Important Astrological Rules regarding 6th House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.
- If the lord of 6 occupies lagna with evil planets or 8, or if these occupy 10, not seen by benefics the person will have several sores (painful area in body). If LL, Mars, and Mercury occupy 4 or 12 or aspect 6H together, there will be disease in the lower part of the abdomen. If the lord of 6 with Mars occupies birth, the person has leprosy or biliousness (excess secretion of bile), if he is with Saturn diseases arising from coldness or numbness, if he is with Sun the person will be passing blood, or suffer from diseases from corruption of blood.

  1. If LL is with 6L and Sun, he will have constant fevers, if with Moon danger by drowning, if with Mars danger in battle, fights, or small-pox; if with Mercury mental disease, or brain fever, if with Venus danger from wife, if with Saturn flatulence or many complicated diseases, if with Rahu there is danger from cobra bites, scorpion stings; thieves, cheats and inexplicable diseases (unable to be explained).
  2. If the lord of 6 joins with Mercury, and Jupiter occupies birth sign, the sexual organs of the person will be covered with ugly sores and the aspect of evil planets will make them defective or pierced through.
  3. If 7L with Venus occupies 6H the wife becomes barren or will have her sexual organ diseased. If 6L and LL joins with Saturn and occupies quadrants or trines, the person will be imprisoned or confined, if they join
  4. Rahu or Ketu and occupy similar positions, the person will be bound by chains. If Saturn occupies 9, Jupiter in 3, or Sun in 8 or 12 the man will suffer from amputation of the arms. If Moon occupies 7, and Mars and Jupiter are in 8 the man will have his feet out off. If Saturn occupies 1, Rahu is in 7, Venus is in 10, he will have his head out off. If weak Moon is aspected by Rahu,and Saturn occupies Lagna, the person will have his head smashed.
  5. If Moon is in 6, 8, or 12 and has the aspect of LL, or if Saturn is debilitated and occupies an unfavorable Navamsa aspected by evil planets, the person will die by accident. If the lord of 6 and 8 or Mars joins with the lord of 3 and occupy bad signs or Navamsas, or if Sun and Mars aspect each other, or occupy their mutual Navamsas the person dies in battle. If Moon is in 6 with Mars, predict brain disease, or jaundice, if Moon is in 6 with Saturn and Sun. predict death from serpents.
  6. If Mars and Mercury occupy 6H aspectsd by Venus and Moon and occupy unfavourable Navamsas there will be consumption.
  7. If 6 is occupied by Saturn and Mars aspected by Sun and Rahu, and the lord of the birth is weak, the person will be constantly sick. If 6 is occupied by Saturn and Gulika aspected by Sun, Mars, and Rahu without good aspect the man will suffer from gout, asthma and phthisis (TB). If Moon is in a watery sign and the lord of that sign occupies 6, the man suffers from incurable veneral disease and stone in the bladder. If Moon is in 6, Saturn in 8, evil planet in 12 and the lord of the birth in an unfavourable Navamsa the person will suffer from nasal disease.
  8. If the lord of 6 occupies quadrants aspected by malefics and they also occupy 6 or if the lord of 6 is in birth and the lord of birth is in 6 with Saturn and Gulika, or if the lord of 6 is with evil planets or is placed between them or is aspected by malefics the person suffers much from enemies.
  9. If the lord of 6 is in 3 or 12 and is debilitated or is in a bad sign and the lord of 1 is well situated the person will become foeless. 1f 6 or its lord is aspected by or joined with benefics the person gains over his enemies and thereby benefits himself. If the lord of 6 or the lord of birth is weak, and is seen by benefics the person gains over his enemies. If the lord of l occupies 6 or aspects him, the person suffers much from his cousins. If Jupiter and Venus are in 1 with the lord of 6, aspected by Saturn, Mars or Rahu the man suffers much from the intrigues (make secret plans to do something illicit or detrimental to someone) of his cousins. It the lord of 9 occupies 6 or is aspected by its lord or the latter is With Saturn or Mars the person suffers from thieves, fire and wanders from place to place without a home or job.
  10. If 6 is with benefics or its lord is with them or has their aspect, or if he is between two evil planets the person will be fond of pulses and pickles.
  11. If Venus and Mercury are in 6, with or aspected by benefics and occupy good navamsas, the person will be fond of sweet things. If Mercury joins Venus or is seen by malefics he will be fond of sour or pungent things.
  12. When Jupiter is in 6th bhava, the person concerned will overcome his enemies.
  13. If 6L and Mercury be In conjunction with Rahu and connected in some way with the lord of the lagna, the person concerned will be impotent.
  14. Mars occupying the 6th bhava together with lord of the Lagna will produce damage to the organ of generation by an ulcer.
  15. If 7L is in 6th in conjunction with Venus, the person born will be impotent in regard to his wife.
  16. If Mars occupying the 6th bhava be aspected by Saturn, he will have a liaison with an enemy’s wife.
  17. If the 6th bhava be either aspected or occupied by benefic planets, there is no danger to be dreaded from enemies; if aspected or occupied by malefic ones, there will be a good deal of hurt or other damage inflicted by an enemy, danger from ulcers or some mark of ignominy (disrepute, badanaamee ) put upon the person concerned.
  18. When the 6L is without strength and aspected by a malefic planet or is between two maleflc planets, there will be trouble from enemies.
  19. When the 6L is in a Dusthana and is depressed, eclipsed or in an inimical sign, and the lord of the Lagna is possessed of strength, a. wise astrologer should divine the destruction of all enemies.
  20. Mars associated with Venus in 6H » accidents
  21. Mars in 6H » cuts & wounds
  22. 10H associated with 6L and Jup, Sun, Mars » Judiciary
  23. Sun associated with malefic Venus » Eyes troubles
  24. Moon » epilepsy
  25. Volatile Mer » Skin disease, veins
  26. 6H associated with 2H associated with 11H associated with Mer » monetary gains from maternal uncle
  27. 6H » Mars, R / K, 8H » Mer, Sat; 12H » Venus » gives good results
  28. Placement of malefic planets in 6H is good; benefics are also good as it is upchaya sthaan.
  29. 6L in 6H/8H/12H » vipreet raja yoga. It should not be associated with other benefics nor aspected by benefics – natural benefics, yogakaraka, LL, even if they happen to be a apaapa graha or cruel graha.
  30. 6L is not bad for everybody. If 6L is placed in poorna yogakarka amsha or navamsha, he will give good results, though it is a malefic planet.
  31. Evil planets aspect / occupy 6H » few enemies; good planets aspect / occupy 6H » no. of enemies will increase

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