Effect of Sagittarius Lagna Rising in Vedic Astrology

Functional Benefic and Functional Malefic Planets in Sagittarius Lagna

To the person born in Dhanu lagna, Venus is alone evil. Sun and Mars are
productive of good. The combination of Sun and Mercury produces Rajayoga. Saturn
hilnself does Bot kill even when possessed of death-inflicting powers. Venus and
other evil planets when invested with death-inflicting powers kill the person
born in Dhanu lagna.

Explanation: Venus is bad because he owns the 6th and 11th houses both of which
are evil and we can at once see that Venus is bad. Mars and Sun are declared to
be good. Mars owns the 5th and 12th houses of which 5th is good and 12th bad,
while personally Mars is a friend of Jupiter who is the lord of Dhanu. Sun is
both a friend of Jupiter and also owns the 9th house and thus he becomes a
perfectly good planet.

Sun is the Lord of the 9th while Mercury is the Lord ofthe 7th and 10th houses
both of which are quadrants. Therefore the combination of the Lords of the 9th
and 10th houses must produce Rajayoga.

Saturn owns the 2nd and 3rd houses of which the last is an unfavourable house.
The owning of the 2nd has not been distinctly declared to be an inauspicious
one. The author says here and there that its lord becomes powerful in inflicting
death. So, Saturn is evil, Mercury owns 7th and 10th houses and becomes evil if
he owns quadrants as an auspicious and good when owning quadrants as an evil
planet. This therefore depends upon hie associations and aspects. Moon owns the
8th house but the evil which results from owning the 8th house does not exist in
the case of Sun and Chandra, and therefore Chandra ought to have been classified
as a good planet because he also chances to be a friend of the lord of Dhanu
viz., Jupiter.

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These evil planets when possessed of death-infilcting powers kill the person
born in Dhanu.


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