Important Astrological Rules regarding 12th House

These are the general but important astrological rules compiled from different authentic classical texts of vedic astrology.

  1. If 12H is with malefics, as well as its lord, and both have evil aspect, or if 12H or its lord is with Saturn and Gulika, and occupies bad places, the person will waste his money on immoral and illegal purposes. If the lord of 12 is aspected by the lord of 7 and these two are powerless, his money will be wasted through his Wife’s influence.

  2. If the lord of 12 is in trines, evil planets aspect quadrants, and if they occupy bad divisions, or if the lord of 12 is aspected by benefics, or the lord of 10, and occupies good Navamsas, the person spends his money on charitable purposes.

  3. If the lord of 1 is weak and is seen by the lord of 6 in conjunction with malefics or Gulika, money will be spent on account of enemies. If the lord of 5 is weak or joins evil planets, and aspects the lord, of 12, the person loses money through children.

  4. If evil planets occupy 12 or its lord is aspected by or is in company with weak planets, the person suffers from bodily weakness or defect.

  5. If Rahu and Gulika occupy 12, and are aspected by the lord of 6, or if the lord of 12 occupies bad divisions or joins with evil planets without good planets, the person will go to hell. If exalted planets occupy 12, and are aspected by good planets, and occupy Davalokamsa or such good divisions, the person goes to heaven.

  6. If, the lord of 12 is exalted and is aspected by the lord of 9, the person will have highly ornamental furniture. If Venus occupies 5 with Moon or these together aspect 5, the person will be fond of worshiping goddesses.

  7. If male planets join or aspect 5, the person will worship gods.

  8. If Saturn is in 5 or sees that sign, the person will be fond of holding communication with devils, spirits.

  9. If Moon occupies or aspects 5, the person will be clever in magic or such tricks which pass off for magic.

  10. It is through the 12th bhava, its lord and Saturn that an astrologer should divine a person’s wandering far, misfortune or evil doom, liberality, the comforts of bed, etc.; dignity and waste of wealth. When the planet in the 12th bhava owns as well as occupies a moveable sign, or is the lord of a Dustthana or is in conjunction with or aspected by Saturn, the person born will indeed have to roam over many lands and forest regions.

  11. When the planet in the 12th bhava is benefic and is associated with as well as aspected by a benefic planet, and when the lord of that bhava is weak and occupies its inimical or depression sign, the person born will not have to spend his wealth. When the planet occupying the 12th bhava is weak, but its lord is in great strength, the person concerned will dissipate his wealth. When planets of a mixed character are associated with the lord of the 12th bhava. the persons concerned will have expense of a mixed nature.

  12. If the lord of the 12th bhava occupy benefic Vargas, all outlay of money will be on approved legitimate objects. The outlay will be questionable and bad when the lord of the 12th bhava is in conjunction with or aspected by a weak planet. The person concerned is liable to suffer evil from that class of persons, whose karaka the weak planet in question represents, during its dasa and apahara.

  13. When a malefic planet owning the 6th or the 8th bhava occupies the 12th bhava in strength, the person born will lose his status in regard to agriculture and monetary transactions. When the 12th bhava being a quadruped or a biped sign is occupied by a planet of a quadruped or biped character, the person concerned will suffer the total loss of all servants and cattle.

  14. A person will have his wealth consumed by people of the Brahmana and other castes according as the planets in the 12th bhava represent these. If female planets be in that bhava, it is through females that his wealth will go out; if male planets be in the bhava, loss of wealth will be brought about by an enemy. If the bhava in question be owned by a friendly planet, the person concerned will have to lay his money out on account of his friends.

  15. If the 12th bhava be occupied by a benefic planet, the person born will be liberal, virtuous and engaged in agriculture. If a malefic planet be in that bhava, the person concerned will be captious, suffering from eye disease, flatulent, restless and roving. If the planet in the 12th bhava be in exaltation, in its own or in a friendly sign, the person will be beneficent.

  16. If the Sun or, the waning Moon be in the 12th bhava, the wealth of the person born will be liable to be seized and confiscated by the rulers. Mars occupying that bhava in conjunction with or aspected by Mercury destroys the wealth in various ways. Jupiter, the Moon and Venus in the 12th bhava help to conserve wealth. When Mercury occupies that bhava in conjunction with or aspected by Venus, the people concerned will have the comforts connected with the bed.

  17. If the lord of the 12th bhava be in its own or exaltation sign and has attained benefic vargas and is aspeeted by a benefic planet, the person born will enjoy the comforts of a bed on the couch.
    When the lord of the 12th bhava is in the highest exaltation point or is aspected by the lord of the 9th, the person born will have the good fortune to lie on a bed adorned with jewels and precious stones resting on a handsome couch.

  18. When Venus, Saturn or the Moon occupies a Trikona position in respect to the 8th bhava and when the house representing the bhava occupied has Ketu in it, the person born will easily become liable to the misfortune called Narapatana, i.e., a sleeping man falling on him which is regarded as a dire portent. If Venus in the position above referred to be associated with a malefic planet, the portent may be the fall of a sleeping woman or a chameleon lizard on the person concerned. If Mars be so associated, the portent may take the form of the presence of a tortoise in the house. If Mercury combine with Mars in the position indicated, the person born may be hit by a dog and suffer from the rabies.

  19. If the 12th bhava, with Saturn and Rahu or Ketu in it, is occupied by the lord of the 8th bhava or aspected by the lord of the 6th, the person born goes to hell. lf Jupiter be in the Lagna, identical with Dhanus and with the Mesha Navamsa rising, Venus occupy the 7th, and the Moon the sign Kanya, the person born under this yoga reaches the seat of the highest happiness at last.

  20. If a planet owning a malefic house occupy a Dustthana in strength, the bhava represented by the malefic house is said to be advanced. But if the lord of the 8th bhava be weak in any sign, the bhava represented by that sign is said to be impaired. If the lord of the Lagna occupied or aspected by a benefic planet occupy any bhava in strength, that bhava receives much benefit therefrom. The case is different when the lord of the Lagna is in depression or in an inimical house.

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