Jupiter in 12 Signs (Rashis) in Vedic Astrology

The result of Jupiter in various signs (rashis) is as follows:

(i) The native will be powerful, wealthy, prudent, will have many children, will be courteous, generous, firm, sympathetic, will have happy marriage. patient nature, harmonious, high position etc., surrounded by many enemies, have good wealth and will be respected. He will be in a position to sanction for any work.

The native will bet quite argumantive in disposition, will acquire precious stones and ornaments with his own effort, will have sons, eminent and famous profession, an injured body, will confer fierce and cruel punishments.

(ii) Jupiter in friendly sign, fiery, movable and odd sign. For this sign Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th. From Sagittarius it is 5th sign and from Pisces 2nd. The houses involved are 9th, 12th, 5th and 2nd. The Jupiter in Mars’ sign. The native will be having children, happy marriage, good wealth, acquire precious stones and ornaments with his own efforts, famous in profession, will be in a position to confer punishments. This all ire possible because of Jupiter (wealth, judiciary, knowledge, children happiness) in the sign of Mars (commanding position; confering fierce and cruel punishments, injured body etc) 5th, 9th and 2nd good for wealth, name, fame, progeny, happy married life etc., because of 12th there may some troubles also. He will be commander, leader of army, many wives and children, charitable and forgiving, brave and famous.

(i) The native will have broad body, be corpulent, will honour Brahmins and Gods, fortunate, be splendorous, attached to his wife, happy marriage, good and pleasing appearance, profession, cows and abundant wealth, possess good articles and ornaments. He will be famous for his distinguished speech, intelligence, skill and political / Judicial wisdom. He has modesty, skill in experiments and will be endowed with medical accomplishments. The native will be stately, elegant, will have, self-importance, liberal, well read, creative ability healthy, loved by all, inclination to self-gratification. He may be surrounded by enemies and also capable of dealing with them suitably.

(ii) Jupiter is in a Earthy, fixed and even sign. Jupiter treats Venus as enemy. Jupiter is in 3rd from Pisces and in 6th from Sagittarius. For Taurus sign Jupiter is lord of 8th and 11th. The houses involved and the relations of the two planets do not appear to agree with the results shown in para (i),. But Jupiter is Karaka for wealth, education, prosperity etc. and Venus is to provide all worldly comforts. So the native will be endowed with all comforts, wealth, ornaments, intelligence, skill, distinguished speech etc. Venus has all regards for Jupiter. Jupiter’s aspects are 5th, 7th and 9th. 5th children, 7th wife and 9th fortune, fame and name etc. The native will be lucky to have good sons, happy married life.

The native will be tall, well built, attractive eyes, benevolent, pure heart, scholarly, diplomatic, linguist or poet, elegant, incentive, sweet speach, clean habits, grateful personality, friendly to all, courteous, skilful, virtuos, will honour elders and relatives, devoted to his duties.

( ii) Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign, a dual, airy, odd sign. The combination will produce all good qualities described in (i). Jupiter is in 4th and 7th from own sign and from Gemini again lord of 7th and 10th. The combination of Jupiter and Mercury already discussed earlier. This give native ministership (Jupiter in any sign of Mercury) happiness, wife and progeny – According to Varah Mihira. Jupiter in the house of Mercury or vice versa will confer an unusual degree of wisdom and intelligence.

(i) The native will be beautiful, swarthy complexion, highly learned, scholar, charitable, good natured, very strong, famous, rich in grains and wealth, will have long living sons, endowed with truth and penance, honoured by all, will have distinguished profession, may become king. he will love his friends, will be dignified, inclined to social gossip, mathematician, faithful, always think about the plans for progress in life.

(ii) Jupiter is in exaltation sign, movable watery and even sign. Jupiter and Moon are friendly. Jupiter is 6th and 9th sign lord. From Pisces Jupiter is in 5th and from Sagittarius in 8th, but exalted. The houses connected are 5th, 9th , 6th and 8th. The good qualities described above are due to Jupiter Moon combination, exalted Jupiter, 5th and 9th sign. But the position of 6th and 8th may also create some problems connected with finances. The native will have respect for elders, Brahamins etc. Gems, sons, wife, wealth, happiness and intelligence are the effects attributed by Varaha Mihira and Gunakara for Jupiter occupying Cancer.

