Important Astrological Rules regarding 3rd House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.

  1. If 3L and Mars are in 12H aspected by malefics or if Mars occupies 8H aspected by evil planets, or if evil planets occupy 3H aspected by malefics or if the lord of 3 is between two bad planets, or if 3 is between two evil planets aspected by or joined with them without good aspect brothers will die.
  2. If 8L is debilitated, if it is occupied by Saturn or aspected by evil planets, or if, the 3rd as well as its lord is between evil planets without good aspect brothers die. If the lord of 3 or Mars occupies 3, 6, 12 without good aspect, there will be no brothers. If the lord of 8 is with Rahu or Ketu and occupies unfavourable positions, he will have all his brothers dead in his early days. If good planets occupy 3H aspected by good planets and its lord is in a good position the person will have many brothers and they will be successful.
  3. If the lord of 3 is exalted, Mars is favourable, aspected by or in conjunction with good planets, brothers will prosper. 1f 3L and Mars occupy quadrants or trines with good planets or if 3L is exalted or occupies good Navamsas with good planets, he will have many brothers. If the lord of 3 or Mars is in odd signs or Navamsss aspected by Mars, Jupiter, or Sun, there will be many brothers. If the lord of 3 or Mars occupies even signs there will be many sisters.
  4. If the lord of 3 is in good Navamsas with benefics, or Rahu is similarly situated, he will be bold. If the lord of 3 is exalted, evil planets in 12, the birth sign and Navamsa are in movable signs, the person will be courageous in battle. If the lord of 3 is in 12 and Rahu is not well situated the person will suffer defeat. If the lord of 3 is with Sun he becomes courageous, if with Moon he becomes bold in mind, if with Mars stubborn and angry, if with good planets thoughtful and calculating.
  5. The Sun occupying tbs 3rd bbava and aspected by a malefic planet kills the elder brother. Saturn in such a position removes the next younger brother; and Mars, if in the same position, does away with all the younger brothers.
  6. Venus should not be in 6 / 8 / 12 houses from 3H / 3L for good sexual life
  7. Malefics like Mars, Sat, Rahu indicates satisfaction through oen’s own efforts & more indulgence in sexual activities
  8. For aristha, see 3H and D-3
  9. 3L involves hospitalization for short-time
  10. 3H associated with Mars, Sun » loss of blood; Sat » loss of organ; Sun, Jup » loss of limb
  11. 3L < – > 7L < – > 9L < – > 12L » foreign settlement
3L withPlanets
Rahu / Ketulooks bold from outside but timid heart & weak mind
Sunhead strong & furious
MoonBold in mind
MarsPowerful & brave
Mercautious & chivalrous
Jupshrewd of mind & bold in temperament
Venpassionate, quarrels arising out of his connection with women
Satdull & stupid

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