List of Divisional Charts and their Significations

Each divisional chart signifies a particular area of life and throws light on it. Below Table gives the list of these areas.

Divisional ChartSymbolArea of life to be seen from it
RasiD-1Existence at the physical level
HoraD-2Wealth and money
DrekkanaD-3Everything related to brothers and sisters
ChaturthamsaD-4Residence, houses owned, properties and fortune
PanchamsaD-5Fame, authority and power
ShashthamsaD-6Health troubles
SaptamsaD-7Everything related to children (and grand-children)
AshtamsaD-8Sudden and unexpected troubles, litigation etc
NavamsaD-9Marriage and everything related to spouse(s), dharma (duty and righteousness), interaction with other people, basic skills, inner self
DasamsaD-10Career, activities and achievements in society
RudramsaD-11Death and destruction
DwadasamsaD-12Everything related to parents (also uncles, aunts and grand-parents, i.e. blood-relatives of parents)
ShodasamsaD-16Vehicles, pleasures, comforts and discomforts
VimsamsaD-20Religious activities and spiritual matters
ChaturvimsamsaD-24Learning, knowledge and education
NakshatramsaD-27Strengths and weaknesses, inherent nature
TrimsamsaD-30Evils and punishment, sub-conscious self, some diseases
KhavedamsaD-40Auspicious and inauspicious events
AkshavedamsaD-45All matters
ShashtyamsaD-60Karma of past life, all matters

Divisional Charts are NEVER seen as independant horoscope. They are always seen along with D-1 chart

We’ll discuss divisional charts with examples in detail in Houses Chapter.

Divisional charts based on divisions between 1 and 12 operate in the physical plane.They show physical matters. Body, wealth, residence, wife, children, parents – these are all matters relating to the physical self.

Divisional charts based on divisions between 13 and 24 (i.e. D-16, D-20 and D-24) operate in the mental plane. They show matters that exist at the mental plane. Sense of pleasure and unhappiness, religiousness, learning and knowledge – these are all matters relating to the mind and intellect.

Divisional charts based on divisions between 25 and 36 (i.e. D-27 and D-30) operate in the plane of sub-consciousness. One’s strengths, weaknesses, inherent nature, evils, certain psychological imbalances – these are all matters relating to the subconscious self.

Divisional charts based on divisions above 36 (i.e. D-40, D-45 and D-60) operate in a kaarmic plane of existence that is above physical self, mind and sub-conscious self. Based on the karma from previous lives, we all have an existence at a level that goes beyond the levels of body, mind and sub-consciousness. Existence at that level has a considerable role in deciding the pattern of one’s life, along with existence at the physical, mental and sub-conscious levels. Higher divisional charts like D-40, D-45 and D-60 throw light on this subtle aspect of chart analysis.

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