(i) The native will enjoy commanding appearance, tall, great strong body, easily offended, generous, broad-minded, literary, harmonious surround­ings, fond of visiting hills and dales. The native is capable of acquiring, fond of living in forts, forests and mountains, will be donar, sweat speech and can win over enemy’s estate, will show abundant friendship, learned, rich, will have eminent relatives, be a king, have heroism, will destroy entire band of enemies.

(ii) Jupiter in Leo is equally strong, this is fixed, fiery and odd sign Jupiter in Leo is said to give result of exaltation. Varah Mihira has described Jupiter to give same results as in exaltation. Jupiter in Leo will give leadership too. Jupiter and Sun are bosom friends. Jupiter in this royal sign will confer name, fame, and will give position in life. From the youth, the native will rise and get success.

From this sign Jupiter is lord of 5th and 8th sign and is posited in 6th and 9th from his own signs. The inauspicious results will also be there because of 6th and 8th sign, but not much.


(i) The native will be middle stature, ambitious, selfish, affectionate, fortunate, lovable, will have a beautiful wife, great endurance, scholar and learned. He will be fond of flowers, scents and decent clothes, will have pure heart, donor of wealth, handsome and with brightness on face. The enemies are always alert due to fear from him. He will be virtuous, skillful in his work, will firmly gain in undertakings, sound knowledge of sastras and fine arts, be affluent, and can do conversation on sastras.

(ii) He will be educationist and highly learned person though this is not very good place for Jupiter but Jupiter and Mercury’s combination shows that native will be wealthy, wise famous scholor, clean and loved by all. Jupiter in Mercury’s sign will give mostly similiar results as Mercury in Jupiter’s sign.

(i) The native will have good sons, worship God and Brahmins, do havana (Yagnas), gives charity, very clever and also has enemies, will be handsome, free, open minded, hasty, attractive, pleasing personality, courteous, strong, able, exhaustion from over activity, religious, compe­tent, unassuming, pleasing, scholar, learned in sastras, endowed with foreign assignments, interested in ornaments, will earn money through dance and drama, be superior among his colleague businessman, will honour guests.

(ii) Similiar position that of Jupiter in Taurus. The difference is that Libra is Airy sign, odd sign and movable Mooltrikona sign of Venus. There is a great difference. The relation of 4upiter and Venus is the same. The native will be hasty in action, exhaustion from over activity.

Jupiter lord of 3rd and 6th and in 8th from Pisces and 11th from Sagittarius. Similiar as in case of Taurus, the houses involved are 3rd, 6th, 8th and 11th. The qualities and characteristics of Libra will prevail more upon the native, he will be handsome, free, open minded, attractive, pleasing, appearance interested in wealth and ornaments, will earn money through dance and drama. The Jupitarian effect will give interest for worship of God, Brahmins, Yagna, will be learned, will have many and good sons etc. Because of inimical relations and the 6th, 8th position he may have enemies and also face some hindrances etc. Jupiter in Libra will bestow a high degreee of latitude in business matters, he will have financial status.

(i) The native will be tall, somewhat stooping, elegant manners, serious , exacting, well built, selfish, imprudent, weak constitution, sub-servient to women, passionate, conventional, proud, jealous, ceremonious, unhappy life. He will give charities, will be wealthy, will have many conveyances, very intelligent, and will be decorated with ornaments etc. He will be expert in sastras, be a king, will be commentator of many Bhashyas (i.e. a commentary which explains sutras word by word with comments of its own, for example, on vedas). The native will construct temples and towns, will have many wives but a few sons, be troubled by diseases, will undergo many difficulties, be very fierce, be ostentious in his performances, be virtuous and will be indulgtnce in contemptuous acts.

ii) There will be similiar results as that of Aries, but here Jupiter in fixed, even and watery sign. So there may be differnces. Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 5th sign (very good situation), from Pisces in 9th (again good) and from Dhanus in 12th (not good) Jupiter is progressing towards debilitation. Diseases and distresses are also resultant, diseases such as veneral, piles, failure of kidneys, obstructed blood circulation etc. The native will be learned, skilful in the subjects of his choice, like Vedas. space scientists, surgeons, bankers etc. and will be wealthy because of involvement of 2nd, 5th and 9th positions.

