Important Astrological Rules regarding 11th House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.

  1. If the lord of ll occupies quadrants or trines or 11 is with malefics or if the lord of 2 occupies 11, and the lord of 11 occupies 2 or these two occupy quadrants the person will be very wealthy.
  2. If 11H or 11L is placed between two good planets or occupies good divisions, or if the lord of the house occupied by the lord of 11 is seen by benefics or placed between them, the person will be rich.
  3. If the lord of the Navamsa occupied by 11 is powerful and is aspected by the lord of 2, he will be very rich.
  4. If the lord of the Thrimsamsa occupied by the lord of 11 becomes powerful by being in company with benefics, and aspected by the lord of 10, the person becomes wealthy.
  5. If the above lords are in conjunction with malefics, the man loses money.
  6. The direction in which a person gets wealth will be determined by the sign occupied by the lord of 11 or that indicated by the house itself.
  7. If the lord of 11 is a good planet aspected by benefics, the person will have good ears.
  8. If the above planets are not powerful and have bad asociations the person will have bad ears, and if the planets are debilitated or in combust the person becomes deaf.
  9. If 11 is occupied by benefics, and its lord is well situated, the person will have elder brothers and they will be successful, and their sexes must be determined by the planets and the signs they occupy.
  10. If the planets are powerful and occupy good divisions, the person will have powerful friends, but if they are weak the person will have cheating and false companions.
  11. 11L in kendras, trines & malefics in 11H ? wealth. Benefics in 11H give more spiritual knowledge.
  12. Saturn when connected to Markesh or Marak-tatwa giving planet, eclipses that planet & becomes the sole planet responsible for killing that person.
  13. If malefics aspect 5H / 9H / 3H / 11H without any benefic influence ยป ear problems
  14. If Rahu is in Kendra / trikona & dasha of 11L is prevalent, native may be honoured by Govt.
  15. It is through the 11th bhava from the Lagna that every accumulation of incoming wealth is expected; the planet in the 11th bhava when possessed of full strength is capable of giving wealth. If the Sun be such a planet, much wealth is derived by the person concerned from paternal kinsfolk; if the Moon, from maternal relations; if Mars, from personal exertion; if Mercury be the planet occupying the 11th bhava in full strength, wealth comes to the person concerned from a dear master, a discerning friend or a maternal uncle.
  16. Jupiter in the 11th bhava when in full strength gives wealth through the instrumentality of scriptural learning, observance of sacrificial rites and worthy sons. Venus in the same advantageous position, secures accessmn of fiches through females and knowledge of the fine arts such as poetry, dramas and music. Saturn when thus placed gives abundance of wealth and corn produced from agriculture through the exertions of male and female slaves. The caste of the planets aspecting or occupying the bhava in question indicates the class of persons from whom the income of the person concerned is derived.
  17. If the planet occupying the 11th bhava be benefic, the person born will have wealth acquired by fair means; the same will be illgotten if the planet in the bhava be malefic; and mixed if the occupants of the bhava be of a mixed nature. This fact, the astrologer should clearly state as revealed by the horoscope. If the planet in the 11th bhava be strong and preponderatingly friendly, the person born will possess every amiable quality and will be surpassingly blessed with every means of enjoyment such as vehicles, ornaments, articles of apparel, women, luxurious appliances and learning.
  18. If the lords of the 2nd and the 11th bhavas be friendly to the lord of the Lagna, the astrologer may declare that wealth of the person concerned will be given away to be used beneficently on behalf of good works, Gods and Brahmins. If the planet in the 11th bhava be weak or overthrown in planetary war or depressed or owning an inimical sign or a Dustthana or produce Reka yoga, the person concerned will have to go abegging daily for his subsistence.
  19. If the lord of the 11th bhava be the Sun or the Moon, the person born will acquire affluence by serving a king or one like him; if it be Mars, wealth will be got through the instrumentality of royal ministers, an elder or an younger brother or by agriculture; if it be Mercury, the means of acquiring wealth will be knowledge, relations or sons; if it be Jupiter, it is through the observance of his religious duties that the person concerned will attain to prosperity; if Venus own the 11th bhava, the riches of the person concerned will come through women, precious stones, elephants and other valuable quadrupeds; and lastly, if Saturn be the owner of the llth bhava, the person born will have to acquire his wealth by pursuing an ignoble occupation.
  20. If the lord of the llth bhava be in a Kendra or Trikona from the Lagna, or if there be a malefic planet in the 11th bhava or if the lord of the latter occupy a Rasi or amsa which is its exaltation its own or a friends, the person born will be wealthy. The prediction in regard to wealth should be made in accordance with the strength of the planet associated with the bhava or its lord, and it will come from the class of persons whose karaka the associated planet may represent, and during its dasa and apahara and from the quarter belonging thereto.

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