workers, murders, conspiracy, strikes, enemy, wounds, tine, organising capacity, executive abilities, leadership over labourers, police department and scandals. Materials governed by him are copper, metals, mines, minerals and ores, gold field, coral, weapons, land and tobacco.

Parts of the body ruled by him are bile, ears, nose, forehead, sinews, fibre and muscular tissues.

Diseases caused by Mars are rupture of veins and arteries, diseases of bone marrow, hemorrhage, abortions, menstrual disorders, gonorrhea, muscular rheumatism, humps and burns.

Caste : Kshatriya
Direction: South
Sex : Masculine

Courage, valour, aggressiveness, anger, physical strength, pride, arrogance, combat, administrative capability, capacity to award punishment, skill in the use of weapons; risky ventures, archery, leadership, dominance, fame, victory, army, fort, cruelty, adultery, strength of the enemy, king, a fool, arguments, injury, surgery, criticism of others, sword, an axe or hatchet, knife, leadership of a village or a town, royal, famous, commander of an army, independence, controlling wild animals, non-vegetarian food, fickle nature, heat, summer (Grishma), southern direction, burns, fire, steadfastness, service of the ruler, home, a house, land, soil, burnt place, earthenware, goldsmith, gold, copper, good food, craving, persistence, obstinacy, speech, siblings (especially younger ones), snake, red colour, blood, gore, red clothes, red flowers, poison, bitter taste, pungent taste, sight, day, tree.

Bile, marrow, hemoglobin (red pigment in the blood), muscles, menstrual cycle in women, accidents, injuries, burns, surgical operations, biliary disease, blood disorders, cuts and wounds, dysuria, head injuries, physical fitness and vitality.

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