(i) The native will be a preceptor, will conduct religious vows, initiations, sacrifices etc., will have lasting wealth, be charitable, be friendly to his own man, be fond of helping others, interested in sastras, be the head of a zone or a minister, will live in many countries, will prefer loneliness and be interested in visiting shrines. He has pretty inheritance, will be influential, handsome, noble, trustworthy, charitable, good executive ability, weak constitution, artisitic qualities, poetic, open minded, good conversationalist, have many conveyances, ornaments etc.

(ii) Jupiter is in own house that too Mooltrikona sign. Sagittarius is fiery, dual and odd sign. All the qualities described in (i) above are Jupitarian i.e., wisdom, education, religious inclination, wealth, helping attitude, charitable and sympathetic nature, ministership etc. He will have immense wealth and financial attainments, helpful tendency and liking for remaining aloof.

(i) The native will be tactless, have emaciated body, good intention, disgraceful behaviour, generous, unhappy, irritable, inconsistent, avari­cious, unmanly, jealous, weak and low minded, works for others, inactive, lazy, angry and also afraid, not very ambitious. He will be less versatile will experience much grief and difficulties, will be mean in conduct, bE a dunce, will meet a bad end, will suffer from penury, will be bereft of auspiciousness, mercy, purity, be timid, interested in living in other countries, will not have affection for his relatives and religion. According to Varaha Mihira and Gunakara Jupiter in Capricorn will give poverty, unhappiness and meanness.

(ii) Jupiter a divine planet is debilitated, bereft of all its benevolence and auspicious glamour, he will have nothing to feel happy in life. Jupiter is in 2nd from Sagittarius and in eleventh from Pisces. For Capricorn Jupiter is lord of 12th and 3rd. The signs are 2nd, 11th, 12th and 3rd all are in auspicious houses. The bad and inauspicious results will be there.

(i) The native will be learned, not rich, controversial figure, philosophical, popular, compassionate, sympathetic, amiable, prudent, humanitarian, melancholic, meditative, dreamy, dental and stomach troubles, having disease body, mean and dirty nature, miser, sinful. The native will be tale bearer, be ill disposed, interested in evil jobs, chief among his own race men,will lose wealth on account of his own utterances ( -ift-ffial-) devoid of intelligence and virtues will violate elder’s beds or will cohabit with wife of his teacher.

(ii) Jupiter is in fixed, airy and odd sign. Jupiter has come out from sign of debilitation. But this is Mooltrikona sign of Saturn. The characteristics of Aquarius will dominate more than Jupitarian effects. According to Varaha Mihira and Gunakara Jupiter in Aquarius is as benefic as he is in Cancer. Jupiter is the lord of 2nd and 11th signs from aquarius and from Pisces in 12th and from Sagittarius in 3rd. The signs involved are 2nd, 11th, 12th and 3rd which are all in auspicious. The sign is of Saturn, the native will suffer on account of diseases, malignant nature, loss of wealth, will have sex with elders or respectable women. The sages have given the mixed results in (i) above. This may be on account of Jupiter.

(i) The native will be stout, medium height, beautiful face, two marriages (if with malefics), enterprising, diplomat, high position, wealth from king, donate house and facilities, ready to obey the Brahmins, gentleman and feels obliged if they accept his services, has thorough knowledge of sastras and meaning of vedas, gets respect from friends and virtuous persons, will be chief or commander in the king’s service, (a high ranking Govt. officer) inconquerable, praiseworthy, rich, brave, proud and firm in his undertak­ings. He will be calm in his doings.

(ii) Jupiter is in dual sign, even sign and watery sign. This is his own house. Jupiter was in a better position in Dhanus (being the Mooltrikona sign), so here good effects will not be much. Pisces being dual, even and watery sign and Jupiter’s own house will give native all auspicious and good results shown here.

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