Results of 7th Lord in 12 Houses in Vedic Astrology

Following is the result of 7th lord in 12 houses in vedic astrology.

7th Lord in 1st House (Lagna)

  • Narcissism, accumulate property from wife’s side, settle in foreign land, no marriage / late marriage, dominating wife, good public image, marriage with someone he knows since childhood
  • Highly malefic / Paapa grahas » Short Life
  • Sat » Politics
  • Afflicted » sudden unexpected early death

7th Lord in 2nd House

  • Medical life profession, spouse death, 2nd marriage
  • Benefics » multiple marriages, inheritance of wife property
  • Venus » Eyes
  • Sat, Rahu » Wrong way to earn money

7th Lord in 3rd House

  • 2 Homes, illicit relations with aunt, impotent, wife will have illicit relationship with native’s brother or even marry her own
  • efforts success, short travel frequently, media

7th Lord in 4th House

  • Materialistic pleasures after marriage, parental property, extraordinary good in studies, dowry, foreign settlement, land, servants
  • Malefics » trade one’s wife

7th Lord in 5th House

  • Moon, Ketu, Ven, Mars » Mantra Shakti, Intuition, Tantra-shakti se cure
  • 7L » will have adopted son
  • 2L / 8L » multiple marriage
  • 2L & Sat » Lonevity arishta
  • 3L / Mer » intelligent, good progeny, writer
  • Ven / Moon » Speculation
  • If the lord of the 7th house be in the 5th, the person born will have no children or be bereft of a Wife. Malefic planets in the 6th / 8th / 12th from the 5th house bring the family to extinction.
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7th Lord in 6th House

  • Masturbation, short lived spouse, sickly wife, multiple marriages, can have mistress
  • false case – jail or deported
  • +Venus » wife look like eunach, diseased, debts
  • Rahu / Ketu or Sat » Cancer

7th Lord in 7th House

  • Early marriage
  • Sat » Early marriage, spouse older
  • Ven /Moon » Kalatra Dosha, Roga Kaltram
  • If 7L is also 8L / 2L » multiple marriages

7L in 8th House

  • Sun » Short Life, Sat » long-diseased life, accidents
  • Malefic Venus » Sex disease, involuntry loss of virility
  • Sun / Jup » Govt. Punishment
  • Jup & Sat » Downfall in life after marriage
  • Sat, Rahu / Ketu » Paralysis, epilepsy
  • 2 marriages, wife would run away, libido not strong, premature ejaculation, incurable disease, birth mark on sexual organ

7th Lord in 9th House

  • Arishta for father, progeny and marriage
  • Divorce
  • Public prosecution, no peace of mind, foreign settlement

7th Lord in 10H

  • Wife will contribute to native income, working wife, longevity, good for profession, settlement in foreign land
  • Sun, Jup, Mars » Politics
  • Mars, 10H, 10L, afflicted Moon » Doctor
  • Sun + Malefic Mars » Army
  • Mars, Jup » Administrative services

7L in 11th House

  • Short life, progeny, business with children
  • + If 11L in 8H » secret income
  • Gains after marriage, marriage with family circle
  • 2L » multiple marriages
  • affliction » wife not chaste
  • 9L » wife will be religious


Planet /HouseNature of Business
12L / 9Hbusiness abroad, import / export
Ven + MoonTextile, banking
Sat + MarsCivil engineering, steel, concrete, iron, oil lubricants etc.
Mars / SunPara Medical
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7L in 12th House

  • Sickly spouse, no bed pleasures, if Ven » bed pleasures
  • foreign residence, wanderer, sleeplessness, no permanency in life, bad company
  • Sat + Mars » False jail
  • Jup + Ven » land up in case of attempted forgery
  • 2nd marriage, separation, wife from servant’s family
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