Mars in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Mars in 12 Signs (Rashis) is as follows:

(i) The native gets land from Govt., gets fame, earns wealth, possesses sweet and attractive speech, lustre, courage, and loved by all. He has organising capacity, valorous and commanding nature. He will be rich, social, sensual, active, powerful, splendorous, truthful, inspiring, mathematician, pioneering, statesmanly, frank, careful, generous, but hard hearted and intersted in adventurous act. He is not economical in domestic dealings. He will be an army chief or head of village or a band, and of charitable nature. He will enjoy many women.

(ii) Mars is in his own sign. This is his Mooltrikona sign. Fiery planet in a fiery sign. This is the sign where the royal planet Sun exlats. This sign has characteristics of a independant thinker, bent for educational pursuits, implusive and courageous. The Mars too has similiar nature. Native having Mars in Aries in his birth chart will be hardworking, commanding, r courageous, learned, grand personality and loveci by all. One who has wit, wealth and courage can only command respect and enjoys love of others

(i) The native is timid, rough body, sensual, likes magic and sports, selfish, unprincipled, influenced by women, not soft hearted, rash, emotional. He has animal instinct, may break the vows of chaste women, will eat
voraciously, will not trust others, harsh speaker,. The native is unhappy as regards his house and family atmosphere. He will also not be in a position to enjoy wealth. He has numerous enemies. He faces problems because of number of sons, and enemies, has to live in other’s house and may bring bad name to his family.

(ii) Mars is said to be son of earth should be happy in this earthy sign. There should be good results. This rashi is Bhog Rashi. The desire to acquire and enjoy worldly comforts increases. The Mars is approaching sign of debilitation. So the native becomes rash to achieve the object with selfish and unprincipled nature, there is increase in his enemies, he faces problem and becomes unhappy. This is the sign where Moon gets exalted. The effect of Mars is adding fuel to the fire, meaning the native behaves like animal to get success without giving a thought. He will not be having farsightedness. He gets exited very soon. The effects of Mars, Taurus and lord of the sign Venus make him lose temper on non fulfilment of his wishes.

The native will be splendorous. He has family and loving children. He is learned, capable of enduring miseries, well versed with political rules, fond of going to foreign countries, ambitious, rash, quick, ingenious, skilled in music and fine arts. He is brave and diplomatic. He has a probing nature. The native is always busy in learning various arts, highly intelligent, always interested in going out of house, happy as regards his sons are concerned. He is devoted to his assignment.

Mars treats Mercury enemy, but the later treat him neutral. A fiery planet in a airy sign. This is a dual sign. Mars giving strength to the sign. Mercury easily inherits the effects of others. So martial tendencies are inherited by this sign. Mars is weak because of nearing the point of t debilitation. The characterisitics of Gemini will prevail and the native will be clever, diplomatic, interested in art and educational pursuits.

The native has been defined as intelligent, by Dr. Raman whereas Mansagri says that the native has weak mind, poor, weak constitution. He is said to be wealthy, wicked, fickle, minded, defective sight, bold, dashing, unkind etc. by Dr. Raman. According to Mansagri the native resides in other’s house, he is calm and quiet because he is weak and unintelligent. He has more enemies and also faces trouble from a strong women. According to Saravali, the native will be sickly, deformed, he likes to live in and eat in other’s house, will become wealthy through source of water.

Mars is weak here. Mars is energy, so the native has weak constitution. Weak body cannot have strong mind and success. But Jupiter exalts in this sign. The effect of Moon and Jupiter will be dominating on planets in this sign. Hence, the native will be wealthy. lf Mars , debilitation is also cancelled the native will be . dashing, bold, intelligent. Mars is 5th and 1Oth lord from this sign therefore weak mind, wicked and will be unkind. The native will be repeatedly anguished. Mars in Moon sign or Moon in Mars ‘ sign will give anger and high Blood pressure.

(i) The native knows astrology, astronomy, mathematics. He has love for parents, regards and repect for elders and preceptors. He is independant in nature, liberal, victorious, impatient, be Valorous, intent upon grabbing , other’s money and children and will live in forest, mental complaints, generous, noble, successful and restless. He has stomach troubles. He is happy regarding his sons and family. He has no enemy, is famous for his courage and industrious nature.He is master of politics and religious ethics. He is fond of eating cow’s flesh (beef etc), will loose his first wife, will kill snakes and animals, devoid of charitable acts, and always active.

(ii) Mars a fiery planet in a fiery sign. Mars and Sun are friends. Sun exalts in Mars sign. So Mars is very happy in Sun’s house. Mars is the lord of 4th and 9th sign from this sign. Mars position in this sign is very nice. Mars has just come out of the sign of debilitation. The native will acquire the qualities of Leo (Royal sign) and Mars both. Hence the native will be’learned, courageous, victorious, will over power the enemies or vanish them and will be successful.

The native has self-confidence, is worthy of honour, be never rich, learned, indiscriminate, deceptive, boastful nature and has no marital harmony. He has love for fair sex and fond of sexual union and music: He is soft and has sweet speech. He is materialistic, ceremonial minded. He takes care of his family and has a large family. He takes interest in religious ceremonies such as yagna He owns land, has fear from enemies, fond of bathing and makeup and be splendorous.

Mars is enemy to Mercury. Mars is lord of 3rd and 8th sign. Mars is not to give favourable results. But as Mercury is strong in this sign, the characteristics of the sign will prevail. Venus is debilitated in this sign. The position of Mars 8th lord in this sign (where Venus becomes weak) will cause disturbance in married life.

