Important Astrological Rules regarding 2nd House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.
- If Rahu, Saturn or Mars is with LL, he suffers from eye complaints. If Mercury joins LL and is in 6H, there will be eye disease.

  1. If Mercury is lord of birth and is in Kendras or good houses or is exalted or in good conjunction he becomes charitable, eloquent, protector of large families and will have good sight.
  2. If Jupiter is with 2L or the latter is aspected by Mercury or Venus and occupies good houses, the person becomes a powerful speaker, rich man, protector of families and commander of many persons.
  3. If 2L is debilitated or is aspected by or in conjuction with malefics, LL is weak, the man becomes a poor and helpless fellow.
  4. If 2L is exalted occupies kendras or trines and dispositor of 2L also occupies kendras, the person commands many people.
  5. If 2L is exalted and is aspcted by or is in conjunction with Jupiter he protects thousands of people.
  6. If 2L is in kendras aspected by benefics and good planets occupy the same, he will have good face and eyes.
  7. If malefics are in 2H and 2L is with bad planets or is debilitated, the person has ugly face.
  8. If malefics are with 2L and occupy 12H and evil planets aspect him, the person becomes dumb or will have defective speech.
  9. If 2L is with malefics or in 10H with debilitated Sun, or Sun and Saturn are in 2H, he becomes nervous and never commands the respect of the audience.
  10. Mercury in Kendras, 2L is powerful, and Venus is in 2H, they make a man love sublime sciences and proficient in astrology.
  11. If Mars is in 2H aspected by Mercury or Moon with Mercury in the kendras, he becomes a great mathematician. If 2L joins Mercury in kendras, Jupiter in lagna, and Saturn in 8H or if Jupiter occupies kendras or trines, Venus is exalted, and the 2L is with Mercury, the person becomes a clever mathematician.
  12. If 2L is with Jupiter and Venus aspected by Sun and Mars and occupies good signs he becomes a clever logician. If Jupiter and 2L are powerful and are aspected by Sun and Venus, the person becomes a great grammarian or philologist.
  13. If 2L and Mercury are exalted, Saturn is in Gopuramsa or Jupiter is in Simhasanamsa or if Jupiter and Mercury are in Kendras and Saturn is in Parvatamsa, the person becomes a celebrated theologion or religionist.
  14. If Jupiter and Venus occupy kendras, the 2L in Simhasanamsa or Gopuramsa and Mercury is in the navamsa of the lord, the person becomes professor of several branches of learning or Pundit in 6 Shastrams.
  15. If the lord of the Navamsa occupied by Sun is in 2 and is powerful and 2L is in Visashikamsa, he becomes a wit and humourist. If LL is in 2H, good planets are in lagna or its lord in Parvatamsa, the person will be versed in Vedas or religious lore.
  16. If 2L is with LL aspected by the lord of the navamsa occupied by 10L, or if, 2L is with 9L, aspected by the lord of the navamsa, occupied by LL, the man becomes very rich.
  17. If 2L is 9L, occupied kendras aspected by benefics, or if benefics occupy lagna, 2H, 11H or their lords occupy good houses aspected by the lord of the navamsa occupied by the 2L, the man becomes enormously rich at an early age.
  18. If the lord of the navamsa occupied by LL joins well with 2L and occupies kendras or trines, the person will have much self acquired property. If the lords of the lagna, 2H, 11H join together occupying kendras or trines aspected by benefics, the man will have much wealth in middle life.
  19. If LL, 2L, 3L join together, aspected by male planets or if 3L is in 2H aspected by or is in conjunction with Mars, the native will have money from brothers.
  20. If LL aspects 2L occupying kendras or good navamsa, the person earns much by self exertion.
  21. If 2L is in conjunction with or aspected by 4L, he gets wealth from mother.
  22. If 2L is with 5L and Jupiter is aspected by the LL, the person gets wealth from children.
  23. If 7L is with 2L and is aspected by Venus, the person gets money from wife.
  24. If 6L is with 2L occupying kendras or trines, as aspected by powerful planets, the person gets much wealth from his enemies.
  25. If LL is weak, joins with malefics and occupies 12H and 2L with Sun is debilitated, the person loses his wealth by fines and confiscation.
  26. If 12L is in 2H, 11L is in 12H and 2L is in 3,6,12 the person loses by fines and penalties.
  27. If 2L and 12L occupy 12H or 2H aspected by the LL, the person loses money by king’s displeasure.
  28. If 2L and 11L are aspected by Mars and occupy bad houses or navamsas, the man loses wealth by king’s displeasure, by thieves or by fire.
  29. If the lord of the navamsas occupied by 2L is in 3,6,12 with malefics, the person becomes peiless.
  30. If 2L, 12L, 11L are unfavourably situated, aspected by or in conjunction with malefics, the man becomes destitute.
  31. If the lord of the navamsas occupied by 12L is with 2L or is aspected by him, and malefics occupy kendras, the person becomes very poor.
  32. If malefics occupy 2H, its lord is in 12H and the lord of 10H is with 11L or is aspected by him, the person gets into hopeless debt.
  33. If 2L is debilitated or is with Sun and evil planets occupy 2H and 8H, the person will have heavy liabilities.
  34. If 2L, 6L and 11L occupy kendras or trines, the man will be free from debt.
  35. When the lord of wealth occupies the Lagna and the lord of that bhava occupies the 2nd, wealth comes to the person born without any effort at all. Whatever bhava the lords of the Ist and 2nd bhava may togethcr occupy, it is through that bhava that acquisition of wealth on the part of men usually takes place.
  36. A person becomes night-blind when Venus, the Moon and 2L are together in one bhava.
  37. When 2L is Saturn or in conjunction with Saturn, or is aspectcd in depression by Saturn, the person born will be continually eating in Sraddhas.
6-8 axismore expenditure, debt
2-12 axismore expenditure, debt
1-7 axisLose ancestral property
Jup + Sat associated with 2H / 2LLose ancestral property
5-9 axischarities, thus tension to family
3-11enjoy materialistic life

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