Results of 8th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

Following is the result of 8th lord in 12 houses in vedic astrology.

8th Lord in 1st House (Lagna)

  • Strong – longevity

  • Weak – Balarishta, debts, diseases, worries, trouble from Govt.

8th Lord in 2nd House

  • Separation from wife, no longevity, illness, rude, eyes, teeth, illegal money, abd food, thief / smuggler

8th Lord in 3rd House

  • ear, shoulder, phobias, misunderstandings with brother’s debts

  • Rahu » hallucination

8th Lord in 4th House

  • Loss of land, vehicles, ups & downs, relation with mother not good, bad health of mother

  • Mars » property dealer

  • Bhumi-arishta

8th Lord in 5th House

  • Not pious, research, tantra, secret service, break in education, nervous breakdown

  • Mars » army

  • Moon » navy

  • Putra arishta, either delay / dead / mental. They may commit some crime & invite situations that could affect the native’s reputation.

8th Lord in 6th House

  • Disease, marital problems, theft, loss of money through court case

8th Lord in 7th House

  • Disease, separation, divorce, income of the spouse could be affected

  • +7L » short life, wife-ill health

  • 7L & 8L strong » foreign journey & distinguish oneself there

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8th Lord in 8th House

  • Weak – no-luck

  • land, vehicle, power

8th Lord in 9th House

  • Intution, arishta to father’s property, early death of father / separation from father

  • Benefics » may get father’s property

8th Lord in 10th House

  • +2L » reputation suffer

  • Obstacles, break in profession, secret activities, bad karmas, superceded by subordinates & one’s merits may go unnoticed, one’s efforts may go wasted

  • Malefic Moon / Sun » face Govt. actions

8th Lord in 11h House

  • Longevity, relation with elder brother not good, sex disease, hernia, hydrocele

8th Lord in 12th House

  • Unexpected expenditure, earning in foreign land, secret money, ambassador, false jail, hospitalization

  • Malefics » rapist, smuggling

  • Jup / Ketu / Mer » Pious


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