The native has tall and well built body and fair complexion. He is selfconfident, amibitious, materialistic, able speaker, be fortunate, deformed limbs, business like, deceived by women, kind, gentle and boastful. He has love for family, self earned wealth and foresight. He is spendthrift, handicapped, never free from trouble and sad on account of wife. He has no respect for teachers and respectable persons. He is liable to wandering, will indulge in bad business, loose his first wife, will deal in liquors and will earn through prostitutes.

Mars is lord of the 2nd and 7th sign from this sign. Venus has instinct for worldly achievements. Mars has its own marital qualities. Mars-Venus combination enhances the desire to become ambitious, materialistic, and business like etc. The commanding nature makes him disrespectful to elders, quarrelsome in case he is not successful in achieving the desired results and also accident prone. lf they are not lord of good and auspicious houses, the position of Mars may be bad, otherwise auspicious results may be there. Mars and Venus are neutral to each other. Mars a fiery planet and this sign is an Airy one. Again. friendly in nature.

The native has middle statu re. He is aggressive, proud, haughty, clever, diplomatic, indulgent. He has positive tendency, tenacious memory, will be interested in Vedic Knowledge, skilful in his duties. He has danger from arms, fire and poison, be leader of thieves, interested in wars, highly sinful, will do big crimes, will betray, will be perfidious, be disposed towards killing, be unhelpful, will be endowed with lands, sons and wife. Happy in respect of wife and childrem. Conquers enemy, victorious, has respect and love for the king. The native is attached to trade.

Mars is in own sign. lt is said if a planet is posited in its own sign, becomes strong and it increases the strength of that bhava. Mars is also lord of 6th sign from here. 6th house is courage, so the native is aggreassive and has power to face his enemies. Mars is a accidental planet, so there is fear from Arms, fire and poison etc. The 5th from this is Jupiter’s sign, the happiness from children; the 7th house of Venus, there is happiness from wife In all we see that Mars position in this sign is good.

(i) According to Mansagari the native has different types of conveyances or vehicles, always face diff iculty on account of enemies. He has loving and devoted wife. According to other learned astrologers as written in Hindi Predictive Astrology of Dr. B.V. Raman – the native becomes famous Minister, statesman, frank, pleasure living, few children, impatient, severe, quarrelsome, litigation troubles, many foes and good citizen.

Saravali – The native will have many wounds, be emaciated, be harsh in speech, crafty, alienated, be a warrior enowed with chariots, elephants and army men, will pass arrows on other’s army from chariot. He will be hard working, loose his happiness and money due to anger. He will not honour elders.

Mars is friendly with Jupiter. Mars is lord of 5th and 12th sign from this sign.The 5th sign (Aries) is Mooltrikona – Sthan of Mars. This sign (Sagittarius) is Mooltrikona – Sthana of Jupiter. Mars is fiery planet in a fiery sign Jupiter gives Gyan, Budhi (intelligence, knowledge) etc. and Mars give energy, commandership Mars in Dhanus (Sagittarius) if an auspicious house or r Bhava, not in 6th, 8th, or 12th house, benefic results can be expected. lf afflicted and in inauspicious position, instead of victory over enemies, he may face troubles etc.

(i) The native is brave, rich, endowed with happiness and pleasure. He will be of middle stature, industrious and will have excellant disposition. He will be famous and may be chief of army or king, independant, virtuous, protector and intersted in various precedures. He will be successful, bold, tactful, respected, gallant and influential. He has good wife and many sons, love for children and acquires high political position etc. He shows valour in battle field, happy in respect of wife and children. He has fear from family enemies, has estate and is owner of wealth.

(ii) Mars treats Saturn Neutral, Saturn treats Mars as enemy. Mars is exalted in this sign. Mars is most powerful. This is the tenth house of Zodiac. Mars has directional strength in 1Oth. This is earthy sign. Mars is the ruler, the native has land and Estate. Mars is lord of 4th sign Aries from capricorn (land and building) and “Bhoomi Suto’ (son of earth). The native will be rich, owner of land, bold, attain high political position or position in Govt.

The native is poor, not truthful, miserable, independant, unwise, wil have afflicted speech and loose wealth, will be ugly, have hair on body, impulsive, contreversial, combative, well versed in dialects, free, quick in
forgiving and forgetting and conven!ional etc. He has danger from water, devoid of both affection and purity, will look like an old person, will die a bad death, will have jealousy and untruthful disposition. The native is
harsh,unkind, oppose family members, faces trouble on account of fools and sons.

Mars in this sign should give the similiaresults as that of Capricorn, because birth signs are owned by Saturn. Though similarity of results will be there, but there will be lot ol differences. This is Mooltrikona sign of Saturn. Saturn’s impressions will be more. In Capricorn Mars is stronger than Saturn. Here Saturn is stronger than Mars. The Native’s character will be dominated by Saturn. From Capricorn the fifth house and tenth house were owned by – Venus, here the Sth is owned by Mercury and tenth by Mars himself. The 7th house to it is the sign of Sun (bitter enemy of Saturn). There will be opposition from family, trouble from sons, controversies etc. The native becomes poor, is not truthful and miserable because of Saturine effects.


The native has fair complexion, troubles in love affairs, few children, uncertainity of feeling. He is faithful, restless, passionate, unclean, colic, indolant etc. He will be addicted, hard hearted, always restless and unhappy, disrespectful to elders and brahmins, always happy outside the family, having bad company which will spoil his mind, will concieve other’s desires. He will be troubled by diseases, will have indifferent children, will live in foreign countries, be insulted by his own relatives, will loose all his wealth by cunning and cheating disposition, will be depressed in spirits and be fond of praises.

Mars and Jupiter are friends. Mars is lord of 2nd and 9th sign from here. A fiery planet in a watery sign. Mars has acquired a superior position and makes the native hard hearted, restless and passionate, because of all these he suffers troubles from within family and from others, he is unhappy and has feelings of uncertainity.

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