Importance of 1st House (Lagna) in Astrology

The First house or the eastern horizon is the most significant house in the horoscope. It represents the very being of the person, his elan vital and birth potential. It is a reflection of the spark fragmented from the whole. it is the soul incarnated, the creative urge of the individual. It expresses the inner fire and signifies the rajasic propensities.

All the qualities of the incarnating soul are contained in this house. Unless the seed of a specific quality or event is contained in this initial spark, other planetary indicators in the horoscope will not find suitable opportunities for manifestation. It not only reflects the individual’s personality and potential, but the possibility of his achieving any desired result.

The First house represents the physical body, head and brain, general appearance, attractiveness of the face, and the impact of the personality. The height, the hair and its texture are also connected with it. The person’s nature, his capacity to enjoy the pleasures and struggles of life, the pleasures and pain destined for him are indicated by this house. Wisdom acquired from earlier lives is shown here as well. The First house represents the beginning of an event, a journey, or any activity undertaken by the person.

The First house in a natal chart is called Adi , meaning the “beginning”. It represents the beginning of all sentient (able to perceive or feel things) beings, of all thought and idea; it stands for initial imagination, inspiration and aspiration. This house is also called Udyam , outgoing energy, or the power of taking the initiative and energetically participating in any activity. It is also called Deham , signifying the physical vehicle, and thus indicates the general state of health; it is also known as Rupam , for it symbolizes the form, identity, or mode of expression contained within.

The First house is Kshetrjan , “the knower of the field,” suggesting that all experiences are garnered and stored here to be transmuted into wisdom.

The Seventh house represents the kshetra, the field or area of experience that the soul must confront in the given incarnation.

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