Important Astrological Rules regarding 1st House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.

* If the LL is exalted, well associated, occupies kendras, has the aspect of good planets, is in his or his friendly navamsa, the man will have health, majestic appearance, great command and general happiness.

  • If the LL is debilitated, has evil conjunction or aspect, is weak or occupies unfavourable navamsa, the person will have bad health, emaciated body, constant sickness and general misery.
  • If evil planets are in birth with Rahu, or if LL is in conjunction with malefics, the person will be often cheated and will suffer from theives and robbers.
  • If the lord of the navamsa occupied by the LL is in conjunction with Rahu, Mars, Saturn or any one of them when powerful, the person will have large testicles. if Rahu is with the lord of the navamsa occupied by the lord of the birth house, there will be similar complaints.
  • If Mars and LL are together in it with eveil planets or have their aspect, the person will have scar or cut in the head, will fall from or against a rock or receive some cuts from sharp weapons.
  • If lagna is occupied by good planets, aspected by good but not by evil planets, the person will be stout, specially so if the birth is a watery sign.
  • Sun in lagna aspected by Mars gives asthma, consumption (TB), dyspepsia (digestive problem) or enlargd spleen. Mars in lagna aspected by Sun or Saturn gives sword cuts. Ketu in lagna aspected by malefics gives nightmares, fear of devils, hobgoblins and troubles from thieves.
  • If lagna is a movable sign and LL is also in movale sign, the person becomes a great traveller. If birth is movable, its lord in a movable navamsa, the lord of this navamsa is in a movable sign aspected by a planet in another movable sign, he becomes a great traveller and acquires immense wealth in foreign lands.
  • If malaefics join or aspect birth, Rahu is in 10th house or debilitated planet occupies birth aspected by Sun, the person becomes unpopular, cruel and unhappy.
  • Good planets in birth, malefics in 2nd and kendras and LL is in good navamsa, the person suffers poverty in the commencement and gains much wealth and good position in after life.
  • When the lord of a bhava, the friends of the lord of the bhava and the lord of the exaltation Sign of the lord of the bhava occupy the 11th, the 2nd and the 3rd places in respect to the bhava, those planets advance the strength of the bhava, provided they be not eclipsed or in an unfrlendly sign or in depression.
  • When a moveable sign is the Lagna and its lord is in a movable Rasi and aspectcd by planets occupying moveable Rashi, the person born will have his fortune in a foreign country. When an immoveabie sign is the Lagna and its lord is also in an immoveable sign and aspected by planets occupying immoveable signs, the person will be in his own country, exceedingly prosperous and possessed of abundant wealth.
  • When the Lagna is aspected by the Sun and other planets, the effect in the several cases on the person born is given as follows: If the Sun be the aspecting planet, the person born will serve a king and inherit wealth from his father; if the Moon, he will engage in sea-borne trade and be wealthy ; if Mars, he will be religious and have a big penis; if Mercury, he will have learning, artistic skill and fame; if Jupiter, he will be honored by his sovereign and devoutly observant of religious vows; if Venus, he will be addicted to women of ill-fame, wealthy and sexually attractive. If Saturn aspects the Lagna, he will have aged wives, will be unclean and be mischief-making. If no planet aspect the Lagna, the astrologer should make his prediction in accordance with the planet connected with the Lagna rashi.

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