Important Astrological Rules regarding 4th House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.
- If 4L is with LL occupying a good place, or if the lord of 4 occupies trines or quadrants aspected by benefics, or if he occupies Visashakamsa, the person will own many houses. If the lord of 9 is in quadrants, the lord of 4 exalted or well situated, the person will have good houses well furnished. If Mercury is in 3, the lord of 4 is well placed or if the lord of 4 is with the lord of 10 and Saturn occupies quadrants the person will own splendid mansions or places.

  1. If Mercury is lord of 4 aspected by benefics or if Jupiter is in 4 and its lord is with benefics, there will be respect among relations. If the lord of 4 is with evil planets, or occupies an unfavourable position he will be neglected by relations. If 4 or its lord is with malefics or impacted by them, the person will have quarrel some relations.
  2. If 4 is movable, its lord is in a similar sign, there will be houses in several towns or villages. If the lord of 4 is in 10 and the lord of 10 is in 4 aspected by Mars, he will have many lands. If benefics occupy 4 and its lord is with benefics, he will have many lands. If the lord of the Navamsa occupied by the lord of 4, occupies quadrants or aspected by friendly planets, or is with Mars or joins him, the person will inherit much landed property from brothers.
  3. If the lord of 4 is in 7 and Venus is in 4 and these are friendly to each other the person will have much landed property through his wife. If 4 or its lord or Mars is between two evil planets without any good aspect the person will suffer great losses in lands.
  4. If the lord of 4 is with powerful Jupiter and Mercury and occupies quadrants, the person will he very happy and eat luxurious food. If Venus or Moon occupies 4H without any aspect from malefics the person eats well and spends a jolly life.
  5. If malefics occupy 4H without the aspect of benefics, the person will spend a miserable life even when he has much wealth. If the lord of 4 is with Sun or Mars without the aspect of good planets, and occupies a powerless Navamsa, the person becomes unhappy
  6. If the lord of 4 is debilitated and joins evil planets the person becomes sinful.
  7. If Moon and Venus are in quadrants, occupying bad Navamsas, and aspected by or joined with evil planets, the man becomes guilty of intercourse with his mother or step-mother.
  8. If Moon is aspected by or joins with evil planets, Sun occupies quadrants, evil planets are in 4 or aspect it, the person becomes guilty of criminal conversation with his mother or motherly relations. If the lord of 4 is joined with or aspected by malefics, and LL joins with 7L, he will commit adultery among aunts paternal or maternal.
  9. If the lord of 7 is in 4 with evil planets and aspected by them the person will have intercourse with sisters and similar relations. If Saturn is in 4 aspected by or joins with malefics, the person has connection with sisters. If 6L, Mars, and Moon occupy 4H aspected by melefics he will have sexual intercourse with his mother-in-law.
  10. If 4L is with Rahu aspected by malefics, his mother will be adulterous. If Moon joins with Rahu or Ketu and is aspected by evil planets the man’s mother commits adultery with low men, if Moon is with Saturn aspected by malefics the mother will have paramours among cultivating clases, if Moon is with Mercury mercantile lovers, if Moon is with Sun warrior classes, it with Jupiter or Venus the mother will have priests and religious men as her admirers. Here it is very essential to note that the combination should be powerfully aspected by evil planets, otherwise no adulterous disposition should be ascribed to the mother of the person.
  11. If the lord of 1, 4, 9 and 6 join together, the person will be born of adulterous connection. If Jupiter does not aspect the birth or Moon, or if Moon and Sun are together without good aspect the person will be born of adulterous intercourse.
  12. If the lord of 4 is powerful, Moon joins benefics, and good planets are in 4 the person’s mother lives long. If Moon is exalted, occupies quadrants, or is with benefics the person’s mother will live long. If Moon is between 2 evil planets, and occupies 6, 8 or 12 and the lord of 4 is debilitated or joins malefics the child becomes motherless soon.
  13. If Venus is in 4 the person will have gold, clothes, jewels and vehicles. If the lord of 4 is with Venus he will go in palanquins (paalki). If Venus joins with Jupiter and is in the birth, the person will have different conveyances.
  14. If the lords of 9, l, and 4 occupy 10, or if the lords of 1 and 10, are joined powerfully or if the lord of 4 joins 9, Venus and Jupiter are in 4 and the lord of 9 occupies quadrants or trines, the person will have splendid political success. If the lord of 4 is with the lord of 9 aspected by Jupiter and occupies 1 they predict great political advancement. If the lord of 4 is with the lord of 9 and aspects 4, the person becomes a great statesman.
  15. If the lord of 9 is in 11, and the lords of 4 and 1 occupy 9, or if the lord of 4 occupies quadrants and the lord of the house occupied by the lord of 4 is with Venus the person will have many horses and carriages.
  16. If the lord of 4 is in Ar or Sc, or if Mercury is in birth and benefics are in 9 the person will have good position, vehicles, wealth and jewels. If the lord of 2 is exalted, and the lord of 4 is well situated the person becomes an eminent states man. If 2 is occupied by an exalted planet, or benefics are in quadrants, with malefics in 3, 6 and 11, the man becomes a king or his equal in power. If the lord of 2 is in birth, lord of 10 is in 2 and exalted planets occupy 4, or if the lords of 1, 4, 9 occupy houses which are quadrants to each other the person becomes a commander of horse. If 2 exalted planets occupy 10H, aspected by the lord of 1 or 9 the person commands a vast army of cavalry (soldiers who fought on horseback). If Venus is exalted, lord of 10 is in l the person will command many drums.
  17. Dasha of 6L / 8L / 12L from 4H is not good for education
SunPolitical science, Psychology, metaphysics
Planet in 4HAfflictedStrong
SunInheritanceTrouble through politics
Moon Mental Peace
SatMother dies early 
MarsTheft, deception, litigation, insanity, sudden fall 
MerMental distress, frauds, miseryIntellectual, literature
JupObstacles, hardshipsProsperity
Venlossness in morals, abuse of artistic talentartist
If LL, it is Good, otherwise not

No peace of mind, mother’s love
Planets in 4th HouseResult
Sun & JupJudge
Sun & venPain through prostitutes
Sun & SatKind heart, space research
Moon & MarsHarsh towards mother, will not have good relation with mother
Moon & MerHappiness & Progeny
Moon & JupVedas, honoured by king
Moon & Venactive sexually, many vehicles
Moon & Satearning by selling precious stones & metals , not liked by society, bad name, vindictive & cunning (kapti )
Mars & MerPrinting & writing work, ambassador, secret agent
Mars & Jupland, famous
Mars & Venagony & pain
Mars & SatDiseased
Mer & Jupart & artistic things, associated with good looking females
Mer & VenScholar, good progeny, enjoy new females every day
Mer & SatJudge, legal profession
Ven & Jupgood education, scholar, relations with large number of females
Sat & JupEarning through cotton, cotton products, sesame seeds (til )
Sat, Ven, Jupearning through writing, enjoy many females, get Govt, recognition
4L + MaleficsScience or science related studies
4L + RahuInclination to literature, foreign languages
4L + Beneficsinclination to arts, literature, artistic things
Mars & Ketuengineering, frequent injuries through vehicular accidents, tragedy, violence
Sun & MarsMedical
Sun & KetuComputer
Mars & RahuPara-medical field, tragey, violence
Ven & RahuVehicle will be stolen
Rahu & SatMental disorder, hysterial, insanity
Ketu & SatMental disorder, hysterial, insanity
Sun & MerMaths

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